Issue 49197 - Unusable formatting (tab group) for Text Box
Summary: Unusable formatting (tab group) for Text Box
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Product: Impress
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Version: 680m95
Hardware: PC Windows XP
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Reported: 2005-05-13 04:29 UTC by illusion65
Modified: 2013-02-07 22:33 UTC (History)
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Single slide w/ a text box (& tab group) and text (w/ different tab group) (9.31 KB, application/vnd.sun.xml.impress)
2005-05-13 04:31 UTC, illusion65
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Description illusion65 2005-05-13 04:29:33 UTC
There appears to be a “Text box” tab group (and maybe other formatting) defined
for the Text Box in a presentation slide, but those tabs never seem to affect
any of the text in the box.  I've set this as a low priority, because it is
obscure, but may cause new/novice users to think that the tabs they've set are
"no longer there", if they happen to set the Text box's tabs instead of an
active paragraph within the text box.  I thought this might be the "default" for
new text in the box, but that's not the case either.

To view the Text Box's tabs: right-click on the text box without text entry mode
being active, select “paragraph”/tabs)

To view a text paragraph's tabs: Enter text entry mode: click to place cursor in
a paragraph; right-click, select “paragraph”/tabs).

NOTE: It's easier to select the text first, then click on the text box outline
to select the box.  Be careful to have the "Click & Drag" cursor before right
clicking on the text box.

Example to follow: Text Box is configured with tabs @ 3,6,9 cm.  Paragraph
inside textbox has tabs @ 7,10 cm.
Comment 1 illusion65 2005-05-13 04:31:42 UTC
Created attachment 26080 [details]
Single slide w/ a text box (& tab group) and text (w/ different tab group)
Comment 2 illusion65 2005-05-13 05:21:43 UTC
It is a bit more complex and difficult to repeat now, but was very frustrating
when I was creating a "real" presentation.  Here's some more related quirky
behavior that I've found:

Changes to the Text Box tab group will alter existing text paragraphs, but if
there is no text in box, then newly entered text will only inherit the "text
box" tabs if text is entered the first time "text entry" mode is activated after
the tab change was performed.  For example: if I add or delete a tab using the
Text Box tabs dialogue box, the next time I click to enter text, those tabs will
be present.  If I choose not to enter text, click outside the box, then click to
enter text in that box again, the tabs will not be there.

Also, when changing a paragraphs's tabs, the text box tabs will update only if
all text in the box is selected, even though a change to tabs for some text will
affect all text in that box.

Note that I am using the top box of the "Title Slide" layout, the box that has
the "Click to add title" text when a new slide is created.  It seems that this
is a special box that has only one paragraph, so behavior appears strange, but
may be acceptable, once all the dependancies are understood.

Except for the lack of inheritance after the first text entry mode, as noted in
this post.  -- I hope that's not too confusing!

I should change the subject of this to "Odd behavour" rather than "Unusable"
since I've now figured out how to use them.
Comment 3 wolframgarten 2005-05-13 07:51:02 UTC
Comment 4 thackert 2005-06-12 11:53:15 UTC
I have seen that this issue is OOo m95 related and that the last entry was in May ... :(
@illusion65: Have you tried this with a newer version of OOo like m100 or (better) m104? Does 
your problem occur there too? If not: Could you close this issue, please?
Sorry, that I do not try to reproduce it, but I have not running Linux here ... ;)
Comment 5 illusion65 2005-06-13 03:55:03 UTC
I am on holiday in Borneo right now, so I cannot test it on newer versions.  
This is more of a "confusing" issue than a "defect", so maybe it's better to 
close the issue.  I'll be back in about 10 days, so I'll try to isolate the 
issue more clearly then.  -Doug
Comment 6 thackert 2005-06-26 14:30:59 UTC
@illusion65: Have you tried to isolate the issue? And have you tested it with a newer version of 
Comment 7 illusion65 2005-06-27 06:40:12 UTC
I believe other factors that initially clouded this issue were related to a slow
degeneration of the program over hours of usage (things like the "Save" icon
staying disabled even though changes have been made since the last save) -
that's a much more serious issue, but I have not been able to replicate it and
have not done hours of work in OOo since m95, so it may be gone.

The disappearing tabs issue works for m109: To demonstrate, it may be easiest
start from a new Impress slide or document:

1) New Presentation, make sure View Menu / Ruler checked (Ruler displayed).
2) Select "Title Slide" from the "Layouts" in the Task Pane.
3) Click on the "Click to add title" text: note that this selects the text box
and places you in edit mode.
4) Exit "edit mode" but keep text box selected: move cursor near to (but not on)
a green square outlining the text box; cursor should change to 4-way arrow (Drag
icon); Left click to exit entry mode, should keep box selected.
5) With cursor in that position (showing the Drag icon), right click; select
"Paragraph..."; then "Tabs" pane. Add some tabs (e.g. 1,3,5 cm or inches). Click
"Ok" to dismiss dialog box.
6) Click on the "Click to add title" text again and note that the newly entered
tabs appear in the Ruler.
7) Click outside to deselect box, Ruler tabs are cleared as they should be.
8) Repeat Step #6 again and note that tabs are no longer there.

If you had entered text the first time entry mode was activated after defining
the tabs (during step #6), then the tabs would still be there.

I have tried several of these "Special" text boxes ("Click to add title", "Click
to add text", Click to add outline"), and they all exhibit this behaviour.  I
suspect they are all the same code with specialised default formatting and text.

Note that this is for the "Special" text boxes only and does not apply to the
"Normal" Text boxes added by using the "T" icon on the "Drawing" toolbar.  The
latter behave as I would expect: Tabs set within the text box menu apply to all
paragraphs in the box and each paragraph may be individually changed as needed.
 Those text box tabs will not disappear either, as described above.

This is a small bug, but I hope that helps.
Comment 8 christian.guenther 2005-10-04 13:41:23 UTC
This is not a bug but an enhacement.
The Tabs are always 'left aligned'. When the text is not left aligned (centered
or right) it looks like the text don't consider the tabs.
All other programs I know have the same behaviour when the text is not left
aligened. Therefore I don't know if or how we should change this behaviour. 
Comment 9 illusion65 2005-10-05 09:22:22 UTC
Hi cgu,
I'm not sure how your comment relates to this bug report -- this is not about
text not responding to tab alignment settings and I don't think that this issue
can really be rated an "Enhancement", but that's not my call.

This bug report describes lost tab settings for the "Special" text boxes that
are used by the various slide layouts in the Task Pane.  These tabs are present
if one sets them and then enters text into that box the next time edit mode is
enabled for that box, but are lost if no text is entered during that 1st edit
mode after setting them.  Those tab settings no longer exist.

I just checked on m122 (FreeBSD/i386) and the action is still there (see my
previous comment for steps to reproduce).  As I've said before, it's a small
issue, but it had me struggling for a while to make sure tabs were set properly
in a presentation I created.

Comment 10 ace_dent 2008-05-16 01:41:55 UTC Issue Tracker - Feedback Request.

The Issue you raised is currently assigned to 'Requirements' pending review, but
has not been updated within the last 2+ years. Please consider re-testing with
one of the latest versions of OOo, as the problem(s) may have already been
addressed. Either use the recent stable version:
or consider trying the new OOo 3 BETA (still in testing):
Please report back the outcome so this Issue may be Closed or Progressed as
necessary - otherwise it may be Resolved as Invalid in the future. You may also
wish to search for (and note) any duplicates of this Issue that may have
advanced further by checking the Issue Tracker:
Many thanks,
Cleaning-up and Closing old Issues as part of:
~ The Grand Bug Squash, pre v3 ~
Comment 11 squighound 2010-06-06 05:08:00 UTC
 - Ooo dev 3.3.0 DEV300m80 (build:9507) English
 - Windows 7 64-bit

This issue still exists and can be reproduced using the steps outlined above.

As the OP (original poster) says, the issue here is that Paragraph formatting (ie Tabs) created inside the "special" 
textbox get removed when the textbox loses focus, unless text is typed in before focus is lost.

While reproducing this bug, I noticed that not only is the Paragraph formatting lost in this situation, but any other 
text formatting is also lost (ie Alignment, size, font, etc).  I could log these all as separate bugs, but that seems 
like a waste of time.  The face that formatting of various kinds is lost when the control loses focus (unless text is 
typed into the control first) suggests that either the loss or the gain of focus resets the control's formatting, 
which I feel is the real issue here.

For example, here is an alternate set of steps which reproduce another loss of formatting when the "special" textbox 
loses focus - in this case, Text Alignment:
1) Create a new empty presentation in Impress.
2) Select the 'Title Slide' layout from the 'Tasks' pane.
3) Click anywhere in the 'Click to add Title' special textbox.  
4) Notice that the cursor is sitting in the middle of the textbox, as the text formatting is set to 'Centered'.
5) Change the text formatting to 'Align Left' by clicking the 'Align Left' button on the 'Text Formatting' toolbar.  
You may have to make the 'Text Formatting' toolbar visible if it isn't already.
6) Notice that the cursor is now sitting on the left edge of the textbox.
7) Click off the textbox to remove focus.
8) Click on the 'Click to add Title' special text box again.  
9) Notice that the text formatting for the textbox has been reset to 'Centered'.

This issue should be switched back to "defect" from "enhancement".