Issue 42464 - [RFE] allow to link tables from dfferent sources into one database file
Summary: [RFE] allow to link tables from dfferent sources into one database file
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Version: OOo 3.0 Beta
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Reported: 2005-02-10 20:48 UTC by tony_52
Modified: 2016-12-31 17:45 UTC (History)
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howto link OOo Base (hsqldb) to csv file (1013 bytes, text/plain)
2005-12-29 01:36 UTC, brucehohl
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Description tony_52 2005-02-10 20:48:40 UTC
Again comapring  OO Base to MS Access

With MS Access you have multiple data sources (using linked tables), it appears
I can only use a single data  source per database application.

The multiple data sources is an extremely useful feature of MS Access, in that
you can use MS Access as a front end to different databases, and a very useful
way to combine data from different databases, and also as a very useful
migration tool.

This feature would be another extremely useful addition to the functionality of
Open Office Base, and would be a further nail in the MS Access coffin.
Comment 1 marc.neumann 2005-02-11 07:27:45 UTC

I reassign this issue to User Experience for evaluating.

Bye Marc
Comment 2 marc.neumann 2005-02-11 07:29:15 UTC
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Comment 3 flibby05 2005-03-10 09:41:10 UTC
defect -> enhancement
Comment 4 Frank Schönheit 2005-03-10 13:28:45 UTC
Adjusting summary (
Comment 5 tony_52 2005-05-24 08:08:02 UTC

Any further info on this request? I'm not going to be able to persuade Access
users to use OpenOffice Base, until this kind of functionality is available,
also as result of this, if they can't replace access, there will be no need for
them to repace the rest of the MS Office. When I first heard the OpenOffice were
going to include a database application, I immediately started pushing open
office once more, but having shown the base application to the Access users,
they are not prepared to change as it stands at the moment.
Comment 6 Frank Schönheit 2005-10-14 08:56:03 UTC
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Comment 7 tony_52 2005-10-17 07:18:29 UTC

Any further info on this request? As it's been about 5 months since I last asked
for an update, and 8 months since I first submitted this request I just thought
I'd ask. I know I'm not alone in asking for this feature to be included in
base., ans as I stated before, I'm not going to be able to persuade Access
users to use OpenOffice Base, until this kind of functionality is available,
also as result of this, if they can't replace access, there will be no need for
them to repace the rest of the MS Office. When I first heard the OpenOffice were
going to include a database application, I immediately started pushing open
office once more, but having shown the base application to the Access users,
they are not prepared to change as it stands at the moment.
Comment 8 dlanderson 2005-10-17 17:32:03 UTC
I own an expanding small business currently with O(10^2) employees (engineers,
etc.). I have mandated (OOo) for the past year. However, because
of the retarded state of OOo 1.1.x for the past year I have been under constant
pressure from my staff allow them to use MS Office, which they have been used to
using before joining my business. I have been holding them off with the reason
that OOo 2.0 would be much better, which it is, but for good business reasons I
have been forced to make exceptions and authorize some purchases of MS Office.
However, certain deficiencies such as Issue #42464 will continue to give them
cause to request/demand MS Office. Please help me out by listening to our
(tony_52 and I) needs regarding this and other issues.
Comment 9 brucehohl 2005-12-26 12:48:59 UTC
I also agree with tony_52 and dlanderson that the ability to link to tables from
databases is a useful feature.  With an other database product I have used this
capability to link to data from the accounting systems and Lotus Notes custom
application data.  Thus, this "other database produce" has become a general,
easy to use tool, for ad hoc applications that can use internal and external
data.  Please consider adding this capability to Base.

Note: it appears to me that issue 39837 is closely related or perhaps a duplicate.
Comment 10 brucehohl 2005-12-29 01:36:18 UTC
Created attachment 32756 [details]
howto link OOo Base (hsqldb) to csv file
Comment 11 tony_52 2006-01-08 15:49:23 UTC
Any further news on this issue?

The window of opportunity with regard to replacing MSOffice with OpenOffice is
rapidly closing, and as soon as Office12 is released the opportunity will be
missed for anything upto 5 years as far as my organisation is concerned.

Whilst I admit that MS Office can quite easily be replaced with the equivalent
applications within openoffice, the same cannot be said for Access, Access is
the jewel in the crown of MS Office, and unfortunately OOBase doesn't come close
enough, and my organisation will not go with a multiple application solution,
when MS Office suits all.

An example is that today I tried to accomplish the same task using MS Access,
and OOBase, whereas the task using MS Access took literally about 2 minutes, I
gave up with OO Base after a couple of hours. Here is what I attempted to

I have data in a dbase table
I have other data in a MySQL table

I want to reference the data from both datasources (not migrate or import the data)

In the same MS Access file I can link to the dbase table, and also the MySQL
table. I can also use this MS Access database file to also create new MySQL
tables and also dbase tables based on queries run against both sets of data,
where tables form each datasource are referenced in the same query. f I chose I
could also easily add extra datasources from either additional MySQL databases,
other Access daatbases, Oracle databases etc to the same MS Access file, and as
such work seamlessly with multiple backend datasources in a single common

I cannot do this is OO Base, or if it can be done it is not as intuative or easy
as it is in MS Access.

Without this functioanlity, there is absolutely no way I'll be able to persuade
my organisation to move to OpenOffice / Star Office.
Comment 12 marc.neumann 2006-02-08 07:13:16 UTC
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Comment 13 the_paco 2006-02-16 19:55:46 UTC
I need this to manage my buisness contact's notes, infos, quotes, invoices... 
many other uses in mind...  WE NEED THIS!  PLEASE...
Comment 14 ibarnard 2006-04-20 09:08:27 UTC
If you could link to a Registered Data Source, as you could in a Write 
document, you could possibly (with some manipulation of subforms) create a 
link to a table in another Data Source. But OOo Base Forms does not allow you 
to select any Table or Query outside of those listed in the ODB file as its 
data source.
Why then have something like a registered data source - if you don't allow 
users to use it? Shouldn't the same functionality be available in Base Forms 
as is available in Write Forms, i.e. connect to a registered data source?
Comment 15 jwt 2006-06-25 20:02:46 UTC
Does this cover linking to tables within another OOo Base database? 
Comment 16 ibarnard 2006-07-02 08:54:56 UTC
Well, any ODB file could also be a registered datasource. You'll notice that
whenever you create a database an option is given to also register this database
- actually the default is to create a registered datasource as well as the ODB
file. This is the case in every kind of database you can create or link to using
OOo Base, whether it be MySQL, Postgre, Access, HSQL, FireBird, DBase, etc.
Comment 17 dlairmarc 2007-07-09 06:00:30 UTC
I, too, have the same requirement. I need to query two different databases for
composite data. One table resides in an MSAccess file, the other via an ODBC
connection to an Informix table. While I can access each individually via
OOBase, I can not access both of them via one query due to only being able to
work with one DB at a time. With MSAccess, it's easy. I would like to see OOBase
with the same functionality, please.
Comment 18 irneb 2007-11-26 05:26:38 UTC
This is the only reason I don't move to OOo Base. Everything else Access can do
is possible in Base as well, maybe not as easily but possible. Only VERY small,
simplistic database apps don't require this, something like a contacts list. But
an order-entry system, linked to a warehousing inventory would require at least
2 databases (maybe even 2 different types).

You can circumvent this if you're using a backbone which is capable of this type
of thing: e.g. MySQL can "link" to another database through a View, but that
requires someone experienced in SQL "programming" and thus not enabling a quick
link between data sources to extract some combined summary info. Also (in
general, unless you're really experienced) the 2 databases must be stored on the
same server. Obviously this can only work if you're using a Client-Server type
of database, using Base's built-in db won't work - you'll have to connect to a
server which handles this linking for you.

I know Access has an easy import / link feature: right-click the table Icon,
then Import / Link. However, looking at the dependent issue 51904, it looks as
if an easier method (at least for the user) could be to use Copy-n-Paste (as
link). IMHO this would make Base even easier to use than Access, especially for
rookie users as it's closer to the user interface of other programs - thus not
requiring learning a new function.
Comment 19 jamov 2008-05-12 21:13:20 UTC
I agree with everyone else on this topic, this is a must to completely replace
MS Office.  I've been able to to get users to switch on the other apps, but
Access users including myself require the ability to link to multiple data
sources.  It is depressing to see that this issue was started over 3 years ago.
 I guess I'm partly to blame, I've been wanting this feature since Base was
first added to OOo but have just now gotten in here to look for the feature
request and vote for it!  Alas I know more people want this than have been here
to vote on it. We need to raise awareness.
Comment 20 tony_52 2008-05-29 11:23:50 UTC
Hi All

Has it really been that long since I origianlly created this issue.

Oh well, thougt I'd bring it up again, as I was so dissappointed when I
installed OO3 beta, only to find that this key feature is still lacking from OO

Please, please,please look into adding this ability, as at the moment, I'm still
having to use MS Access 97, which does have this functionality.

The need to use MS Access is 'only' reason I have not been able to ditch my MS


Comment 21 dlairmarc 2008-07-07 05:04:26 UTC
3 years and 5 months - no progress?

This forces most of my clients to continue with MS Office.
Comment 22 irneb 2008-07-07 07:27:26 UTC
I'm truly surprised that OOo does not even appear to have this as a future
enhancement. There is nearly no DBMS out there without some sort of variant to
this. I've been looking at various other DB packages, e.g FoxPro, Paradox, even
the old DBase had a similar thing (that was in the 80's). Now please tell me
there's a reason for not having something which could make this a professional
software app.

Without this function OOo is just a toy when compared to any other DB app /
Office Suite (with DB interface). Even the down scaled Works-like packages of
other software have this feature. Everything else in OOo works wonderfully, in
most cases even better than most other brands. If it wasn't for this, I could
have used only OOo - now I'm forced to have some other app installed as well.

OK, I understand that the Base sub-system is in its infancy stages, but this
should at least be a target - there's no mention anywhere that it's even considered.
Comment 23 brucehohl 2008-07-08 00:12:27 UTC
To those hopeful for this functionality please note the following planning document:
Comment 24 irneb 2008-07-08 08:09:17 UTC
While I'm sure that will address a few users, it falls much short of the request
in this post. It basically trys to use the HSQDB's feature of linking to a CSV
file - does that mean that say the Warehousing clerk needs to export the
stock-take to a csv, so that the Order Entry clerk can import it into his/her

What we need is to have Base actually connect to 2 (or more) databases / drivers
so that a live link between them can be established. Irrespective of what
drivers or base files are used. That would be the target to aim for. Not a flat
text file (that's like thinking as if you were still in the 50's).
Comment 25 harfang 2008-12-12 10:28:15 UTC
I definitively vote for this issue. In my business I have installed both MS
Office and OpenOffice, but I do not use OpenOffice Base because of that.
Comment 26 tony_52 2009-01-02 17:19:54 UTC
Hi there, any update on this, is it in the pipeline for a future release?

Comment 27 lonesloane 2009-02-03 10:51:55 UTC
I think this is an important issue. You can't convert Access users to openoffice
without that, and this issue won't have a lot of votes as users who need this
won't turn to OOo and won't register to vote.

Comment 28 irneb 2009-02-03 12:57:11 UTC
While it's true in saying only those already using DB tools (like Access, which
is certainly not the only prog with this ability, e.g. Paradox) ... the
dependent issue of importing other DB's tables is certainly a much more
requested feature (as it's something everyone would want).

I've just checked on the votes. This issue ranks 90th on all non-fixed issues
(throughout the entire OOo), and 4th on the Database access component. This puts
it inside the 0.1% top most requested issues, out of 90000+ issues to date.

Then to make the picture more clear, the dependent issue about importing from /
to different databases, is ranked even higher (as can be expected). 17th
overall, and 2nd in DB component.

So this is not actually a lowly issue. It's one of the most noted ... but still
for 3 years it's been ignored. No indication of even planning to start it.
Comment 29 r4zoli 2009-02-03 13:24:55 UTC
It is on consideration list for new features list.
If you have other idea submit on mailing list, with
subject: New Features.
Comment 30 acspike 2009-03-05 16:14:09 UTC
What can we uses do to move this issue forward? We may not all be able to
contribute code. Could we work with the dev team to split this up into tasks and
develop a plan so that perspective coders have an easier time getting started?
Could we pool funds and contract with someone from the community to develop the
feature? Publicize this issue on blogs and such to increase the votes?
Comment 31 pautrel.dominique 2009-03-23 20:05:23 UTC
Should be a nice way to build synthesis databases from more detailled ones...
Comment 32 marc.neumann 2010-05-25 07:35:26 UTC
*** Issue 111807 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 33 ramanal 2010-05-25 07:58:51 UTC
I hope this issue issue does not request any patented method to link table to
external databases.

I am sure, this feature is a long waited feature by most of desktop Database users.
Comment 34 mark_orion 2010-07-07 08:05:25 UTC
I would like to cast my vote here: This feature is essential for many
applications. E.g. in my case where I want to create views / reports etc. from a
MySQL database on the web with read-only (SELECT) access. For security reasons I
do want to allow the OOo application to do anything on the MySQL server but
rather have my views etc. in a local HSQLDB database.

Comment 35 michel.rvb 2014-03-31 20:07:57 UTC
More than 9 years on such an obviously useful feature and absolutely nothing at all done or even thought of!

Comment 36 oooforum (fr) 2016-12-31 17:45:00 UTC
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