Issue 33726 - on-screen picking dictionary translation
Summary: on-screen picking dictionary translation
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Reported: 2004-09-02 07:14 UTC by glu
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KingSoft iCiba Dictionary (20.78 KB, image/jpeg)
2004-09-02 07:16 UTC, glu
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StarDict based on Gtk+ (109.01 KB, image/png)
2004-09-02 07:17 UTC, glu
no flags Details
KingSoft iCiba Dictionary pickes up a word in Microsoft Word (85.45 KB, image/jpeg)
2004-09-02 07:26 UTC, glu
no flags Details
StarDict 2.0 works with OOo 2.0 EA on Linux (68.75 KB, image/gif)
2004-09-08 03:35 UTC, glu
no flags Details
StarDict 2 works with OOo 2.0 EA on Windows (85.73 KB, image/jpeg)
2004-09-08 04:47 UTC, glu
no flags Details
StarDict1.31 works with SO7 PP2 on Solaris/Sparc (71.69 KB, image/jpeg)
2004-09-09 02:55 UTC, glu
no flags Details
StarDict1.31 on Solaris/Sparc is based on Motif. (29.90 KB, image/jpeg)
2004-09-09 02:56 UTC, glu
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Description glu 2004-09-02 07:14:36 UTC
OOo doesn't have one quite useful feature yet. That's supporting on-screen
picking up words and translation of electronic dictionaries. Especially in
China, KingSoft iCiba Dictionary is quite spreaded all over the country, and it
could pick up English words in programs on Windows and translate them into
Chinese with one popup tip window, just as in the attachment. It can't pick up
words from OOo, but from MSO, and many other ordinary Windows programs.

I roughly browsed relative materials and found that this kind of on-screen
picking up dictionaries, almost all use Windows API Hook functions, and four
functions as " TextOutA,TextOutW,ExtTextOutA,ExtTextOutW" in gdi32.dll and
perhaps certain conversion function like WideCharToMultiByte. 

I think perhaps other dictionaries need also this feature if users want to pick
up words of foreign languages and translate them online. 

Correspondingly, there's one English & Chinese dictionary "StarDict" on UNIX and
UNIX-like OSs. StarDict 2 is writen with Gtk+ ( StarDict was writen with Motif),
and it calls X-Window message to transfer the mouse position and output string.
StarDict is trying to imitate KingSoft iCiba dictionary.

If OOo could support on-screen picking up words by electronic dictionaries, it
could improve its application greatly.
Comment 1 glu 2004-09-02 07:16:56 UTC
Created attachment 17496 [details]
KingSoft iCiba Dictionary
Comment 2 glu 2004-09-02 07:17:37 UTC
Created attachment 17497 [details]
StarDict based on Gtk+
Comment 3 glu 2004-09-02 07:26:14 UTC
Created attachment 17498 [details]
KingSoft iCiba Dictionary pickes up a word in Microsoft Word
Comment 4 thorsten.martens 2004-09-02 09:55:03 UTC
TM->BH: Please have a look, thanks !
Comment 5 2004-09-07 10:56:56 UTC
HLI : This feature is very important , hope can be developed asap .
Comment 6 falko.tesch 2004-09-07 12:29:02 UTC
FT: I'll take over since I'm taking care of G11N issues.
Comment 7 falko.tesch 2004-09-07 13:26:11 UTC
FT: For further investigation I need copnfirmation that both mentioned tools do
not work with 2.0 EA. Waiting for feedback for the moment.
Comment 8 glu 2004-09-08 03:35:03 UTC
Created attachment 17591 [details]
StarDict 2.0 works with OOo 2.0 EA on Linux
Comment 9 glu 2004-09-08 04:47:03 UTC
Created attachment 17592 [details]
StarDict 2 works with OOo 2.0 EA on Windows
Comment 10 glu 2004-09-08 05:12:10 UTC
glu: I attched two screenshots of StarDict 2.4.3 with OOo2.0/SO8 EA. Actually it
works well with OOo/SO.

StarDict is based on Gtk2+ libraries, and it can run on Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris
and Windows. It's homepgae is at Its
picking-word style is different from KingSoft iCiba, much simplier than it. On
Linux/x86, after users select certain words and then StarDict pops up one float
tip showing the translation phrases. On Windows it brings along with GTK runtime
environment 2.2.4, and there's one bug (probably) currently so that the floating
tip doesn't show once words are selected. They can get the translation phrases
by pressing "ctrl+c" after words are selected. I think its scheme is involving
in copy & paste clipboard of various window systems.

KingSoft iCiba does much better than it. Once users move their mouses across or
onto words, the floating tip window pops up showing the translation phrases.
Users need not press any key or select the words. Several 3rd-party Chinese
materials say that it utilizes Windows API hook functions, but not very clear.

There's one electronic dictionary - Clicktionary at , translating words easily from
English to German, English to Chinese, and English to Vietnamese. You may
download a free copy there. Its picking words style is similiar to StarDict,
firstly selecting words and then click right button of mouse. Maybe you can take
it as a reference. But Clicktionary doesn't work with OOo/SO either.
Comment 11 glu 2004-09-09 02:55:49 UTC
Created attachment 17609 [details]
StarDict1.31 works with SO7 PP2 on Solaris/Sparc
Comment 12 glu 2004-09-09 02:56:51 UTC
Created attachment 17610 [details]
StarDict1.31 on Solaris/Sparc is based on Motif.
Comment 13 falko.tesch 2004-09-09 15:00:45 UTC
FT: OK, for StarDict no work is required but I learned the iCiba appearantly
doesn't work. Since we do not have expertise in Chinese tools here in
Hamburg/Germany I need to forward this issue for tesing implementation to Karl Hong.
From what I can see is that OO.o does not recognise Windows API standards for
read-out text.
Karl: Please refer to Hercule Li ( for testing and tooling. Thx.

Note: Please implement this to 2.0 only if small changes and little effort is
Comment 14 2004-09-10 03:27:24 UTC
Comment 15 gorden.lin 2004-09-10 03:31:57 UTC
add deuce into cc list.
Comment 16 thorsten.martens 2004-09-10 12:27:01 UTC
Comment 17 glu 2004-09-16 07:51:07 UTC
Two Chinese webpages are helpful perhaps:

Comment 18 karl.hong 2004-09-16 19:47:01 UTC
I have got a copy of iCiba and downloaded Clicktionary, both of them do not work
on OpenOffice. The reason may be that, as mentioned by glu, the MS API those
applications used is on text level (TextOut*), while OO use the API in glyph
level, which is required by glyph fallback feature. I will forward the issue to
Graphic System Layer Project for further evaluation.
Comment 19 christof.pintaske 2004-09-20 13:03:18 UTC
I checked the websites for iCiba and Clicktionary but could not find any details
about what API they rely on. Can somebody provide concrete details ?

Recent versions of and StarOffice do not use the standard text
output but the standard glyph output routines to display textual information on
screen or on printer. This will not change in the forseeable future. If iCiba
and Clicktionary rely on TextOut* API then they will not work with our product
any time soon. They should fix their product to rely on standard APIs for
querying text, like for example the accessibility API.

Using the Text API would break important features like glyph fallback on Windows
(except for XP) and CTL and the effort is in the magnitude of several man month,
not even close to being appropriate.
Comment 20 gorden.lin 2004-09-21 03:29:05 UTC
I checked iCiBa with SoftICE and found that they at least rely on ExtTextOutW,
including menu, button, text, etc. all standard Windows application use
ExtTextOutW including Open dialog in OpenOffice( Windows version ) can be
available for on-screen picking up. 
since KingSoft( producer of iCiBa ) is competiter of based Office
Suite, they will not provide their patch for in their product.:-(.  
Comment 21 2004-09-21 11:55:53 UTC
Well, we are using ExtTextOutW, but nowadays mostly with the ETO_GLYPH_INDEX
flag. This means that the text is already translated into glyph indices which
are a little harder to digest for hooked in functions than their unicode
Comment 22 glu 2004-09-21 14:07:54 UTC
iCiba is almost the monopoly electronic dictionary in China, or Great China, 
KingSoft is its provider, whom you may know for its cooperation with old WPS 
file formats with OOo, also provides its own office suite software, WPS Office.
So in this way, if OOo can't support KingSoft iCiba, it will show a great 
disadvantage in comparison with KingSoft WPS Office, and MSO. 

This feature is asked by major Chinese users of OOo for a long time too.

Can we make any working-around way to implement it? Thanks.
Comment 23 christof.pintaske 2004-09-21 15:47:03 UTC
can you check wether it works with StarOffice 6, respectively on Windows 98 ?

Comment 24 karl.hong 2004-09-27 00:34:14 UTC
I tried Chinese StarSuite 6 PP3 on Window XP and Simplified Chinese Window 98,
iCiba does not work for SS6 on both platforms. Other applications work fine on
both of them.
Comment 25 christof.pintaske 2004-09-29 15:42:46 UTC
ok, it seems that just having an ExtTextOut / Text based API is not sufficient.
Since we don't have enough information about what's really required to make this
feature work and we don't have enough time befor beta to investigate into it I
retarget this to Office Later.
Comment 26 christof.pintaske 2005-02-22 17:52:44 UTC
cp->ssa: request for enhancement, please take over
Comment 27 stephan_schaefer 2005-12-02 11:12:50 UTC
SSA: reassign to HDU
Comment 28 2006-11-29 09:36:07 UTC
Comment 29 Marcus 2017-05-20 11:29:42 UTC
Reset assigne to the default "".