Issue 85420

Summary: can't replac quotation markse correct in Tools->AutoCorrect->Custom quote
Product: Writer Reporter: redflagzhulihua <ooo.redflag>
Component: codeAssignee: AOO issues mailing list <issues>
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Priority: P3 CC: amy2008, issues, maho.nakata, thackert
Version: 680m241Keywords: CJK, oooqa
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Description redflagzhulihua 2008-01-21 05:33:29 UTC
Program can not judge which one should be the start quote and which one should 
be the end quote. 

1. Choose Tools --> AutoCorrect --> Custom Quotes.
2. Enable Replace for single and double quotes Check Boxes.
3. Click OK.
4. In Writer, type in single and double quotes.

Only the first quote of the paragraph replaced by a opening quote, all others 
replaced by Closing quotes.

Openning and closing quote should come in pairs.
Comment 1 redflagzhulihua 2008-01-21 05:34:51 UTC
discover in Chinese version.
Comment 2 thorsten.martens 2008-02-11 14:49:24 UTC
TM->SBA: One for you 
Comment 3 thorsten.martens 2008-02-11 14:56:19 UTC
Comment 4 thackert 2010-08-29 08:52:33 UTC
Hello redflagzhulihua,
and again ... ;) As I have only a Germanophone version of OOO330m4 on Debian
SID/Experimental AMD64, I am not able to test this issue ... :( So I am playing
only a reminder here ... ;) In my Germanophone version of OOo, it sets the
quotation marks correctly ... ;) Would you be so kind to test it with a newer
version of OOo than 680m241, please? If this issue is fixed, it would be nice,
if you could close it :)
Comment 5 redflagzhulihua 2010-08-30 04:08:33 UTC
Hi Thomas,

Thank you for the concern. I have to say it works according the specification
after I researched this issue again. But this feature is not suitable for
Chinese. Because there is no space between Chinese word. So the concepts of
"beginning of the word" and "ending of the word" is much different between CJK
and western languages. And that result in the issue that only the quote at very
beginning of a sentence will be replaced by the specified LEFT character, all
the others will be replaced by the specified RIGHT character.

But I wonder if I need to file a new issue against CJK about that, because that
feature works with western language. CJK(at least Chinese) always use the quotes
in pairs, so the left quote and the right quote should show up alternately. But
most of the Chinese input method know that and provide left and right quote
alternately. So we don't rely on OOo to implement the feature, we can use the
feature provide by the input method alternatively. How about the other Asian

I think I should close this issue because this feature is designed for the
western languages, and it works for the western languages. The key problem here
is we have different looks (and we use it as a mark) of beginning and ending of
a word between CJK and western languages. What about your opinion? 
Comment 6 redflagzhulihua 2010-08-31 03:37:51 UTC
I assume this feature is not only for the CJK, but also some of the western
languages. Because of the different aspect of "word", this feature doesn't work
with Chinese(maybe CJK?).
Comment 7 thackert 2010-08-31 07:22:05 UTC
Hello redflagzhulihua, *,
to ------- Additional comments from redflagzhulihua Mon Aug 30 03:08:33 +0000
2010 -------:
Why do you think, you need to write a new issue assigned to CJK? You have added
it in front of the summary, so I think it should be clear ... ;) And about your
questions regarding other Asian languages: I do not know (now). Maybe you should
ask on the international OOo dev ML, if someone from the Japanese, Thai or other
Asian community can confirm this issue ... ;) I cannot be of any further help
here, sorry ... :(
And my opinion is: Let this issue as it is. Just rewrite the summary to adjust
it to reflect our findings ... ;) I am not sure, if this feature is only
designed for Western languages. If this is the case, there should be a
possibility to disable it automatically or - maybe as an opt-out option - it
should be possible to disable it in the Options menu :)

To ------- Additional comments from redflagzhulihua Tue Aug 31 02:37:51 +0000
2010 -------:
I am not aware of any western language, where there are no spaces between words,
but as I am only able to read, write and speak English and Dutch (only a little)
alongside with my native language (German), maybe someone else will give us the
information here, if there are western languages without any space between words
... ;)

Comment 8 redflagzhulihua 2010-09-01 04:40:47 UTC
Hi Thomas,

Since the feature distinguish words by space, so I think maybe the specification
is originally not designed for CJK. It's for western languages. So the
implementation is correct. And so, I said this issue should be closed.

The problem is it doesn't work for CJK. Maybe we need a new specification to
define how to work for CJK, if we need this kind of feature. So I said maybe I
should file another issue. :-)

In Chinese, we simply need the left quote and right quote show up alternately.
Unless the quotes are nestedly used. I'm not very sure about other languages.
Comment 9 redflagzhulihua 2010-09-01 07:05:35 UTC
CJK (at least Chinese) can't judge left or right quote only by the position
(leading or following a word or a phrase).