Issue 43620 - [DE] Too few space for German text in installation wizard
Summary: [DE] Too few space for German text in installation wizard
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Product: Internationalization
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Version: 680m79
Hardware: All Windows, all
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Reported: 2005-02-27 11:28 UTC by Matthias Basler
Modified: 2013-11-14 17:02 UTC (History)
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Issue Type: DEFECT
Latest Confirmation in: 4.0.1
Developer Difficulty: Easy

Screenshots on Win98SE with m1.9.96 (164.89 KB, application/x-compressed)
2005-06-08 19:19 UTC, bernhard
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Even in m108 I see several words cut off (win 98SE) - some screenshots (59.69 KB, application/x-compressed)
2005-06-13 22:35 UTC, bernhard
no flags Details
Calc sheet comparing English and German texts with proposals to update them (16.65 KB, application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet)
2006-11-20 15:04 UTC, bernhard
no flags Details
Still Problem with 4.0.1 (95.22 KB, application/
2013-11-14 17:02 UTC, Rainer Bielefeld
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Description Matthias Basler 2005-02-27 11:28:04 UTC
In the installation wizard, in the page where the user can select which
components to install, there is a description panel on the right hand side. This
is too small for German text, so in the German version many describtions are
only partly shown.
Comment 1 baernie 2005-04-26 22:54:32 UTC
I can confirm this issue for m94 and m96 too.

In the user-defined setup each entry containing sub-entries is cut off. 

In the most cases (compontent itself affords 0KB on harddisk)the first two 
digits of the afforded harddisk for the sub-components is shown. Because the 
second appearing of the word "Subkomponenten" doesn't fit in the line before (1 
letter too long) the end of the desription is cut off.

The entry "Pocket PC" (subcomponent of: optional components - filter for mobile 
devices) affords some diskspace by itself. In this case even the 
first "Subkomponenten" is written to the next line - the description is cut off 
another line before...

The description of "Python-UNO Sprachanbindung" (subcomponent of: optional 
components) contains a link to the Python-documentation. This link is too long 
for the line and cut off too. - By the way: I can't imagine that it fits in the 
english version, but I don't have the english version to check it there.



PS: I made a lot of screenshots but can't load them up in the moment - perhaps 
tomorrow ...
Comment 2 lohmaier 2005-06-08 18:56:25 UTC
this cannot be os all...
Comment 3 bernhard 2005-06-08 19:19:31 UTC
Created attachment 27027 [details]
Screenshots on Win98SE with m1.9.96
Comment 4 bernhard 2005-06-08 19:35:44 UTC
Sorry for the delay - I just lost this issue out of sight :-(

Because I installed my newer snapshots in english, I can't report the problem
later than m96.

I'll try the german version with one of the next milestones and then report again.

I did'n mention before :-( , but I can confirm this issue only on Win98SE - my
only BS in the moment...

Bernhard (new profile bedipp, former baernie)
Comment 5 bernhard 2005-06-08 19:40:04 UTC
*** Issue 43620 has been confirmed by votes. ***
Comment 6 stefan.baltzer 2005-06-13 17:14:06 UTC
SBA: Component set to "Framework".
Reassigned to OF.
Comment 7 Olaf Felka 2005-06-13 19:44:02 UTC
I can't reproduce with OOo 106 on Win98.
Comment 8 bernhard 2005-06-13 22:35:24 UTC
Created attachment 27147 [details]
Even in m108 I see several words cut off (win 98SE) - some screenshots
Comment 9 bernhard 2005-06-13 22:47:43 UTC
I loaded OOo_1.9.108_windows_install_de.exe from
and found exactly the same problems as with m94 or m96.

Changing the standard display font in Win98SE doesn't have any influence on the
installation wizard so I assume it uses a font by its own. 
If I don't have this font on my system and the installer replaces it by another
(a bit broader) one, perhaps this could cause that effect.

I don't know, if you need some more information about my system - just ask.

But in my eyes this issue isn't resolved...

Comment 10 Olaf Felka 2005-06-16 09:58:20 UTC
reopened for reassigning
Comment 11 Olaf Felka 2005-06-16 11:41:32 UTC
of @ is: Reproducible with the localized versions. Please give a target!
Comment 12 2005-06-16 14:11:58 UTC
Well, there is nothing I can do. We need shorter strings, that is all. We cannot
increase the size of one text and decrease the size of another text. And we
cannot increase both textes, because they would overlap. So, if we do not want
to increase the size of the complete dialog, we need shorter strings.
My suggestion: "Klicken Sie auf ein Symbol in der Liste, um die Installationsart
f�r die Programmmodule zu �ndern."
Besides we should change "Subkomponenten" to the shorter "Submodule". 
For the Python-module I have no solution. How long is the URL? I think the
complete text needs to be shortened.

Comment 13 Matthias Basler 2005-06-16 14:26:31 UTC
Would it be a big problem to increase the dialog size? I'd prefer that because I
fear too shortened text will make it harder to understand the message. But as a
first workaround it's OK to use shorter strings.
Comment 14 2005-06-16 15:15:31 UTC
Well, we would have to increase the size of all dialogs. Otherwise the dialogs
in the wizard would have different sizes. This means, that we would have to
restructure all the dialogs in the database (more than 20!). I think, this is
not a good solution.
Comment 15 bernhard 2005-06-18 04:32:54 UTC
For me the difference in the meaning of "Submodule" and "Subkomponenten" is 
neglectible - if I had to decide, I would prefer "Untermodule".

Speaking of "Programmmodule" in the title is IHMO o.k. - We use the same term 
inside the window at the top: " Programmmodule"

But if we decide so, the other parts of the description have to be modified 
too: "Diese Komponente erfordert ... kb" to "Dieses Modul erfordert ... kb" 
(By the way I'd prefer "benötigt" instead of "erfordert")

The description of the Python-UNO bridge is really long. Trying with my editor 
the only phrase that would fit is "Sie finden unter mehr dazu" - but only if 
you don't put a point at the end of the sentence.

By the way: The python-text doesn't fit to the english dialogue either - so it 
is not a problem of the localized version only. The english description is (in 

Adds the ability to automate with python
scripting language. See
n/python-bridge.html for a co...

So the URL is broken and the text is too long.

Do I have to open a new issue or can you cc a responsible person for the 
english version?

In my eyes a possible solution would be to combine the two parts of the 
description in one, adding an empty line between the first and the second part. 
All the critical descriptions have just one paragraph exceeding the possible 
number of lines, so if the secont part could be linked to the first, everything 
would be fine and we could use the old descriptions.

But I don't know, if this is possible at all - so its yust a suggestion.

Best regards
Comment 16 Matthias Basler 2005-06-18 10:01:18 UTC
What about a vertical scrollbar if the text is longer than the panel?
Comment 17 2005-08-18 11:19:06 UTC
Setting target to 2.0.2.
I do not know, whether a scrollbar is a good solution. Perhaps you can test
this. But the best solution  is in my opinion, to use the space that is
available. This is a standard dialog, that is used for the installation of many
different products, for example also for StarOffice.  The interesting task is,
to find short and good module descriptions ;-)
Comment 18 Matthias Basler 2005-08-18 13:20:04 UTC
Hi "is",
sorry to reassign this back to you: I'm just a QA volunteer with no experience
in OOo coding. So I can't change anything (e.g. insert scrollbars). I can just
check how it looks after some developers have done the code changes and there is
a public milestone available. (Or is this change already done in m122?)
Comment 19 mcenroe 2005-11-08 13:05:35 UTC
Same problem with French text... and probably with many other language too.

Make shorter strings for all of them is surely not a good solution... Add a
scrollbal seems to be the best thing to do...
Comment 20 Olaf Felka 2005-12-05 08:21:55 UTC
*** Issue 58853 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 21 2006-01-04 10:00:02 UTC
Shifting target to "OOo 2.0.3". 
Comment 22 2006-02-24 10:46:34 UTC
Changing target
Comment 23 merschmann 2006-02-24 11:03:34 UTC
I can see that it is a capacity-problem to change this in all localizations.
Shouldn't we have new issues on this for the singele languages, so that the
local communities can do the text-shortening?
Comment 24 2006-02-24 11:28:53 UTC
New tasks for text shortening would be fine. I do not think that a scrollbar is
a good solution.
Comment 25 2006-06-27 11:15:17 UTC
Setting new target
Comment 26 bernhard 2006-08-14 23:06:24 UTC

You posted a possible solution over a year ago (Subkomponenten -> Submodule) and
except of my comment in June 2005 there was no reply.  Why couldn't this be
implemented as short track solution?

(A suboptimal phrase is even better than a well formulated not fully displayed)
Comment 27 2006-08-30 14:47:25 UTC
is @ bedipp: I am not sure, whether most people think, it is useful to change
"Subkomponenten" to "Submodule". In StarOffice we use "Subfeature". But of
course it would be a first step to make this change. For other languages
additional tasks have to be written. Can you take this task and fix this for
Comment 28 bernhard 2006-08-30 19:21:54 UTC
bedipp @ is: Sorry - I'm not a developer, so I don't think I'm able to fix it.

I can provide the strings to be modified, if this would help anybody, but their
implementation in the source is way too high for my personal skills. 

Assuming that this modification will not take much time I hope you'll find
someone to fix it.

Thanks for this first step - I hope we'll come toa final solution one day.

Comment 29 2006-08-31 13:13:04 UTC
is @ bedipp: If you send me the strings, I will try to include them in my next
cws -> changing target to OOo 2.x.

Comment 30 bernhard 2006-08-31 21:01:13 UTC
bedipp @ is: I'll come back to this issue after OOoCon, because these days are
too short anyway.

Which format do you prefer?

I'd think of a Calc table with present string and new string side by side titled
by the selected component in the German user defined setup.

Would it be easier if I searched for the original (English) expressions?

Thanks! Bernhard

BTW: Would this be the right point to set status to STARTED?
Comment 31 2006-09-01 09:39:01 UTC
is @ bedipp: I think, such a Calc table would be good. 
-> Started :-)
Comment 32 bernhard 2006-11-20 15:04:47 UTC
Created attachment 40771 [details]
Calc sheet comparing English and German texts with proposals to update them
Comment 33 bernhard 2006-11-20 15:16:17 UTC

took longer than expected, but I included possible solutions to the other
problematic texts as well.

There are two modification rows in the spreadsheet I attached: the first has
just minor modifications (replace "Komponente" by "Modul"), while the latter is
rather a new translation: Sometimes the current texts are rather word-by-word
translations that real German sentences.

I think it would be necessary to include an UI expert in such a major
modification, but I'm not quite sure. I'm quite sure you know better. 

If this modification would take too long to be revised, please use the minor
replacements as a first step.
Comment 34 2007-11-26 14:28:14 UTC
IS -> FL: Please check this UI relevant changes.
Comment 35 2007-12-11 12:11:05 UTC
Comment 36 2008-01-24 10:47:29 UTC
Comment 37 kai.sommerfeld 2008-02-12 09:32:07 UTC
Next release with UI changes ist 3.0. Changing target accordingly.
Comment 38 kai.sommerfeld 2008-03-25 13:21:05 UTC
Comment 39 frank.loehmann 2008-06-10 14:38:25 UTC
FL: New target.
Comment 40 merschmann 2009-04-04 10:42:51 UTC
At 3.1RC1 most of the strings have been shortened and are looking fine, but
there are still some cut off at the optional parts of the install set.
Should be worked on again.

CCing andreschnabel. Can this be done by translation?
Comment 41 andreschnabel 2009-04-04 10:57:55 UTC
taking this one as it is a translation issue.

If someone is willing to help, this would be welcome. The strings are almost all
in just one file but I'd expect, that they have change meanwhile. 
Comment 42 andreschnabel 2010-10-21 14:50:49 UTC
reassigned to default owner
Comment 43 Raphael Bircher 2011-10-04 21:39:18 UTC
Reassignee to the default contact.

rbircher > sba: please feel free to reassignee it to you self again
Comment 44 Rainer Bielefeld 2013-11-14 17:02:32 UTC
Created attachment 81919 [details]
Still Problem with 4.0.1

I did not check systematically, but at least 1 of the problems still  Reproducible with "AOO 4.0.1   – German UI / German locale  [Rev. 1524958 2013-09-20 11:40:29]" on  German WIN7 Home Premium (64bit)", “historic”  4.0  User Profile used for all  predecessor versions