Issue 90446

Summary: OO always starts in fullscreen mode
Product: General Reporter: rcoe <richard.coe>
Component: uiAssignee: AOO issues mailing list <issues>
Status: CONFIRMED --- QA Contact:
Severity: Trivial    
Priority: P2 CC: ccheney, issues, lohmaier, philipp.lohmann
Version: OOo 3.0 Beta   
Target Milestone: ---   
Hardware: PC   
OS: Linux, all   
Issue Type: DEFECT Latest Confirmation in: ---
Developer Difficulty: ---

Description rcoe 2008-06-06 16:41:14 UTC
I recently installed OO 3.0 beta.
It always wants to take over the entire screen. 
This is a regression, as an old OO version used to do the same thing.
OO2.4 does not do this.  

If it is user preference, there needs to be instructions on how to disable it.

It's really annoying to open a document, presentation, spreadsheet and have it
take over the entire screen.
Comment 1 ccheney 2009-03-23 17:12:47 UTC
confirmed seen on Ubuntu too.
Comment 2 ccheney 2009-03-25 03:24:46 UTC
This is very easy to reproduce when you know the correct steps.

1. Use metacity (default gnome wm)
2. open a document with
3. hit ctrl-shift-j (fullscreen)
4. hit ctrl-q (to quit)
5. reopen the same document

Notice now that you can not get out of a pseudo fullscreen mode anymore. The
only know workaround is to delete the
.(ooo)/user/registry/data/org/openoffice/Setup.xcu file.

This is confirmed on official OOo 3.0.1 as well.
Comment 3 ccheney 2009-03-25 03:50:34 UTC
Oh yea, make sure your metacity does not have compositing enabled. You can
verify it is off by going to gconf-editor and looking for
/apps/metacity/general/compositing_manager . It is generally disabled but if it
happens to be enabled it seems to not trigger the bug.
Comment 4 Olaf Felka 2009-03-25 07:35:54 UTC
This has been reported for OOo 3 Beta (please don't change the version
information!). So this is not a stopper issue for Ooo 3.1. 
Comment 5 rcoe 2009-03-25 14:43:30 UTC
I'm not a metacity window manager user.
It should not require an obscure window manager to solve 
this problem.  
I see the values (0,0,1193,1190) in the Setup.xcu file for presentation
document.  I'll change them and see if it makes a difference.
Comment 6 ccheney 2009-03-25 16:44:01 UTC

You misunderstand what I said... It is very easy to reproduce under metacity
which is the default Gnome window manager which is why I nominated this bug for
blocker status.

Comment 7 ccheney 2009-03-25 16:45:17 UTC

If that field is supposed to mean when it was first seen then it actually was
first seen in at least OOo 2.4.1 in Ubuntu, but I hadn't submitted the bug
report before finding this one. We run a release behind due to scheduling
conflicts between OOo and Ubuntu release schedules.

Comment 8 ccheney 2009-03-25 17:04:31 UTC
I forgot to mention that this even happened on compiz until they hacked in a
work around to make OOo work. You have to disable "legacy fullscreen mode" in
compiz to make this work even under it. And looking back through our list of
bugs this was actually first reported to Ubuntu with OOo 2.3.0 but on compiz
instead of OOo which was why I didn't know about it at that time.
Comment 9 philipp.lohmann 2009-03-25 17:17:31 UTC
from the description in the third comment I think this might be a
misunderstanding between GetWindowState() and the framework code; while in full
screen mode GetWindowState() will of course report a state cotaining the large
window size. Does framework try to restore the full screen state of a frame ?