Issue 93245

Summary: Configure ignores missing g++
Product: Build Tools Reporter: christianlins <christian.lins>
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Version: DEV300m30Keywords: needmoreinfo, oooqa
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Description christianlins 2008-08-29 12:05:10 UTC
I had to setup a Buildbot on a newly installed Ubuntu 8.04.1 (LTS) 64-bit and
worked through the configure process to install all necessary prerequisites.
After a while configure finished with a successful "exit 0" status, but when I
went through the config.log I found some interesting statements:

"configure:7076: checking for C++ compiler version
configure:7083: g++ --version >&5
./configure: line 7084: g++: command not found
configure:7086: $? = 127
configure:7093: g++ -v >&5
./configure: line 7094: g++: command not found
configure:7096: $? = 127
configure:7103: g++ -V >&5
./configure: line 7104: g++: command not found
configure:7106: $? = 127"

But the script continues until

"configure: exit 0"

The compile step then fails due to a missing g++ (which was in fact missing on
that system).
Comment 1 christianlins 2008-08-29 12:06:40 UTC
Created attachment 56088 [details]
Configure log file
Comment 2 Rainer Bielefeld 2008-08-30 07:08:44 UTC
I doubt that you rally want to report some OOo 1.0.0 problems. With what OOo
version did you see that problem? 
Comment 3 christianlins 2008-08-30 07:14:28 UTC
Sorry, simply forgot to change the version.
Comment 4 christianlins 2008-10-28 13:58:55 UTC
Issue still valid for DEV300_m34
Comment 5 rene 2009-01-20 23:58:25 UTC
yes, it's unfortunate that not missing g++ is not failed, but otoh, you set up a
Ubuntu buildbot:

$ apt-cache show build-essential      
Depends: libc6-dev | libc-dev, g++ (>= 4:4.3.1), make, dpkg-dev (>= 1.13.5)
Description: Informational list of build-essential packages
 If you do not plan to build Debian packages, you don't need this
 package.  Starting with dpkg (>= 1.14.18) this package is required
 for building Debian packages.
 This package contains an informational list of packages which are
 considered essential for building Debian packages.  This package also
 depends on the packages on that list, to make it easy to have the
 build-essential packages installed.

That's from Debian, the same exists on Ubuntu.

Thus no one probably noticed so far (and other people just installed g++, too).
Comment 6 rene 2009-01-21 01:33:55 UTC
hrm, we check using AC_PROG_CXX... but maybe it gets confused by the CXX set
to $with_gcc_home/bin/g++ beforehand and just assumes it's there because it looks
like we specified it on intent and it should just take it?
OTOH, setting CC to something bogus with e.g.CC="/usr/bin/ls" .//onfigure ...
properly fails. Hmm.
Comment 7 rene 2009-01-21 01:36:40 UTC
actually... no, it does not fail, it fails in a later step

checking for gcc... /usr/bin/ls
checking for C compiler default output file name...
configurre: C compiler cannot create executables

BUT, /usr/bin/ls was just a bad testcase anyway.... (but thankfully, same effect
with CC="foo" or CC="/usr/bin/foo")
Comment 8 christian.lins 2009-01-21 08:42:17 UTC
Well, installing package build-essential might be a more appropriate way to set 
up a build system, but I found it very interesting to manually go through all 
necessary prerequisites ;-)
Comment 9 Marcus 2017-05-20 11:33:16 UTC
Reset assigne to the default "".