Issue 104537 - Text Formatting Toolbar bug
Summary: Text Formatting Toolbar bug
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Product: Impress
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Version: OOO310m11
Hardware: Unknown Windows Vista
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Reported: 2009-08-27 05:48 UTC by scottholbrook
Modified: 2017-05-20 10:55 UTC (History)
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Description scottholbrook 2009-08-27 05:48:17 UTC
My text formatting toolbar seems to randomly disappear.

I've read the other similar issues where some of the toolbars apparently don't
like to "share" a line, and this is different.  My toolbar move around, it
completely goes away, and the only way to get it back is to restart Impress
which, needless to say, is pretty annoying.  Besides, even after restarting it
sometimes doesn't soon as I click on a slide it goes away again.

I've already tried giving the toolbar its own line and that doesn't work.  I've
locked all the toolbars and that doesn't work.
Comment 1 wolframgarten 2009-08-27 07:40:59 UTC
Please give a detailed step by step description of your action - which buttons
you click etc. The texttoolbar does only come up in the right context. Click on
the text icon in the drawing bar -  the texttoolbar should come up.
Comment 2 swe5411_student 2009-09-02 03:08:49 UTC
(SWE5411_student Sept. 1st, 2009)

Successfully replicated bug on Open Office 3.1.1 under Windows XP Service Pack 

This issue would be important to customers that have different fonts and text 
effects throughout their presentation.

1. Opened impress

2. Created new blank presentation project

3. Two toolbars showing are first 'Presentation' then 'Line & Fill under it'

4. Selected View -> Toolbars -> Text Formatting 

5. Text Formatting toolbar shows as third toolbar under 'Line & Fill'

6. Chose Slide 1 layout to be "Text, tile"

7. Added some text in the title of slide 1.

8. Clicked F5 to go into presentation mode.

9. Clicked 'esc' key to end presentation mode.

10. 'Text Formatting' tool bar is no longer visible, but still shows checked 
under View -> Toolbars menu.
Comment 3 edesormeaux 2009-09-02 23:58:11 UTC
(Eric Desormeaux, Sept. 2nd 2009)
I attempted to replicate SWE5411_student's steps using Open Office dev build
3.2.x on Windows Vista SP2.
The line and filling and the text formatting toolbars swap depending on what you
are doing. If you are typing in the text field, the text formatting toolbar pops
up and the line and filling toolbar disappears. If you click out of the text
field, the line and filling toolbar appears and the text formatting toolbar
disappears. This is would more likely be intentional, because the toolbars swap
based on the context. The toolbars did not stay checked if they were visible.
Comment 4 wolframgarten 2009-09-03 11:39:01 UTC
With executing point 7 the line and filling toolbar disappears and the text
formatting toolbar takes its place. Could not reproduce the problem.
Comment 5 cemkaner 2009-09-10 18:11:50 UTC
Initially, I thought that swe5411's response reflected a failure to understand
the original report because it seemed to miss the initial statement, "I've read
the other similar issues where some of the toolbars apparently don't like to
"share" a line, and this is different."

However, after doing some more testing, I am not sure. 

My results are a little different from swe5411's, which is annoyingly consistent
with the intermittency issue pointed out by scottholbrook

I am working from OOo-deve 3.2.0 DEV 300m55 (Build:9418). (I know that m56 is
out but haven't upgraded yet. I can retest on this if you think that is desirable.)
(1) Open OOo to impress

(2) In the presentation wizard, create an Empty Presentation

(3) In my system, this comes up with a blank layout (blank slide), with a
floating Line and Filling toolbar showing. The following toolbars are checked,
when I pull down View|Toolbars -- Drawing, Line & Filling, Presentation, and
Standard. I can see these on my screen. I have lost track of whether these are
the OOo defaults or results of persistent option settings, but anyway, this is
where I start.

(4) On the layouts sidebar, click the icon of the Title Slide. None of the
toolbars change. But the slide now has a couple of text windows. I click within
the top box, "Clikc to add title" and the text formatting toolbar appears as a
second row of icons in the top of my OOo window.

(5) Type "this is a title" and click outside of the slide. The text appears, the
text formatting toolbar vanishes. So far, this is coming-and-going of the
toolbar but I do not think this is incorrect behavior. If I click in the
textbox, the toolbar comes back. I click out of it, the toolbar goes away.

(6) Now it gets confusing. I click on the blank slide layout. There is still a
text box, with the text "This is a title". I click in the box, but the text
formatting toolbar doesn't come back even though I am editing text. I look in
View|Toolbars and the formatting text toolbar is not checked.

(7) I click back to the Title Slide layout. No text formatting toolbar. Click
inside "This is a title" and the formatting text toolbar appears.

(8) Click on the Title, Text layout and the text formatting toolbar goes away.
Click inside the "This is a title" textbox and the formatting text toolbar DOES
NOT reappear. View|Toolbars does not show a checkmark beside the text formatting

(9) Click back to the Title Slide layout. Every other time I click in the This
is a title textbox at the top of the slide, the Formatting text toolbar has
appeared, but THIS TIME, no toolbar. View | Toolbars shows no checkmark.

(10) Click on text formatting in the View | Toolbars list to bring up the text
formatting toolbar. It appears in the right place at the top of the window.

(11) Click outside of the slide (in the gray area surrounding the slide). In the
past, clicking here has caused the text formatting toolbar to vanish. This time,
the toolbar remains visible. This is expected behavior, because I explicitly
said that I want this toolbar on the screen.

(12) click the Title, Text layout and the text formatting toolbar stays on the
screen (hmmm, I am doing these steps as I write this report. The last time, the
toolbar went away, this time it didn't. Dratted intermittent bugs...)

(13) Click on the Blank Slide layout. The TEXT FORMATTING TOOLBAR GOES AWAY.
View | Toolbars shows no checkmark besides Text Formatting.

(14) Click on the Title Slide layout and the toolbar does not come back.

(15) Click in the "This is a title" text in the upper textbox, select some text,
and the toolbar does not reappear.

The symptoms described by scottholbrook and by SWE5411 were slightly different.
swe5411 noted that Text Formatting is checked in the toolbar list even though
the toolbar is not showing on the screen. I have never seen that. Scottholbrook
does not report this but reports that sometimes when the toolbar goes away, it
will not come back until restart. I have not seen that, yet, either. But despite
these inconsistencies, I think each of us is reporting toolbar-related behavior
that is unexpected and inconsistent with the context (e.g. sometimes you get a
toolbar when you select the same text on the same slide with the same layout and
sometimes you don't).
Comment 6 wolframgarten 2009-10-08 11:57:49 UTC
Reproducible with the last description. Reassigned.
Comment 7 dgutson 2010-10-19 22:11:59 UTC
I annoyingly experience this on Linux too (Ubuntu Lucid).
Comment 8 Marcus 2017-05-20 10:55:51 UTC
Reset assigne to the default "".