Issue 51906 - MailMerge question by printing should be able to reset or configurable
Summary: MailMerge question by printing should be able to reset or configurable
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Product: Writer
Classification: Application
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Version: 680m116
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Assignee: Oliver Specht
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Reported: 2005-07-13 18:37 UTC by kami911
Modified: 2013-08-07 14:42 UTC (History)
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Description kami911 2005-07-13 18:37:42 UTC
In my opinion a found a bug in envelope and lebels printing.
How to reproduce?
Create a label or envelope document. Select one databas, and add at least one
field as datasource.
Click on File->Print
The dialog comes up:
Your document contains address database fields. Do you want to print a form letter?
Do not show warning again
If you click on yes you can select rows, if on no you can select the printer
options, then print out the field names.
But if you select "Do not show warning again" then click on yes, next time when
you want to print it again it shows printer options then print only field names.
"Do not show warning again" like options usually remember on selected option not
just select an action.
Please check the behavior, and fix it.
SUPPORT QUESTION: How can I reset this option from ui to show this dialog again?
Comment 1 michael.ruess 2005-07-14 10:06:32 UTC
Reassigned to HI.
Comment 2 h.ilter 2005-07-18 12:02:18 UTC
HI->OS: Please comment.
Comment 3 andreschnabel 2005-09-29 18:39:55 UTC
This behaviour is (more or less) as designed. You can easiliy select and print
the data of your letter, if you display the data source before printing. (Just
press <F4> or go through view - data sources). 
The only thing, the warning dialogue does is to diplay those data sources. If
the warning dialogue is disabled, it cannot show the data sources. Just display
it before printing.

so I'm closing worksforme. If you don't agree, feel free to reopen the issue
Comment 4 andreschnabel 2005-09-29 18:40:14 UTC
Comment 5 kami911 2005-10-07 14:01:19 UTC
I think the F4 trick is doesn't work. I tried it. But I may misinterpret
something. You said This behaviour was (more or less) as designed. What was the
original design rule? Could you point me a file? How can I set back thjis option
again? I tried it to couple times, but the data soure viewing doesn't means to
printig the desired field replaced with data method. So i would like to reopen
it, please talk about it.
Comment 6 andreschnabel 2005-10-30 18:25:40 UTC
comig back to this agein .. and sorry for the delay.

I gave the wrong hint. Mail Merge functionality cannot be accessed from File -
Print. It's unfortunately well - hidden, as you need to add a new button to one
of the tool bars:
- Go to Tools - customize; toolbars
- select Toolbar Standard in the drop down list
- klick on Add...
- in category "Documents" look for "Mail Merge" (not Meil Merge Wizard) and Add
it to the toolbar.
- close the dialoges

YOu would now be able to start a mail merge by pressing this button, the same
way as it would be startet after the warning.

I'll close this issue and file a new one for the warnings (optin to re-enable

Comment 7 andreschnabel 2005-10-30 18:35:35 UTC

(new issue filed : see Issue 56982)
Comment 8 kami911 2005-10-30 19:15:41 UTC
Sorry but I have to reopen! This workaround is acceptable, but not perfect. I
glad to see the new issue about reenable, but I have to explain why I have
reopened this issue:
"Do not show warning again" like options good for save the selected option. This
panel in OOo does not save the the selected option, just remember to does not
show this dialog. It's a bug.
In my case: I selected Yes (I would like to print fields with my rows) then I
selected "Do not show warning again". Next time the correct behavior would be
the OOo prints fields with my rows, because selected yes, but without this dialog.

The one usually wants print fileds with his own data -- that is why it is a mail
merge... But OOo will never do that if I check "Do not show warning again"...

It must be a bug...
Comment 9 kami911 2005-11-22 01:45:40 UTC
Can we talk about it?
Comment 10 h.ilter 2006-01-23 11:37:00 UTC
*** Issue 59526 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 11 h.ilter 2006-01-23 13:06:19 UTC
Summary changed from "Labels and envelope field substitution defect"
Comment 12 kami911 2006-03-11 08:06:32 UTC
Can you confirm it? And finish it for 2.0.3, 2.0.4? Please!
Comment 13 Regina Henschel 2006-03-11 11:40:33 UTC
The information whether the dialog appears is in the file "writer.xcu" in the
directory "OpenOffice.org2\user\registry\data\org\openoffice\Office".
There is a part "PrintOutput" with "AskforMerge". There replace "false" with "true".
Comment 14 kami911 2006-03-11 14:37:37 UTC
So may I have to request an option in Writer.xcu (and on UI) that has "Merge"
When "AskforMerge" = "false" then
looks "Merge" parameter
if "Merge" = "true" then
the apps replace the filds with they own value
if it is false then
prints filednames.
Comment 15 kami911 2006-03-19 10:15:19 UTC
Another user has same problem on our (hu) support list...
Comment 16 ronnystandtke 2006-05-27 19:21:51 UTC
I just want to say that I had exactly the same problem like kami_ and it took 
me really long to figure out what was wrong (reading the help files, Internet 
search, wanting to submit an OOo issue, finding this report).
It was really frustrating and I think you really should redesign OOo in this 
- remember selected options
- add an option to re-enable warnings
Comment 17 kami911 2006-06-10 19:36:08 UTC
Can you implement it in 2.0.4?
Comment 18 bitsfritz 2006-12-22 23:02:08 UTC
I also was confused for I aparently checked this box times ago. Trying to print
labels I assumed having found an os specific bug. It worked for the windows os
driving supporter on the german users list. 

I would have looked for activating this feature again in the options -> general
printing section.

This is really anoying and time consuming bug. It is a bug, for there ist a gui
option for deactivating an important feature but no gui option for activating again.

Comment 19 bitsfritz 2006-12-22 23:08:29 UTC
*** Issue 51906 has been confirmed by votes. ***
Comment 20 Regina Henschel 2007-01-11 18:05:15 UTC
*** Issue 73382 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 21 Oliver Specht 2007-01-12 06:51:35 UTC
*** Issue 65071 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 22 h.ilter 2007-01-15 10:23:57 UTC
*** Issue 73382 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 23 mathiashasselmann 2007-01-22 22:52:15 UTC
Also was hit by this problem and if you haven't used form letters before, it
hits you dramatically: I just didn't know, that this message box is a
shortcut/whatever for pressing F4. So in my opinion this bug should be fixed by
extending the text of the message box with a sentence like this "Most probably
you want to press F4 and check out the data source pane". Low hanging fruit I'd say.
Comment 24 Regina Henschel 2007-04-21 18:36:28 UTC
*** Issue 76562 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 25 cno 2007-04-21 20:11:48 UTC
I'm the one from the most recent duplicate (apologies).
What I don't see clearly explained in this issue, is that the single option set,
affects all letters, labels, envelopes.
It's a big warning that I give to all people I help with OOo: don't touch that
check box ...
The hint from André (extra button Mail Merge) makes more clear that the option
is a legacy from OOo 1.x, IMO, where that button was in the menu Tools.
Comment 26 kami911 2007-08-18 08:54:32 UTC
mba: could you review this issue? I got many notification if the user check that
checkbox. No way back except editing user config files. For workaround we should
hide that stupid checkbox. But the better option to reenable warnings
(selectable or at least all) described here: i56982
Comment 27 Mathias_Bauer 2007-08-18 12:45:19 UTC
Having a single option to reactivate every warning that has been switched off is
too much (IMHO). In case we think about the "reactivate all warnings" box
instead: wouldn't that make this issue a duplicate?
Comment 28 kami911 2007-08-18 13:05:23 UTC
mba: I didn't explain it in the last comment...

We need an option to reset these dialogbox described in i56982...

But MailMerge printing dialog has a bug. If you check the checkbox the dialog
does not appear anymore. It would be somehow OK but it does not remind to the
selected options. So that is why this issue should live.
Ugly workaround to remove that checkbox. Better one to remember to the last
selection when checked that box.
Ok, you may are right if you said there was no depedency betwe these two issues.
Comment 29 cno 2007-08-18 13:09:35 UTC
One questions:
- Is clear what impact 'reactivate all warnings' has? In other words: how many
settings I do want, can be touched by this?
One remark:
- Isn't the problem more than a warning, but a setting that affects all letters,
labels, envelopes.
  For example: when I choose to save as .doc, I can have a warning, or not. But
I still can choose to save as .odt or as .doc

When someone, in his/her ignorance, has touched this checkbox, there's no
choice, for non of the documents that include database fields.
The only wanring involved is 'don't touch this checkbox' ;-)

IMO it would be easiest and fastest to remove (hide) the checkbox.
Comment 30 andreschnabel 2007-08-19 18:49:37 UTC
seems, as this option has been removed for OOo 2.3. So the user cannot turn off
the Dialog anymore. The Dialog is always displayed (even if it has been switched
off in a previously installation).

So I think, we can set this to "worksforme".
Comment 31 andreschnabel 2007-08-23 16:42:44 UTC
as the Dialog will always show up in OOo 2.3 I set to worksforme
Comment 32 andreschnabel 2007-08-23 16:43:26 UTC
closed (verified in OOG680m1)
Comment 33 kami911 2007-08-23 17:41:09 UTC
Did you check the "Do not show warning again" checkbox?

Please check the first post...

Can you enable merging combine with "Do not show warning again" option ebabled?
Comment 34 andreschnabel 2007-08-23 18:03:56 UTC
there is no such option in the dialog anymore (so there is no way to check "do
not show this warning again")

But I tried the following:
- install OOo 2.2.1
- Print a document with database fields
- enable "Do not show this warning again" when dialog pops up
-> dialog does not show up anymore in OOo 2.2
- Update Installation to OOo 2.3.
- Print document with database fields
-> Question dialog shows up and I can switch to mail merge

as nobody objected, I set this issue to worksforme
Comment 35 cno 2007-08-23 19:38:19 UTC
Now I also seen it in 2.3 Dev. This is good news!
Many thanks to the (for me unknown) contributor :-)
Comment 36 kami911 2007-08-23 19:39:27 UTC
I'll check tomorrow, I am very interested...
Comment 37 Oliver Specht 2007-08-24 06:52:53 UTC
The CheckBox has been removed due to the changes for issue 76853
Comment 38 kami911 2007-08-24 09:42:12 UTC
So this improvment will be available in 2.3? I have tested in m225 and looks ok.
In my opinion this is enough for us, however this solution is no so elegat than
requsted in the summary. In my opinion this is NOT WORKSFORME but FIXED...
Comment 39 kami911 2007-08-24 09:55:49 UTC
Checked on EIS: integrated: m220, release: OOo 2.3