Issue 97787

Summary: Character spacing flips from "Expanded" to "Condensed" when value is >928.8pt
Product: Calc Reporter: amy2008 <amy2008>
Component: codeAssignee: AOO issues mailing list <issues>
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Priority: P3 CC: issues, peter.junge, stefan.baltzer
Version: DEV300m37   
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Hardware: PC   
OS: All   
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Description amy2008 2009-01-06 05:36:27 UTC
Can reproduce it with DEV300m37 on WinXP and Fedora

How to reproduce it
1 Open a new Calc file and enter a word in any cell, like enter 'test' in B2
2 Make cell B2 in editing mode, Format - Character - switch to Tab 'Font
3 Spacing, choose 'Expanded', enter a large value, e.g. '928.9pt' (more than 
  '928.8pt' ), OK
4 Repeat step 2, pay attention to Spacing item and value

Spacing item becomes Condensed not Expanded;
Spacing value becomes 928.8

Spacing item keep Spacing item as Expanded, if value exceed the allowed largest 
number, it will turn to the allowed largest number.

Li Meiying
Comment 1 stefan.baltzer 2009-07-01 13:49:05 UTC
I used DEV300_m51 on Solaris-Sparc.

I have no problem to apply a 928.8 pt expansion in a calc cell.

Note that the text in the cell must be selected to get "Format-Character..." do

My scenario:
 - New Calc file
 - Enter "test and such" into a cell (without quotes).
 - Select entire text 
 - Format-Character - Tab "Font Position"
 - Select spacing "expanded" and "928.8pt"
 - OK
As expected, I get an unreadible something in that cell, only letter "t" visible
in the Spreadsheet. When double-clicking the cell, all letters are vertically
underneath each other (because of the the nonsense spacing :-)
 - Select the first word "test"
 - Format-Character-Tab "Font Position"
 - Select spacing "expanded" to 8.8 pt
 - OK
 -> Looks good. Both parts of the text string have "their" expansion.
I also tried 928.8 pt with a single word in a cell, works well, too.

Set to Worksforme.
Comment 2 amy2008 2009-07-02 02:35:12 UTC
Pls pay attention my description, at step 3, try to input '928.9pt' (more than 
  '928.8pt' ), OK, then check the status

Li Meiying
Comment 3 stefan.baltzer 2009-07-02 14:03:40 UTC
SBA->Amy2008: You are right. I did not see the tiny difference of .8 and .9 at
This applies to both Calc cells and Draw text boxes.
I regard issue 103231 as a duplicate of this one.

"Expanded, 928.8pt" works, but 928.9pt (and more) brings "surprises" :-)

It looks like the dialog internal logic is broken or there is a problem when
writing/reading the set values.
Further tests show this:
When I set "Expanded, 1000pt" and press "Tab" (to change focus in dialog), then
the spin box goes back to the maximum value for "expanded" (999.9pt). Looks good.
 - Click OK.
 - Reopen dialog (Menu - Format - Character)
-> See that the value changed to "Condensed 857,8pt"
This value makes no sense, no wonder the text and selection display is unusable
in this state.

The "legal" limitation for condensed is 1.7pt:
Set "Condensed" in dialog, set 1000pt, press <Tab>
-> The value goes to 1.7pt, the preview shows that this is a meaningful limit
for squeezing characters together.

I adjusted the summary. The selection problem is just the symptom. The root
cause is the "overflow" at 928.9pt.

Note that in Writer text body, this does not happen. There "expanded, 999.9pt"
stays when the Format-Character dialog is reopened.
Comment 4 stefan.baltzer 2009-07-02 16:02:23 UTC
*** Issue 103231 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 5 stefan.baltzer 2009-07-02 16:02:42 UTC
Reassigned to TL.
Comment 6 thomas.lange 2009-07-07 08:31:34 UTC
As agreed with QA: setting target to Office-later.
Comment 7 thomas.lange 2009-07-07 08:34:15 UTC