Issue 19232 - When recording changes (Show=off) - deleted paragraphs appear as extra blank lines
Summary: When recording changes (Show=off) - deleted paragraphs appear as extra blank ...
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Version: OOo 1.1 RC4
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Reported: 2003-09-08 02:23 UTC by Unknown
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Word '97 .doc shows OO.o displaying deleted paras as blank lines (20.50 KB, application/octet-stream)
2003-09-15 02:02 UTC, Unknown
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Description Unknown 2003-09-08 02:23:15 UTC
Operating Systems - Mandrake Linux 9.1, Windows 2000 - SP3, Windows NT - SP6
OO.o Releases - 1.0.1, 1.0.2,, 1.1_RC3

If I open a Word '97 document, OO.o Writer adds an extra blank line (empty 
paragraph) at the end of every paragraph of plain text.

This does not occur in a table, nor does it occur if the paragraphs have any 
kind of numbering system set.

I'll accept that I might have missed something in the setup or configuration of 
my many OO.o packages, as I can't see something this obvious escaping for so 
long, and if that is the case, 
a) Please tell me what I need to do and I'll be delighted to enable the missed 
setting and go on with my work :-) and,
b) Please make that setting a default and/or more obvious so as to make life 
easier for us less observant ones.

And finally, I think this is a great project and VERY worthwhile.  Thanks to 
everyone who's contributed.
I've had many moments of Microsoft 'grrrr' (who hasn't? ) over the years, and 
wished for just this, and to discover OO.o and GNU/Linux and the rest of the 
open source world about a year ago has been a dream-come-true!
I love it, and think it's great - steep learning curve and all.  
I've had 'grrrr' moments with open source software too, but that CAN be changed!

Andrew Kovacs
Comment 1 jack.warchold 2003-09-08 14:20:40 UTC
please attach a document where the error occurs
reassigned to mru
Comment 2 Unknown 2003-09-09 02:05:10 UTC
Hi Jack (and mru?),

OK, this is a bit embarrassing, but good information, and may lead to 
a different (more accurate) defect report.
Firstly, thanks for asking for a sample document, as it led to me 
identifying the problem.

Rather than post the troublesome Word 97 document, as it was a set of 
minutes from a club and contained some personal details of the 
committee members, I decided to create a sample document.  This 
imported perfectly.  grrrr!
So I went back to the troublesome document and started looking.  This 
document is a standard form for meeting minutes, and is edited by our 
secretary after each club meeting.  He then e-mails this to me to 
proof read and correct, and I then e-mail back to him to print and 
distribute.  This is all done in Word 97 format, (work systems) and I 
then save these at home in OO.o Writer format (after removing the 
extra lines :-) )
I checked for formatting inconsistencies of any sort, and could find 
none.  Finally I placed the cursor in a paragraph (that gives the 
extra line in OO.o Writer), and started checking every menu item Word 
would present, on all the menus, to see what was set in the 
document.  Finally I noticed that under the Tools menu, Track 
Changes, 'Highlight Changes' was on.  I checked (ticked) 
the 'Highlight changes on screen' box, and I could see where our 
secretary had made many changes, including adding and then deleting 
an extra paragraph at the end of our existing ones.
Firstly, I re-opened the document in OO.o Writer, and looked at 
the 'Changes' menu item, and this was set to track changes, but not 
to show them.  I turned off tracking, but the extra paragraphs 
remained.  I then accepted all changes, and the extra paragraphs 
Next I went back to the original Word 97 document, turned off 
tracking changes, accepted the changes and re-saved.
This document now imports perfectly in OO.o Writer :-).

OK, I now know how to deal with this issue, and yet I believe this 
still leaves OO.o Writer with a possible problem.

To explain; 
1. We create a document in OO.o Writer (or Word) and set this to 
track changes ('Record' under the Edit menu in OO.o Writer) and to 
highlight on screen (Show) the changes.

2. We uncheck (untick) the 'Highlight on screen' ('Show' in OO.o 
Writer), but without accepting the changes, OO.o Writer still shows 
the paragraphs that have been deleted.  It shows them as extra blank 
lines.  It also prints these (extra blank lines) if we print the 
document out.  It doesn't matter if this is a native OO.o Writer 
document or imported from Word.

3. I think it would be better if this did not still show (and print) 
the extra blank lines in OO.o Writer.

4. If we then 'Accept all changes' OO.O Writer then displays the 
document correctly.  Now we have lost all our changes.

Oh, and the bit about the numbered paragraphs importing without new 
blank lines was a red herring.  These paragraphs did not have any 
extra paragraphs deleted, that's all.  

This isn't an import filter issue, but a code/display issue.

So, does this issue remain open, or is it marked 'invalid' and a new 
issue opened about displaying blank lines for deleted paragraphs, 
when these would probably be better not shown if 'Show' changes is 
not checked (ticked, turned on)? 

If a new issue is opened, would it be a feature/enhancement request 
or a defect?  I personally think of it as a defect.

Thanks for your time, and sorry for the confusion from my initial 
inadequate testing.

I've not included a sample document, as I find these conditions and 
results easy to reproduce now.  If you need one please let me know.

Andrew Kovacs
Comment 3 utomo99 2003-09-12 10:33:28 UTC
if you cannot attach the documents directly maybe you can send the
documents to sun people/jack 

or you can modify it first and it cannot contain any secret data. 

example change all a become b, change all i to h, change all u to y
and many other things
Comment 4 Unknown 2003-09-15 02:02:18 UTC
Created attachment 9316 [details]
Word '97 .doc shows OO.o displaying deleted paras as blank lines
Comment 5 Unknown 2003-09-15 02:06:43 UTC
Hi utomo99,

Thanks for your comment.
Originally, I didn't include the attachment, not because of 
sensitivity (although that is an issue with the real-life document I 
need to work with), but because what I eventually discovered to be 
the real cause of the problem, is simple and straightforward to 
The extra lines come from deleted paragraphs, that still show up as 
extra blank lines when I turn off the 'Show' line in 'Edit -> 
Changes -> Show', from the Edit menu.

I have created a simple test document so you can see what I mean.  
This document was created with Word '97.  It initially contained nine 
lines of plain text, then a blank line, then nine lines of numbered 
I then turned on the 'Track Changes' feature, and then deleted every 
second line.  In Word, this gives me a line through the paragraphs 
I've deleted, and a bar in the margin to show that a change has been 
If I then turn off 'Highlight changes on screen' Word shows me a 
plain document containing five lines of plain text, followed by a 
blank line, followed by five lines of numbered text.  In other words, 
it shows me how the document will look if I accept the changes, but 
without having to actually accept them.

If I then open the document with OO.o Writer, and turn off 'Show' 
in 'Changes', under the 'Edit' menu, I get five lines of plain text 
with a blank line in between each line, followed by a blank line, 
followed by five lines of numbered text, also with a blank line in 
between each numbered line.

I would like these extra blank lines not to show, so I can see what 
the final document will look like, before I accept the changes.

I hope all this makes sense, and this is also my first attempt to 
attach a file to any issue report before, so here goes...

Andrew Kovacs
Comment 6 utomo99 2003-09-15 09:31:35 UTC
I can Reproduce the problem on OOo 1.1 RC4, Win XP Pro Sp1
It is real problem

so The problem still exist in 1.1 Rc4 and in many operating system. so
i belive this is Word Filter need to be improved
Comment 7 Unknown 2003-09-16 01:36:42 UTC
Hi utomo99,

Thanks for duplicating and testing the problem on 1.1_RC4.  After 
reading your post this morning, I did one more test (with 1.1_RC3/Win 
NT4, SP3) here at work.  I created the test document directly in OO.o 
Writer.  I then turned on 'Changes -> Record', and deleted every 
second line, like I did in Word '97 yesterday.  
Same problem.  Every line I deleted after recording the changes, 
remains as a blank line when 'Show' is turned off in 'Changes'.

I think this is a problem with OO.o Writer itself, rather than in the 
import filter, as this last test was done completely within OO.o 
Writer, and nothing was imported.

Question is, will whoever looks at import filter issues pass this on, 
or does this issue need to be closed and a new, more accurately 
described one need to be started, so that the appropriate person gets 
to look at it?

Can anyone advise me here?

Andrew Kovacs
Comment 8 utomo99 2003-09-16 08:15:02 UTC
change to new, 1.1 RC4 same problem, and set target to 1.1.1
Comment 9 lohmaier 2003-09-16 12:51:23 UTC
please update the summary as well when confirming issues, and don't
forget the keyword..
Comment 10 Unknown 2003-09-16 23:49:05 UTC
Hi utomo99 and Christian,

Thanks for updating the status, version and target fields for me 
I changed the Summary as you suggested Christian, but none of the 
approved keywords match this issue, so I left that field blank.

Thanks for your input.

Andrew Kovacs
Comment 11 lohmaier 2003-09-17 23:34:50 UTC
I meant utomo with my comment. members of qa-project should always add
the oooqa keyword and take care of correct settings, telling summary,
etc.. nevermind..

for steps to reproduce see
Additional Comments From atkovacs 2003-09-08 18:05 PDT 
Comment 12 michael.ruess 2003-09-23 11:43:38 UTC
MRU->DVO: I think, this is how OO Writer handles numberings in
Redlines. Otherwise forward to CMC.
Comment 13 openoffice 2003-10-29 13:13:07 UTC
It appears that the redlines in the OOo document contain only the
paragraph content. To achieve the same effect as in the .doc, the
redlines would have to extend to the beginning of the subsequence node.

E.g., for a 5-character paragraph with node 10, the redline seems to
go from [10,0] to [10,5], but should go from [10,0] to [11,0]. I'm not
sure if/how those cases are different in the .doc format.

dvo->cmc: Sorry for being a bit late with this (OOo 1.1.1)... This
seems like an WW import issue. Could you please have a look? If it
turns out to be a redline (or core) problem anyway, please send it back.
Comment 14 caolanm 2003-10-29 13:52:45 UTC
cmc: I can accept this, but I'm not happy with the 1.1.1 target. This
is not a regression as far as I know, nor is it a crash. The numbering
is not redlined and I have a similar 2.0 task for that. 

Some improvements can and must be made, but its not broken like this
because of a simple oversight, but because the words redlining doesn't
map well to writers when it comes to redlinings that start or end at
the bullet in numbering. e.g. not possible to redling the numbering in
a paragraph that is at the start of a document because there is no
previous paragraph to stick a cursor in to set the start of a redline
which will emcompass the bullet of the next paragraph. So the filter
is going to have to do a bit of a dance to get this working, all that
new code says 2.0 to me unless there are major greviences with this
Comment 15 caolanm 2004-03-03 10:07:31 UTC
cmc->mmaher: Change tracking stuff, dvo may be able to help.
Comment 16 andreas.martens 2004-06-16 16:24:40 UTC
Because of a shortage of resources we're not able to promise to fix this issue
for OOo 2.0
Comment 17 martin_maher 2005-04-13 17:09:03 UTC
mmaher->flr: Yours I think
Comment 18 Rob Weir 2013-07-30 02:48:03 UTC
Reset assignee on issues not touched by assignee in more than 1000 days.