Issue 55920 - Installed dictionaries not available after update
Summary: Installed dictionaries not available after update
Status: CLOSED DUPLICATE of issue 72559
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Product: Installation
Classification: Application
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Version: OOO 2.0 Beta2
Hardware: PC Linux, all
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Assignee: nemeth.lacko
QA Contact: issues@installation
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Reported: 2005-10-13 14:59 UTC by grsingleton
Modified: 2008-11-05 20:40 UTC (History)
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Description grsingleton 2005-10-13 14:59:52 UTC
THe problem is that installed dictionaries are not properly migrated during the
install process that uses the native RPM Upgrade process. This may be related to
i41522 but I have not looked to confirm this relation. Installed fonts are
migrated. These are expected to be put into the install directory for
dictionaries, e.g. /opt/openoffice.org2.0/share/dict/ooo/, for use by all users.

Install method used is rpm -Uhv*.rpm then rpm -Uhv
<path_to>/desktop-integration/ for
the menues per the SETUP_GUIDE2.0.

Considering that Fonts are properly migrated, expectations are that installed
dictionaries should be moved too. I suspect that addons are also affected but do
not have any universal addons on my system so cannot confirm.
Comment 1 grsingleton 2005-10-13 15:01:13 UTC
added cloph to cc list as he asked that this issue be opened. If the component
is incorrect please change.
Comment 2 Olaf Felka 2005-10-14 11:22:31 UTC
Changing title from "installed dictionaries not Installed dictionaries not
available after update" to 'Installed dictionaries not available after update'
so it's better to understand.
@ grsingleton: Which dictionaries you are talking about? Are these dicts from
OOo 1.1.x? or are these dicts from earlier OOo 2.x versions?
Comment 3 grsingleton 2005-10-14 12:29:11 UTC
> Which dictionaries you are talking about? 

Dictionaries installed using DicOOo Wizard in rc1

> Are these dicts from
OOo 1.1.x? or are these dicts from earlier OOo 2.x versions?

I am not aware that there is a difference. Is there really? These are, again,
dictionaries that have been installed via th e wizard and in this case they came
with 2.0rc1.

Please explain how the downloadable dictionaries differ from one release to the
other so that I can better serve solving this problem. From looking at the
Wizard, the dictionaries have not changed since 1.1.4 was released.
Comment 4 Olaf Felka 2005-10-14 12:42:36 UTC
I don't know if they are different or the same. I wanted to know because it's a
difference between migrating from OOo 1.1.x and 2.x.
Comment 5 grsingleton 2005-10-14 13:21:17 UTC
Right. Not coming from 1.1.x. coming from 2.0rc1. Expectation was that
dictionaries would be migrated. Does it help if I tell you that this is at -net
level? e.g. Dictionaries and fonts and templates are all installed for network
use via /opt/openoffice.org2.0/share/ so expectation is that all would migrate.
Fonts and templates did, dictionaries did not.
Comment 6 Olaf Felka 2005-10-26 09:29:54 UTC
@ laurentgodard: Please explain how and where the dictionaries are installed. It
will help us to find out whether we can go on with this issue.
Comment 7 maison.godard 2005-10-26 09:39:03 UTC

dictionaries can be located at 2 places

- in <OOoInstall>/share/dict/ooo : shared dictionaries (admin install in dicOOo
- in <OOoUser>/users/wordbook : user install (be carrefull to also migrate the
dictionary.lst file)

Btw, be aware that thesaurus dictionary format has changed and may lead to crash
if a 1.1.x is used in 2.x format : Thesaurus should NOT be migrated IMHO

btw, are they activated ? Should be as it should be based on the dictionay.lst

in brief:
verify that all the files fors users/wordbook are exported
verify that all the files fors share/dict/ooo are exported
do not migrate thesaurus files from 1.1.x to 2.x


Comment 8 maison.godard 2005-12-31 14:29:44 UTC
this is not a DicOOo issue but an OOo update one
please reassign ...
Comment 9 grsingleton 2005-12-31 15:09:07 UTC
What kind of needmoreinfo is needed. The dictionaries are _NOT_ migrated on an
upgrade. To my mind this is unexpected and requires re-installation of the
needed dictionaries. This will likely confuse users.
Comment 10 Joost Andrae 2006-01-05 17:00:13 UTC
JA->IS: can you please take care about this issue ?
Comment 11 2006-01-06 10:07:27 UTC
Well, there is no migration for any kind of files, because this is simply a
removal of RPMs and a new installation of RPMs. If you use the same directory
for the new version that was used for the older version, templates and samples
still work, because they were not removed. They are not known to any RPM and
therefore are not deinstalled. This is not really a migration.
Dictionaries have the problem, that a file share/dict/ooo/dictionary.lst has to
be edited.  This file is part of
Therefore the old edited dictinary.lst is removed and a new fresh dictionary.lst
is installed. Then it seems, that the dictionaries are not migrated. 
I think, that a dictionary.lst always has to be in the user layer. All files in
share layer have to be exchangeable by root (rpm -U requires root privileges).

IS -> TL: Please think about a change of the layer for the dictionary.lst.

Comment 12 thomas.lange 2006-01-06 10:27:22 UTC
TL->Nemeth: I'm not quite sure if this code area is now your part as well. But
if not you probably know to whom you need to assign this issue.

Comment 13 thomas.lange 2006-01-06 10:41:59 UTC
BTW: This issue seems just to be the right spot to add the following:

The downloadable dictionaries for the OOo spellchecker should really not be
stored in th "user\wordbook" directory because that belongs to the
user-dictionaries that can be edited via the UI.
Downloading them to this directory is especially troublesome because both
dictionaries share the same extension ".dic" while having completely different
conten! Actually this may already have resulted in crashing the application
sometimes since the OOo dictionaries did not have the header at the beginning of
the file that is expected from all user-editble-dictionaries.
And as a result there was a good chance for a possible buffer overflow (and thus
a crash) when the code tried to read the OOo dictionaries as

The downloadable OOo dictionaries should definetly be stored in a directory of
their own. Since currently pre-installed OOo dictionaries wil be put in
"share/dict/ooo" I suggest to introduce a new directory like "user/dict/ooo"
where all the downloaded dictionaries should be put in.

Otherwise at least one of the dictionary types should change their file
extension. But rather than doing this I would prefer a seperate directory for
the OOo dictionaries.
Comment 14 lohmaier 2006-01-07 22:24:45 UTC
Just FYI:

rpm offers the concept of "%config" files. You can specify whether modified
config files shall be replaced or kept (rpm will make a backup copy
(file.rpmsave) if it replaces a modified config file or will install the new one
next to the current one (file.rpmnew)).

This can at least solve the dictionary problem: The user probably will have all
the necessary files already installed, so even when OOo would ship with
additional dictionaries in the future, the user would not care (either the user
already has the dictionaries installed himself, or he doesn't need them at all).


Another question: Is the dictionary.lst still necessary? Isn't it enough to
disable the language-modules in Tools|Options → Language Settings?
Or is there a difference?

I have a similar mechanism like the pspfontcache in mind.. OOo could check the
directory and cache its contents. (on each start OOo compares the mtime of the
directory with the mtime of the cache, if mtime of dir is newer, reread and
recache the contents (=filenames) of the dir). If new dictionaries were
installed, ask the user whether to activate them or not.

Any comments?
Comment 15 maison.godard 2006-01-19 13:34:53 UTC
@tl : i do not catch your crash case
ageer on changing to usr/dict/oo but will need changes at different levels
path: shoud be accessible via API
engine : actually deal with share/dict/ooo and user/wordbook --> add the new
path to this listg
Comment 16 grsingleton 2006-02-25 13:43:10 UTC
Was this resolved in later editions?
Comment 17 muxecoid 2007-04-02 12:54:09 UTC
This bug exists when updating from OOo 2.1 to OOo 2.2 Windows. You need to
reinstall everything via DicOOo wizard and to disable needless (installed by
default) dictionaries manually after update.
Comment 18 rambousek 2007-08-28 07:27:26 UTC
*** Issue 35303 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 19 rambousek 2007-08-28 07:29:14 UTC
this is not just Linux issue, it also behaves the same on Windows

and it needs to be fixed
Comment 20 maison.godard 2007-08-28 09:12:43 UTC
look at
does it solve the problem ?
Comment 21 hagar_de_lest 2008-02-05 20:32:59 UTC
Found this report while searching another one.

I guess this is a duplicate of issue 72559. As the latter is started, this one
should be marked as a duplicate and the votes transfered to 72559.
Comment 22 cno 2008-07-01 23:30:01 UTC
voters have to (re)move their votes themselves

*** This issue has been marked as a duplicate of 72559 ***
Comment 23 Mechtilde 2008-11-05 20:40:35 UTC
close the duplicate