Issue 80005

Summary: File - Rename...
Product: General Reporter: richardneill <ooo>
Component: uiAssignee: AOO issues mailing list <issues>
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Priority: P3 CC: elish, issues, mike1
Version: OOo 2.2   
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Hardware: PC   
OS: All   
Issue Type: ENHANCEMENT Latest Confirmation in: 4.1.0-dev
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Description richardneill 2007-07-24 21:46:17 UTC
Consider the following usage case:

1)User has lots of documents "lying around", and wants to tidy them up. User
starts out by viewing a folder in Konqueror.

2)For each document, user does:
    i)Click on document, to open it and see what it is.
    ii)Decides to rename it with a more helpful/accurate filename
    iii)Uses "Save As" to create the new name.
    iv)Has to minimise OOo and return to Konqui in order to delete the file 
       with the old name.

Step iv) is a very slow process to do in a GUI. It's really a misuse of "Save
As", since "Save As" is more akin to cp than mv.  [Save As is useful for
starting with a template and then saving as the finished letter, or for
incremental versions of files].

Thus my wish is for either:



b)A checkbox in the "Save As" file dialog box, called "rename this". [This box
is always unchecked to begin with; it has a tooltip "Rename this file, deleting
the original"] When the user checks the box, the Save As behaves like 'mv' not
Optional: to make this safer, if the file has been modified between opening and
renaming, either give the user a warning, or put the original in the trash
rather than deleting it.

Hope that's useful. I've observed my Aunt with exactly this problem - and it
would have saved quite a lot of time!
Comment 1 thorsten.martens 2007-08-08 14:24:37 UTC
TM->requirements: please have a look, thanks !
Comment 2 Edwin Sharp 2013-12-19 16:01:16 UTC
Great idea.
Comment 3 Edwin Sharp 2013-12-19 16:04:55 UTC
IMHO best implement is:
leave save as function as is
add file - rename... where the current open document can be renamed without closing AOO.
Feature is available in SumatraPDF for example.
Comment 4 Mike 2014-09-27 15:55:54 UTC
I have just lost a very important file. First, windows gave me 15minutes to save everything - so huge number of "Untitled" files got saved. Then as I went to rename then I opened a file, saved it as the proper name in the proper directory but when I deleted the "original" it wasn't and bang went a whole lot of work.

It's now so bad, that often I will open a file, check I want to delete and have to check it another time.

The point is that I NEED to see what I'm deleting and/or renaming.

I was explaining this to someone. Often I do research and pick a piece from here a piece from there and put them into documents. So, I may have ten or more documents open at a time. And obviously I like to regularly save, but I'm never really certain what the "document" is until I've found a lot of things and can think of a name for them.

However, because I have so many documents with names like "notes 1", it is a real pain trying to work out which is which - so if I save as and then delete  the likelihood of deleting the wrong one is far too high.

And, just to emphasise the point. The literal meaning of "save as", does not mean "create a new document", but save the current document with the new name. So, "save as" really should be called "Save new as".

So, whilst I can see the problem with locks, PLEASE PLEASE provide an option so that I can rename when doing "save as".

ALSO - with only 10 files on the history list, and around 20 files open at any one time - if I use "save as" the files I'm working on get kicked off the list as there are now two versions of each file in the history (of which one is deleted).