Issue 11393 - Add File | Export... functionality for _all_ supported formats
Summary: Add File | Export... functionality for _all_ supported formats
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Version: OOo 1.0.2
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Reported: 2003-02-11 15:22 UTC by lduperval
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Description lduperval 2003-02-11 15:22:24 UTC
One of the things I find annoying with OOO is the way it deals with
exporting documents to another format.

Most of the time, when I save to a different format, I actually want to
export, I don't want to save as. When you save to an MS-Office format, if
you keep on editing the document, OOO treats it as an MSO document. I
would like it to keep on treating it as an OOO document.
I would like to have a "File | Export..." menu which
behaves differently than "File | Save as..". "File | Save As..." could
keep on having the same behaviour.
Comment 1 Frank Schönheit 2003-02-12 08:11:41 UTC
Laurent, thanks for using and supporting OOo :)

I strongly support this RFE, as the functionality has been asked for
several times by the users.

Assigning to user experience team for consideration.

appending "for _all_ supported formats" to the subject (actually,
File/Export is already available, but only for the limited number of
formats which can be exported, but _not_ imported)
Comment 2 eric.savary 2003-04-16 15:33:16 UTC
Set to "NEW"
Comment 3 hmssg 2005-10-15 17:17:28 UTC
IMHO a very good usabily issue, 2 1/2 years old and still annoying in 2.0 (1.9.130).

There are now two entries in file menu: "Export ..." and "Export as PDF ..."
which do have exactly the same behaviour! Both "export" entries have limited
filters (PDF, XHTML & in impress/draw: SWF). This is a bit confusing to new
users an does not make sense, does it?

What about either killing one of the export entries (as they do the same thing)
OR _better_ realise an export entry, that includes all "save as" and
"pdf/xhtm/swf" filters?

- the current open document file name and file type is not changed 
- user can immediately continue to work with an ooo-file after exporting
- next time opening of the document via "file/recent files/1:..." leads to the
correct :-) file format, as no new entry is builded there, when "export" is used
instead of "saving as"

Comment 4 ace_dent 2006-02-20 22:11:43 UTC
Can I just clarify this Issue, by re-stating the expected behaviour:
* An OOo document (e.g. "A.odt") is saved in a non-native format, through the
'File>Export...' menu item ("B.doc").
* The document should be saved and treated as a copy of the original (We now
have "A.odt" and "B.doc").
* However, the loaded document which remains open for editing is still "A.odt",
in the native OOo format.
* Select 'Save', will save any changes to the original document ("A.odt").

Testing with OOo 2.0.2RC1 I find that the 'Export' function behaves as desired
for a 'pdf'. However, as stated the problem is that export formats are limited.
* The Export function should include all non-native file formats *.

Moving non-native formats out of 'Save as', would clearly indicate to the User
the lossy conversion to MS and other formats. It would promote the use of
OpenDocument files, and send a clear message that these other proprietary
formats are only suitable for Export.

The related Issue: duplication of functionality between 'Export' and 'Export to
PDF', should be discussed seperately in Issue 12704.

Comment 5 ace_dent 2006-02-20 22:13:46 UTC
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Comment 6 hmssg 2006-02-21 22:46:43 UTC
@ ace_dent
I fully agree with your clarification. 

Comment 7 Mathias_Bauer 2006-12-08 09:59:27 UTC
Comment 8 Joe Smith 2007-02-13 22:44:56 UTC
Lots of overlap with Issue 74415; should probably be combined.
Comment 9 pulsifer 2007-02-14 11:24:32 UTC
I would be favor adding more if not all "Save As" formats to the Export menu,
but I would not be in favor of removing them from the Save As menu.  One of the
strengths of OOo is that is can be used to open, edit and save documents in
multiple formats, not just its "native formats".  Many users use the MS formats
as their default Save As file formats, and these should not be moved out of Save As.

The difference to me between Save As and Export is that Save As gives the
document a new name.  You can follow the Save As with a Save and that will
overwrite what you previously saved.  Conversely, after an Export, you are still
working with the original document with its original name.

The issue in terms of fidelity is whether a user can save in that format, then
come back later, open the file and get back the state the existed immediately
after the Save As.  If that is one of the goals for the format (even if it may
have a few bugs), then the format should remain in the Save As menu.
Comment 10 bettina.haberer 2007-02-19 08:29:26 UTC
Changed to the correct owner requirements.
Comment 11 shaunmcdonald131 2007-03-14 21:32:15 UTC
This is similar to issue 6695.
Comment 12 shaunmcdonald131 2007-03-22 11:38:13 UTC
There is a set of XML files in 
that have a property that controls whether the filter appears in the save as,
export or open menus.

For example the MS Word 97 filter has:
<prop oor:name="Flags"><value>IMPORT EXPORT ALIEN PREFERRED</value></prop>

I have done a little experiment and can confirm the following happens for the
IMPORT: Appears in Open dialog
EXPORT: Appears in Export dialog
IMPORT EXPORT: Appears in Open and Save As dialogs

We want to change it such that
IMPORT EXPORT: Appears in Open, Save As and Export dialogs.

Now I just need to find the code that works with these XML fragments during
Comment 13 pulsifer 2007-03-22 13:25:33 UTC
> We want to change it such that
> IMPORT EXPORT: Appears in Open, Save As and Export dialogs.

The current behavior IMHO is both intention and correct.  If the format appear
in Save As, then the user knows OOo will also be able to open the file that is
saved, but if the format appears in Export, then the user knows OOo will not be
able to open the file that is exported.  What you want to do make all formats
appear in both Save As and Export.  Is there a spec somewhere that requires
this?  Has this been submitted to the user experience group?  Who is the "we" in
that sentence above?
Comment 14 shaunmcdonald131 2007-03-22 13:51:29 UTC

I previously thought that the key difference between "Save As" and "Export" is
whether the document that you are working on will continue to be open after
saving in the other format. However your insightful comment has changed my view
on this. Though I would still like this behaviour.

I regularly have to make copies of my documents available to others in say MS
Word format, since they don't have ooo. However on doing a "save as" I end up
being in the Word document rather than the OpenDocument that I was originally
working on, and still want to be working on.

Considering what you have just noted:
It might be better to add the option named "Save a copy as". This would allow
you to continue working in the current document after saving to another
file/format, whilst keeping the difference between whether a file will be able
to be opened by ooo again.

As far as I'm aware, this has not been submitted to the user experience group.

"we" is anyone who is interested/irritated in the issue. (I have lost some
editing that I have done through getting confused with this issue, which is why
I think it is important enough to work on.)
Comment 15 cdunham 2007-03-22 13:56:34 UTC
I'm not sure I buy the hair-splitting over Export, but the point is that we
(real users) have a need to Export... or Save a Copy As... in all the formats
OOo supports. Whatever you want to call it is fine. Thanks!
Comment 16 pulsifer 2007-03-22 14:18:08 UTC
Save Copy As would be fine with me.  This could be a menu command, or it could
be a check box in the Save As dialog.  The check box might say something
equivalent to "Save copy and continue working on original".
Comment 17 shaunmcdonald131 2007-03-22 14:32:53 UTC
That's great. 
A new menu item would be better, since adding a checkbox can cause problems for
native file dialogs. You are less likely to forget to select the correct menu
item than to check a check box.

Do you know where the menu items are generated in the source code?
I'll look for it later, if you don't know.
Comment 18 pulsifer 2007-03-22 14:41:52 UTC
You might want to caucus the framework folks to see if you are going to be able
to get this change integrated into the mainline distribution.  If not, it could
also be implemented as an extension.
Comment 19 michael.ruess 2007-03-27 07:22:34 UTC
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Comment 20 matthias.mueller-prove 2007-03-27 13:21:20 UTC
hmssg wrote:
>>There are now two entries in file menu: "Export ..." and "Export as PDF ..."
which do have exactly the same behaviour! Both "export" entries have limited
filters (PDF, XHTML & in impress/draw: SWF). This is a bit confusing to new
users an does not make sense, does it?

You are right: "Export as PDF" and "Export"(set to PDF) do exactly the same. You
have to see this from a marketing point of view. By introducing the command
"Export as PDF" it became *obvious* that OOo can export to PDF - a new and well
received feature for OOo 1.1.
Comment 21 behnel 2008-02-15 15:33:50 UTC
I support extending the "Export" functionality with *all* supported formats over
a new "Save file as" menu item. But this should definitely get fixed ASAP.
Comment 22 discoleo 2008-10-30 20:50:28 UTC
Issue 32684 depends on this one.

I strongly favour adding some other formats to the EXPORT-dialog, at least csv.

The reasoning behind a separate export for formats that cannot be imported back
is wrong, as OOo already can import some pdf, and hopefully will be able to
import any format sometime in the future.
Comment 23 Regina Henschel 2009-01-24 21:21:48 UTC
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Comment 24 eric.savary 2009-12-31 13:14:23 UTC
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Comment 25 Regina Henschel 2010-01-04 23:41:13 UTC
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Comment 26 Regina Henschel 2010-01-04 23:44:14 UTC
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Comment 27 Regina Henschel 2010-01-05 00:02:16 UTC
Issue 21578 is largely duplicate to this one and has votes too.
Comment 28 Regina Henschel 2010-01-05 00:04:56 UTC
Same problem in issue 6695, which has votes too.
Comment 29 Regina Henschel 2010-01-05 00:08:22 UTC
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Comment 30 schutt 2010-03-18 17:16:42 UTC
I think File > Save copy as... is a critical missing feature in OOo. I spend a lot of time in Calc and typically 
need to work with a native file as well as export as a .tsv/.csv for processing or sharing. I currently have to 
first save the file, then save it again as the format I need to export to (adjusting the filters to my 
preferences), close the new non-native file, then finally re-open the original file. A "Save copy as..." option 
is clear, used frequently enough in other programs to be easily understood, and is a time saver.
Comment 31 eric.savary 2011-01-29 10:05:10 UTC
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Comment 32 posfan12 2011-01-29 10:38:41 UTC
How about a "Save a copy as..." menu item? Notepad++ has such an option and it's