Issue 8151

Summary: Remember document window focus when switching desktops
Product: gsl Reporter: chris
Component: wwwAssignee: Martin Hollmichel <nesshof>
Status: CLOSED FIXED QA Contact: issues@gsl <issues>
Severity: Trivial    
Priority: P5 (lowest) CC: issues
Version: 643   
Target Milestone: next build   
Hardware: PC   
OS: Linux, all   
Issue Type: ENHANCEMENT Latest Confirmation in: ---
Developer Difficulty: ---

Description chris 2002-10-08 11:33:54 UTC
When switching away from a desktop containing OOo windows and back again, the
window that has the focus changes.  

For example, open two blank writer documents on a desktop.  Select Untitled1. 
Switch desktop away and back.  Untitled2 ends up with the focus.  Vice versa if
you select Untitled2 first.  You can get other effects if you open the stylist,

Confirmed on KDE 2.2, 3.0 and Metacity window managers.
Comment 2 chris 2002-10-08 13:59:07 UTC
Hi, I'm sorry I don't actually have metacity installed - I tested
under KDE and Martijn verified the behaviour under metacity.  The
reason for testing behaviour under several different window managers
was to confirm that the problem definately lies with OOo, not a
particular window manager.
Comment 3 peter.junge 2002-10-08 14:33:49 UTC
I guess working with Gnome2 and Metacity for quite a while made me
resistant for such issues ;-). I can confirm your problem on
Gnome2/Metacity and KDE 3.0 now.
Comment 4 christof.pintaske 2002-10-08 15:10:56 UTC
CP->PL: doesn't really look like a gsl issue, can you check who sets
the focus to which window (sfx / metacity) ?
Comment 5 philipp.lohmann 2002-10-09 10:23:16 UTC
a workaround for sawfish hits back ...
Comment 6 philipp.lohmann 2002-10-09 10:36:42 UTC
fix goes to top level

pl->mh: please update Ooo 643
vcl/unx/source/window/salframe.cxx to rev 1.147
vcl/unx/inc/salframe.h to rev 1.26
Comment 7 stx123 2002-11-18 13:11:39 UTC
has this been integrated into 643 and/or 644?
Thanks, Stefan
Comment 8 Martin Hollmichel 2002-11-20 09:00:14 UTC
it will be in 644, i missed it for 643, sorry.
Comment 9 rblackeagle 2003-08-16 01:17:22 UTC
Rather than opening a new issue for this, I would like to comment on
this issue and ask that it be reopened.

I am running linux and just installed RC3.  The problem existed in RC2
and in no previous versions I have used.  If one switches from one
window to another or to another desktop, on switching back to the
first document, the cursor and screen focus are both moved at least
two pages before the position before the switch.  Typing any text
restores the original focus and cursor position.

To reproduce:

Type any document of five or more pages (to get a feel for where the
focus moves.  Stop at the end of the document (cursor at end and focus
on the last page).  Move to another document or desktop.  Move back. 
Result: focus has moved backward several pages and the cursor is also
at that position.  Typing anything causes a sudden flip back to the
end of the document.

Expected result: focus and cursor appear where they were before.

Definitely a bug.
Comment 10 philipp.lohmann 2003-08-21 15:07:59 UTC
created a new issue 18494 for Robert's problem.
Comment 11 Martin Hollmichel 2004-02-17 08:54:55 UTC
Comment 12 Martin Hollmichel 2004-02-17 09:03:09 UTC
close issue.