Issue 32135 - not searchable at all
Summary: not searchable at all
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: P2 Trivial with 15 votes (vote)
Target Milestone: CEE Danube
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Reported: 2004-07-27 09:47 UTC by lohmaier
Modified: 2006-12-13 12:53 UTC (History)
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Description lohmaier 2004-07-27 09:47:59 UTC
This is not about search not bringing *all* expected results! This is about
search being disabled for the list.


The text below the search-box reads "No search specified" 
Now enter some search-term and run the search.  Now the text reads:
"Text search not available for this list" (and it doesn't get any results)

However, all ather lists are searchable (including the and mailing lists).
Comment 1 lsuarezpotts 2004-07-28 03:09:35 UTC
I confirmed this.
routing to support.
Comment 2 Unknown 2004-07-28 14:14:11 UTC
Filed an internal issue PCN 30446 for the engineers to look at.

Comment 3 Unknown 2004-08-31 00:50:08 UTC
PB-DEF: The problem is looked into by engineering currently.

Updating the whiteboard with the current PCN.
Comment 4 andreschnabel 2004-09-11 10:15:15 UTC
Do we have an update on this?
A few days ago, a user gave the "hint" to browse *all* the mails via web
interface and the search per browsers text-search. I'd expect, this would cause
real heavy load to retrieve 25k mailheaders via web.

I explained, how to search the mails via advanced search, but this is not so
obvious to ne users.
Comment 5 Unknown 2004-09-12 00:56:53 UTC
This is in the engineering queue. There were some activities regarding this 
issue internally. I will update the ticket as soon as I get some feedback.
Comment 6 Unknown 2004-10-29 21:22:52 UTC
Closing this one as duplicate of Issue 28708. 

*** This issue has been marked as a duplicate of 28708 ***
Comment 7 lohmaier 2004-10-29 22:38:29 UTC
This is not a duplicate of issue 32135.
issue 32135 is about search not returning all results. This issue is about no
search possible *at all* (it is disabled)
->reopen issue.
Comment 8 lohmaier 2004-10-29 22:40:05 UTC
(s/32135/28708/g - it is not a duplicate of 28708 of course)
Comment 9 Unknown 2004-11-06 00:50:52 UTC
Objection noted. Checked internally for updates. Should have something by 
early next week. Updating keywords accordingly.
Comment 10 Unknown 2004-11-18 19:45:48 UTC
The internal issue has been reviewed by engineering to scope out an estimate. 
It is in the queue along with other SUN issues.
Comment 11 lohmaier 2004-12-19 17:46:00 UTC
again a month passed without an update. :-(
When can we expect a fix?
Comment 12 Unknown 2005-02-18 19:19:58 UTC
Further research indicate that this might not be a duplicate of Issue 32135, 
but the root cause for both these issues are the same. Engineering is right 
now working on this with the Openoffice data set.
Comment 13 Unknown 2005-02-28 22:27:22 UTC
Some typos from cloph and myself here. What I meant was that this issue is 
closely related with Issue 28708. In that issue I mentioned that the indexer 
is looked into engineering currently and they are working on it right now.
Comment 14 lohmaier 2005-03-17 20:25:09 UTC
So it was not a duplicate. The index-run had completed but still the text-search
is disabled.

I still think that it is only a wrongly set configuration bit like

"enable_search=1" instead of "enable_search=true" or something.
Comment 15 Unknown 2005-03-18 05:51:52 UTC
Yes. I could replicate it now. Discussing about this to the engineers 
internally will update as and when we get the update from them.

Comment 16 Unknown 2005-03-22 11:55:56 UTC
Adding the PCN number 30446 which is tracking this issue.
Comment 17 Unknown 2005-05-19 05:41:13 UTC
Same like issue 28708 we need to schedule another task to fix the indexer issue 
as the indexer on production box will be down. Please let us know a suitable 

Comment 18 lohmaier 2005-05-20 14:54:12 UTC
German lang doesn't care when it will be. We want this fixed even if this means
that the site would be unavailable for three days. (You get the idea...)

And I still think that issue 28708 and this one are not the same cause.

This one: 
* No search possible at all, the site still tells you that the search is "not

The other issue:
* Search only gives some results and misses some messages.

Running the indexer probably won't help if this is the only action taken.

We get:
"Text search not available for this list"
whereas one would get
"No matches found" 
when there are no messages indexed.

But anyway:

Stefan, Louis, please choose any time that fits for the whole site. The sooner
the better.
Comment 19 stx123 2005-05-20 16:06:18 UTC
Could you please let us know whether the indexer has impact on mail delivery?
If not feel free to go ahead at weekends. Please inform us about the end of the
indexer downtime and the expected timeframe the indexer will need to catch up.
Comment 20 lsuarezpotts 2005-06-06 22:50:12 UTC
hello support, would you be able to get back to us on this issue this week?

Comment 21 lohmaier 2005-06-30 00:59:44 UTC
Again a whole month passed without *any* response.

The issue has been filed almost a year ago. It is high-priority for us.

If you don't want to fix it, then mark as wontfix.
Comment 22 lsuarezpotts 2005-06-30 01:13:06 UTC
hi support... could you take a peek at this?

Comment 23 Unknown 2005-07-01 06:46:41 UTC
As per PCN 6156, this will be fixed once we upgrade the customer to Danube-S as 
we no longer use native indexes for search starting Mississippi.

So this can be verified the upgrade Danube.

Comment 24 lohmaier 2005-07-14 19:02:34 UTC

It is not clear to me how native indexing is relevant to this issue.

This issue is not about display problems with special characaters or a couple of
messages missing from the index.
It is about the whole search being disabled.

Other lists of german-lang project are indexed successfully and can be searched
without problems. On these lists the same people write with the same clients and
with the same set of characters.

Please state clearly that

[ ] The message "Text search not available for this list" is *NOT* a sign of a 
    configuration problem

[ ] The cause of this problem is ....
Comment 25 lohmaier 2005-07-29 22:43:49 UTC
Hello Support, 

please have devel answer this:

Please state clearly that

[ ] The message "Text search not available for this list" is *NOT* a sign of a 
    configuration problem

[ ] The cause of this problem is ....

What have native-Indexes to do with this issue?
Comment 26 lohmaier 2005-09-02 20:09:53 UTC
Again a month without response: Here again the question:

Hello Support, 

please have devel answer this:

Please state clearly that

[ ] The message "Text search not available for this list" is *NOT* a sign of a 
    configuration problem

[ ] The cause of this problem is ....

What have native-Indexes to do with this issue?
Comment 27 lsuarezpotts 2005-09-02 23:03:01 UTC
I'm raising the priority on this to p2 and requesting that support provide periodic feedback on the 
resolution of this issue.

Comment 28 Unknown 2005-09-02 23:38:45 UTC
The cause of this problem is due to incostenices/corruption of the native 
indexes for this mailing list used on CEE for this version. This can be 
manually fixed by engineering but the effort is quite substantial.
(For clarification, native indexes are indexes specific to mailing list 

When Openoffice upgrades to Danube-S (the next version to which Openoffice is 
scheduled to be upgraded) this will no longer be an issue, since from 3.x 
onwards, domain wide indexes are used (no longer local mailing list indexes 
are used).

We did verify that that The message "Text search not available for this list" 
is *NOT* a sign of a configuration problem.

Normally, (as you correctly pointed out)if the indexing for that list has been 
turned off then this would appear. However we checked with the database and 
noticed that the 'indexed' has been column set to 1 and so its enabled.

The error will also disappear when upgraded to Danube-S.

Comment 29 lsuarezpotts 2005-09-03 16:25:17 UTC
there are two options, then, support.

Resolve with "wontfix"

"wontfix" means that for one reason or another the problem won't be fixed.

Resolve with "later."

"later" means that a subsequent release fixes the problem.

Both alert us to the fact that the problem for now will not be fixed.


Comment 30 lohmaier 2005-09-04 00:45:21 UTC
Basically any of the following would be OK for us:

* delete the old, corrupted index and regenerate it. Move any messages that
cause trouble when indexing out of the way (e.g. to a seperate list

* create a new mailing-list, transfer (bounce) the messages to the new list,
delete the old one, create it again, transfer the messages back and index the
restored list.

* provide the messages & search on a different machine, on a different host,..

* dump the old, corrupted index and start indexing the messages from now on

* give access to the mbox-files (or whatever is used) so we can set-up our own
archive (giving us access probably is not possible at all - but anyway...)

If any action requires to take the list off-list, don't hesitate to do so. Any
time between 22:00 and 04:00 UTC should not be a problem at all. (but please
send a short announce message).

Waiting until the next update of SourceCast/CEE is not an option (as nobody
knows when this will happen).
Comment 31 lohmaier 2005-09-04 00:47:19 UTC
I forgot: Thank you for the answer (esp. for explaining what "native indexes"
are in this context)
Comment 32 lohmaier 2005-10-04 22:37:51 UTC
Guess what? Another month without *any* response.

What is so hard about writing an answer?

louis, st, mh - can you try to push this one please?
Comment 33 Unknown 2005-10-05 00:25:16 UTC
Engineering resource was busy with the Danube-S release. Checking to see if  
resources are available to start this task now.
Comment 34 lsuarezpotts 2005-10-13 21:21:35 UTC
I'll see about raising awareness of this. Again.
Comment 35 lohmaier 2005-11-08 01:25:20 UTC
*Again* a whole month without any response or action.

Is it really *that* hard to get one of the dev-people to have a look at this
issue for 5 or 10 minutes to evaluate?

If it is, then just write: "Yes, our mail-system & webfrontend just sucks and
will keep sucking" and close this issue as wontfix.
It is pointless in delaying this issues every month and waiting until the
monthly request for response arrives and then delay the issue again, and so on.

If search results in the new release are presented in the same as in the current
release & when the mailing-list-browsing will work the same as in the current
release, then the webarchive is not really usable anyway.
Comment 36 Unknown 2005-11-23 01:07:13 UTC
Marking this as RESOLVED->LATER. The indexer issue will be fixed in Danube. 
Openoffice is due for upgrade in the next few months.
Comment 37 Frank Schönheit 2006-06-02 13:26:47 UTC
there's hope, finally ...

works in OOo staging site, see
Comment 38 Unknown 2006-12-12 07:54:47 UTC
Did a small test of searching for a very common word called "test" in the list
and found that i did receive about 45 search results .

Please verify and close this issue .
Comment 39 lohmaier 2006-12-13 12:53:12 UTC
the list is searchable, but the presentation of the results still is just as
useless as with the old site. But anyway → closing.