Issue 8647

Summary: auto roll up of Navigator in window mode like in Paintshop Pro
Product: General Reporter: lars <lars_o_hansen>
Component: uiAssignee: falko.tesch
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Priority: P3 CC: issues, lohmaier, t6nis
Version: OOo 1.0.0Keywords: oooqa
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Description lars 2002-10-23 15:10:30 UTC
auto roll up of Navigator like in Paintshop Pro;

so, if not used, roll up to bar only, when mouse pointing on bar, roll down.
Comment 1 thorsten.martens 2002-11-08 10:51:39 UTC
TM->FT: A new wish for a feature, please have a look, thanks !
Comment 2 eric.savary 2003-04-16 15:44:23 UTC
Set to "NEW"
Comment 3 eric.savary 2003-04-16 15:45:07 UTC
Set to "NEW"
Comment 4 t6nis 2003-05-30 07:16:56 UTC
Hm. Unfortunately they have removed Navigator's and Stylist's ability to be rolled 
up to bar by doubleclick in 1.1beta/beta2.
  Is that intentional?
The feature requested by Lars is quite interesting. But, if navigator can't roll up at 
all anymore ... I'd like to have that bar mode back first. 
Comment 5 lohmaier 2003-07-12 14:53:35 UTC
You can use your window-manager's feature to roll up the window (where
available). You can 'dock' the navigator/stylist,etc to the side of
the Main-Window (press <ctrl> while dragging the window to the right
or left).
The window now has a pin and an arrow. Use the arrow to make it
autohide/stay and the pin to change whether the window should just be
on top of the document or whether it should be placed next to the
document (cannot explain it in english, just try it out).
If you klick the arrow to open the navigator, it will stay on screen
even when you leave the navigator window. If you klick below the pin
instead (just klick the bar) the window will hide when leaving.

To 'undock' the window, press <ctrl> and double-click in some
white-space in the navigator-window.

Please comment if you're satified with this solution
Comment 6 lohmaier 2003-07-12 15:01:04 UTC
related issue: 8095
Comment 7 lars 2003-07-12 15:03:28 UTC
Not satisfied.

(I wanted to write "Yes" initially, because of the following 
explanation, but then, in order to get the right point first, I wrote 
what I did)

You describe auto-roll up for the docked mode. This is OK and good. 
But I like to have auto-roll up for the window in window mode to just 
the title bar when leaving the window area and unroll when pointing 
on the title bar (the title bar and window if unrolled must be always 
in front) like you have for the layers or overview window in PSP.
Comment 8 number5 2003-08-04 09:55:22 UTC
> if not used, roll up to bar only,
> when mouse pointing on bar, roll down

I would not like this behaviour but instead have back the rollup
functionality (issue 8095). This enables me to leave the mouse where
the style is located which I want to use. Therefore, the Paintshop
behaviour should be optional, or it shouldn't be there at all.
Comment 9 lars 2003-08-04 11:55:12 UTC

> if not used, roll up to bar only,
> when mouse pointing on bar, roll down

if not used = if window rolled down and mouse moved out of window area

when mouse pointing on bar = if window rolled up and mouse pointing 
on bar roll down and leave it rolled down as long as it is "used", so 
mouse remains in window area
Comment 10 falko.tesch 2003-09-12 12:11:10 UTC
With 1.1 and 2.0 we will be more and more a "Good citizen". Zthis
means we will use as many gadgets from the underlying OS but not any
proprietary ones.
So a roll-up works just fine in Windowmanagern under Linux (at least
those that support this) and we also support it under windows in case
such UI enhancement is installed under Windows. 
Comment 11 falko.tesch 2003-09-12 12:11:39 UTC