Issue 99468

Summary: Customize (Keyboard) dialog improvements: duplicate keyboard entries and function description
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Description eric.savary 2009-02-20 16:37:46 UTC
Preamble: this is a multiple tasks issue and a meta tasks!
All 3 problems decribed will have different target.

Problems: The current UI of "Tools - Customize" has a bad user experience due to
numerous duplicate strings and strings whose context is not clear.

This is especially true for the tabpage "Keyboard" (1) but also applies to some
extends to the other tabpages (2).

On top, due to the fact that every function is automatically listed in this
dialog, "nobody cares" currently about the display of this dialog (3) which
leads to different problems:
- outdated and non intuitive categories
- appearance of function internal names instead of UI names.

1) Missing functions description under "Tools - Customize - Keyboard"

On the contrary to the other tabpages, this tabpage doesn't have a fixed text
area (See for instance at the bottom of the "Toolbars" tabpage) showing a
description currently selected function.

This is especially annoying when duplicate entries appear in the function list:
Ex. in Writer:
- "Tools - Customize - Keyboard"
- Category "Edit"
- Function "Links"
-> A description would help differentiating between the same strings.

2) A description is good, unique and meaningful strings are better.

Those strings are duplicate and may not be directly understandable because they
are shared the menus UI and other places.

Ex: the button [Cancel] in every dialog is referred as "Edit - Cancel" in the
Keyboard tabpage.

If the button "Cancel" is directly understandable *in the context* of a dialog,
it looses its meaning as single string under the category "Edit" of the keyboard

The dependency between UI string and "Customize" strings forbid to give a better
context (here, for instance "Edit - Cancel dialog")

Every function should have 2 strings (in different ICU files):
- 1 string for the general UI
- 1 string appearing in the "Customize" dialog.

Eventual drawbacks of the proposal:
- Performance losses when having to load 2 different UI string sources.
- Translation complexity.
- Harder maintainability of the string consistency.

3) Take care of this dialog: Non intuitive and outdated function repartition,
internal function names instead of UI names.

Ex: Category "Options" shows "Text <-> Table"

a) Non intuitive: the categories follow more or less the Main menu names. What
is here referred as "Options" should be actually called "Tools"

b) Since last (?) milestone, "Text <-> Table" is not part of the "Tools" menu
anymore but can be found under the "Table" menu.
Not only that the Customize dialog shows this function at the wrong place
("Tools"), it DOESN'T show it at the right place ("Table").

Result: User will certainly stumble upon "Text <-> Table" by error and not when
looking for it...

c) Internal names:

One can see regularly the internal names of functions in the customize dialog.
Something like '.uno:FunctionName'.
Currently to find under Category "Edit" (4 entries from the function "Notes

Proposal (in an ideal world!! ;) ):
- For every UI change (especially new implementation!) there should be a
reminder to the developer, the QA, to the I-Team to take care about the naming,
and context of the strings in this dialog.
Comment 1 eric.savary 2009-02-20 16:40:23 UTC
Sorry for the long description!
This problem has many aspects which may be discussed inside of *1* I-Team :)

(I volunteer as QA member! :) )
Comment 2 2009-02-20 17:24:02 UTC
@es: thank you! adding me to cc
Comment 3 eric.savary 2009-02-21 11:24:19 UTC
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Comment 4 eric.savary 2009-02-21 11:48:40 UTC
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Comment 5 eric.savary 2009-08-17 08:35:12 UTC
issue 104269.

Customize, Category "Edit", Function "Links" (2x):
- 1st "Links": "Update links"
- 2nd "Links": "Edit links"

Comment 6 eric.savary 2009-08-17 08:35:54 UTC
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Comment 7 merschmann 2009-10-11 10:53:20 UTC
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