Issue 63315

Summary: Insert of OLE object with not existing name or of wrong type causes strange behaviour, even crash
Product: General Reporter: jjtn <mauro.giachero>
Component: uiAssignee: AOO issues mailing list <issues>
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Priority: P3 CC: issues, rainerbielefeld_ooo_qa
Version: OOo 2.0.2Keywords: crash, needmoreinfo, oooqa
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Hardware: PC   
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screenshots showing problems under WIN none

Description jjtn 2006-03-17 16:53:52 UTC
Draw crashes when inserting a Floating Frame and the Contents file does not exist.
The crash does not happen when the document has or had more than one sheet.
To reproduce:
1 - start Draw
2 - click Insert/Floating Frame
3 - fill the Name and Content fields with something not referring to an existing
file ("a" in both is enough)
4 - click OK
Now Draw shows an error message "/a does not exist." but the message box can not
be closed and the application is blocked.

If another sheet exists or existed but was canceled the crash does not happen
any more. For example, if you try the previous sequence but between steps 1 and
2 you insert and delete a page (right click on the left pane below Slide 1, "New
Page", right click on the left pane over Slide 2, "Delete Page"), Draw does not
Comment 1 Rainer Bielefeld 2006-03-17 18:29:00 UTC
No crash, but serious problems with "2.0.2  German version WIN XP:
[680m5(Build9011)]" on Athlon 3200 with ATI RADEON 9600.

After Step 4 I get "Unknown Object" placeholder. After change toother WINDOWS
window and change back to OOo, in the area of the placeholder the corresponding
contents of the other window will be shown, pls. see attahced screenshots.
Comment 2 Rainer Bielefeld 2006-03-17 18:33:23 UTC
Created attachment 34966 [details]
screenshots showing problems under WIN
Comment 3 Rainer Bielefeld 2006-03-17 19:02:37 UTC
I see 2 problems.

1. "file exists"-checker does not work correctly.
It works correct for "insert image from file"; it is not possible to insert an
image with not existing file. You have to insert a name of an existing drawing
or to abort.

It does not work at all for floating frames - it may not be that a simple letter
will be accepted as file name, even if a file with that name does not exist.

It works bad for Menu "Insert - Object - sound". 
Yo can insert every file you want (even if it's not a sound), and effects will
happen as per 'comments from rainerbielefeld Fri Mar 17 10:29:00'
Same for "movie", similar for "applet"

2. Placeholder image should not show screen contents of previous window.
Comment 4 Rainer Bielefeld 2006-03-17 19:07:59 UTC
All these effects concerning "insert OLE object with not existing name or wrong
type" are also visible in WRITER, CALC. So I change component and summary.
Comment 5 jjtn 2006-03-17 21:37:37 UTC
rainerbielefeld, I think you pointed out a different issue.

A single letter can be a valid file name, since there can be a default 
directory. Maybe the behavior in case of invalid/nonexistent file name can be 
The placeholder not being refreshed is a minor issue (P4, I think), and is (as 
you pointed out) a Framework issue.

But the problem I reported was actually a crash, not a simple cosmetic problem. 
And I wasn't able to reproduce it with Writer on the same Linux box (Slackware 
10.2, official OOo 2.0.2 En/US) or with Draw (same OOo version) on Windows 98 

So this is actually a Draw crash on Linux.

For these reasons I think the previous issue summary ("Draw crashes inserting 
Floating Frame when Contents file does not exist") was better, since it pointed 
out the actual problem I experienced. Also the other fields (Component, OS) 
should be restored with their original value.

Best regards
Comment 6 Rainer Bielefeld 2006-03-18 08:28:58 UTC
@jjtn: can you provide an error report?
Currently I beliee that those "cosmetic" problems under special conditios cause
the crash your reported, but also, of course, may be my observations haven't to
do anything with the crash. A delveloper will decide.

Comment 7 jjtn 2006-03-18 14:37:12 UTC
@rainerbielefeld: maybe you are right, the two problems may be correlated.
I'm sorry but I don't have any crash report. After I kill the program and 
restart it, only the document recovery dialog appears. Maybe the crash report 
dialog is disabled? (I don't know of a way to disable/enable it, do you?)
I'll be back on my Linux box on monday, so if you think there is some place I 
can look at please tell me and I'll do as soon as possible.
Comment 8 Olaf Felka 2006-03-20 09:48:16 UTC
@ wg: Please have an initial look.
Comment 9 Rainer Bielefeld 2006-03-20 10:03:42 UTC
Corrected typo in summary
Comment 10 wolframgarten 2006-03-20 15:10:13 UTC
I had a crash in the beginning but I was not able to reproduce it (OOo2.0,
2.0.1, 2.0.2). If you could manage to send a crash report this would be fine.
Thanks in advance.
Comment 11 jjtn 2006-03-20 16:30:15 UTC
I just sent an error report, but I don't know if it will be really useful since
the circumstances were a bit different. However, since this was the first time
the error report tool started, I couldn't be picky...
Today (Monday) I also had to try many times to see the problem. That's strange,
since on Friday I reproduced it at least 20 times and it appeared to be
"deterministic". One of the times the bug manifested itself today, the error
dialog wasn't painted (the error message and the OK button didn't appear), but I
could hear the friendly "alert beep". Don't know whether this can be useful
(maybe the Swing thread crashes?).
Also, while the crashed application is running (it keeps running unless I kill
it), `ps` tells me that the 6 processes named "soffice.bin" are all waiting for
input (status "S").
Comment 12 wolframgarten 2006-03-21 08:43:30 UTC
Did you use any special description or email so I can search for the report in
the database?
Comment 13 jjtn 2006-03-21 10:16:10 UTC
The ID of the error report is rbd2tf.
In the description I wrote something like "Trying to reproduce issue 63315"
Comment 14 wolframgarten 2006-04-07 09:55:21 UTC
I am sad to say that the error report is nearly empty. Nothing can be seen that
points to a crash.
As the repaint problem is reproducible we should start here.
Comment 15 Marcus 2017-05-20 11:31:24 UTC
Reset assigne to the default "".