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Summary: plugin would help Web users in businesses
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Description Unknown 2002-10-18 14:06:35 UTC
You should plan a Mozilla plugin to view the different office components in the

This way it is easier to use the Open Office file format for exchange in an
office environment where the MS Windows platform is dominant. Another advantage
having a  browser plugin would be that users still only having an old modem
connection could at least be able to read documents in the Open Office format
without having to download the entire office product. Just my thoughts.

Thanks for a good product this far.
Comment 1 brant 2002-11-06 18:09:24 UTC
While a plugin is probably a good idea, I am sure the size of the
plugin and its dependencies would still be quite large without editing
ability.  Look at Acrobat Reader for example.  It does not have
editing ability, but it is still quite large and it doesn't even
include spreadsheets, presentations, and non-text applications.
Comment 2 brant 2002-11-11 23:05:51 UTC
I am confirming that a plugin could be useful.
Comment 3 pbwest 2002-12-30 02:06:06 UTC
What would be useful in the meantime is to create and/or document a
way of getting OpenOffice Writer, Calc and Impress to work with
Plugger for the display of both MS and OO documents.
Comment 4 Unknown 2003-02-07 01:27:29 UTC
I've gotten this far: adding the following string to my pluggerrc-4.0
file, starting up an openoffice window and then browsing to a word doc
embeds the newly opened window into my browser window

application/x-msword: doc, dot: Microsoft Word Document
application/msword: doc, dot: Microsoft Word Document
        nokill exits swallow(VCLSalFrame) fill: swriter "$file"

There are several problems though, that maybe someone can help with

1. You have to have openoffice running before browsing to the word
document or else plugger will not capture the window

2. Browsing away from the document crashes openoffice. If you change
"nokill" to "repeat" or otherwise remove "nokill", plugger would
instead close your entire openoffice application once you browse away
from the document, so I'm not sure which one is worse :(

3. If you have an embedded page up and switch focus to a different
openoffice document that isn't embedded, plugger grabs it and embeds
it into the document.

I think that a lot of those issues can be fixed if a "plugin" command
line option was available with openoffice that would start it up with
a different WM_CLASS name so that plugger can properly identify it and
not confuse it with other openoffice windows. 
Comment 5 stx123 2003-06-25 12:27:25 UTC
Reassign issue to owner of selected subcomponent
Comment 6 thorsten.martens 2003-06-30 09:35:12 UTC
TM->BH: This one is a wish for a feature, so please have a look. Thanks !
Comment 7 eric_openoffice 2006-03-25 23:08:08 UTC
*** Issue 54343 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 8 gimpy 2006-03-26 01:23:16 UTC
A browser plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer should be created to enable
the viewing of OASIS Open Document files (.odt, .ods, .odp).  If a browser plugin
is problematic then my second choice would be for a standalone unified viewer
for the OASIS formats.  The plugin nor the standalone viewer should require the
installation of, but there should be a link to the
web site/download page.
Comment 9 bettina.haberer 2010-05-21 14:36:32 UTC
To grep the issues easier via "requirements" I put the issues currently lying on
my owner to the owner "requirements".