Issue 21036 - Cut row and paste special crashes Calc
Summary: Cut row and paste special crashes Calc
Alias: None
Product: Calc
Classification: Application
Component: code (show other issues)
Version: OOo 1.1
Hardware: PC Windows 2000
: P3 Trivial (vote)
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Assignee: frank
QA Contact: issues@sc
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Reported: 2003-10-10 21:06 UTC by kyoshida
Modified: 2013-08-07 15:13 UTC (History)
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Issue Type: DEFECT
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Description kyoshida 2003-10-10 21:06:45 UTC
1. Highlight an arbitrary row by clicking the row index on the left side.
2. Ctrl + X to cut the row.
3. Select a cell in the first column, and right-click & do Paste special.
4. Under Shift cells, the "Down" item is grayed out, so select "Right", and
click OK.
5. A message pops up that reads "Filled cells cannot be shifted beyond the
sheet".  Click OK to close the message box.
6. Select an arbitrary cell, and type in something.
7. When you hit the enter, the mouse corsor chages to an hourglass, and after a
bit of hard disk access sound, the error report dialog comes up, indicating that
the application has just crashed.

There are two things to note here.  One is why is the Down item under the Shift
cells group grayed when a row is cut into the clipboard?  The other is of course
the crash.

When you copy a row instead of cutting it, however, you can successfully paste
it with cells shifting down as expected.

Comment 1 kyoshida 2003-10-10 21:07:47 UTC
Oops.  typo.
Comment 2 frank 2003-10-13 08:12:05 UTC
Hi Niklas,

one for you.

Crash Report is send ID is rzpsj8.

Comment 3 niklas.nebel 2003-10-13 13:48:18 UTC
After cutting, "Shift cells" in Paste Special is disabled for the
directions where the moved range and the cut source range intersect,
because this would cause wrong updated references in formulas.

The crash is fixed with CWS calc19 (viewfun3.cxx
Comment 4 kyoshida 2003-10-13 14:07:49 UTC

Shift Down radio box is disabled even if the cut row and pasted row
don't intersect.  That's what's odd about this problem.  For example,
when I open a whole new document, highlight row 12 and cut it, select
row 2, right-click and past special and the Shift Down box is still
disabled.  Obviously rows 2 and 12 don't intersect at all.  On top of
that, since this is a new document, there is no data in the sheet.

Is this still not a bug?

Comment 5 kyoshida 2003-10-15 14:53:11 UTC
I have reread my last posting, and the tone of my voice may have been
a bit rude, for which I apologize.  But I hope the remaining issue I
have raised in my last posting (the issue of shift down box being
disabled when cutting and pasting rows) will be treated as a bug,
because I believe this behavior should be nearly identical between the
action of *cutting* and pasting and the action of *copying* and pasting.

Let me elaborate.  When I copy and paste a row, I can select the
"shift down" box in the paste special dialog box, and it does what
it's expected to do (i.e. push the rows below the point of insertion).
 But when I cut and paste a row, the "shift down" box is disabled.  If
this is an expected behavior, it's a bit too confusing.  I would
personally call it a bug.

Or should I closed this case and create a new issue with this
particular problem?


Comment 6 niklas.nebel 2003-10-15 19:45:42 UTC
The difference between cut and copy here is that for cut&paste formula
references are updated if they point to the cut cells. The inserting
of cells (which is what "shift down" does) updates formula references,
too. The update for the cut&paste won't find the original references
if they were moved for inserting. The cells that are moved when
shifting down are those below the destination cell range, which
includes row 12 in the example. Rather than end up with wrong
references, "shift down" is disabled in that case.

If you think it's important to allow "shift down" in this case (taking
proper care of references, so it's more than just enabling it in the
dialog), feel free to open a new enhancement issue. It's generally
preferable to have a separate issue for each problem.

This issue's summary suggests it's about the crash. To get the fix for
the crash through the usual process of QA verification and workspace
integration, it has to stay that way and keep the "resolved/fixed" state.
Comment 7 kyoshida 2003-10-15 20:04:42 UTC
Ahh, now I understand.  Thanks Niklas for taking your time to explain
the difference to me.  And yes, I think it's important to add the
shift down functionality when pasting cut cells with properly updated
cell references, since the most popular spreadsheet program does just
that.  I will add enhancement request for this later.

Comment 8 kyoshida 2003-10-15 20:22:23 UTC
Issue 21280 has been added for enhancement of the automatic "shift
down" of cells when cutting and pasting.

Comment 9 niklas.nebel 2003-10-20 09:28:20 UTC
Reassigning to QA for verification.
Comment 10 frank 2003-10-23 12:00:13 UTC
Back to fixed enabling the other changes to the state.
Comment 11 frank 2003-10-23 12:03:47 UTC
Found fixed on Cws Calc19 for Solaris, Linux and Windows
Comment 12 frank 2003-11-05 09:41:25 UTC
FST: As requested by TZ and AK back to you
Comment 13 niklas.nebel 2003-11-05 11:02:26 UTC
It's already in a right childworkspace, so nothing to do for dev.
Comment 14 frank 2003-11-05 14:19:27 UTC
restoring fixed state
Comment 15 frank 2003-11-05 14:20:11 UTC
fixed I've said.
Comment 16 frank 2003-11-05 14:21:42 UTC
closing as I've found it fixed in internal build 645m21-3 on Linux,
Solaris and Windows.
Comment 17 frank 2004-01-19 14:22:48 UTC
Found integrated on srx645m25s1-1 using Windows, Linux and Solaris