Issue 5802 - It must be possible to type in "Test" as well as "test" in two cells without having to turn off AutoCorrect. However, and MS Excel behave the same way today.
Summary: It must be possible to type in "Test" as well as "test" in two cells without ...
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Product: Calc
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Component: editing (show other issues)
Version: OOo 1.0.0
Hardware: PC Windows XP
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Keywords: ms_interoperability, rfe_eval_ok
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Reported: 2002-06-13 15:58 UTC by Unknown
Modified: 2013-08-07 15:12 UTC (History)
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Description Unknown 2002-06-13 15:58:09 UTC
When you turn on Check capitalization, it does not go into the undo buffer.

So if you manually split a line, it will auto-capitalize the new line, and you 
can not override this with undo like you can in other office products.  

In Word/Excel you just hit Ctrl-Z and the auto-capitalization is undone.
Comment 1 khendricks 2002-06-13 16:06:35 UTC
MySpell does not have anything to do with auto-capitalization and 
the undo buffer so this issue is not mine (at least I don't think it 
does  ...  :-) 
So Thomas can you look at this issue and decide whether or not it is 
an sw issue or it is really something lingucomponent is doing wrong. 
Comment 2 thomas.lange 2002-06-13 16:11:24 UTC
TL->DVO: To you to comment about...
Comment 3 openoffice 2002-06-13 18:00:07 UTC
Received through separate mail from Warren:
> [...] I got my request all wrong.. it should be:
> Under Tools -> AutoCorrection -> Options (TAB)
> There is a check box for Capitalize first letter of every sentence
> With this check there is no undo avaialble.  So if someone manually 
> wants to split a line, they are forced to have it start Capitalized.
 > In Word/Excel I just hit Edit -> Undo and it undoes the 
> capitalization.
> Can Open Office be enhanced so that the Capitalization gets into the
> undo buffer?  

I think I know what you mean, but it seems to undo just fine for me.
If I enter something like "Word. word.", then the second "word" will
be capitalized when I enter the full stop. If I then select undo (or
the undo button, or Ctrl-Z), word will be in small letters again, just
as it was typed in.

This is what you meant, isn't it?

dvo->khendricks: This would indeed be an enhancement of the undo
functionality, not of lingucomponent. 
Comment 4 Unknown 2002-06-13 18:05:55 UTC
In Calc or Writer:

enter in on a blank line (or cell A1):
this is a test

this gets changed to This and I can not undue the capitalization of T

Comment 5 openoffice 2002-06-13 18:19:45 UTC
Hmmm... still works for me!

In a spanking new document, I enter:
this [this is changed to This] is a test

When I press Ctrl-Z _when_the_text_is_changed_, then 'This' reverts to
'this' again.

If I just type 'this is a test', then the undo stack looks as follows:
   Insert 'test'
   Insert ' '
   Insert 'a'
   Insert ' '
   Insert 'is' 
   AutoCorrect 't'->'T'
   Insert ' '
   Insert 'this'
You can verify this by holding the mouse button down on the 'undo'
button in the tool bar. Actually, it only displays the action, and not
the details. Does it look the same in your version? 

If so, I'm fairly certain that doing undo when AutoCorrect kicks in
would have reverted to a small t...
Comment 6 openoffice 2002-06-14 11:14:53 UTC
Mail from Warren:
> Hi there... I am sorry.. it only happens in the Calc program... 
> If I do the Undo in the writer.. it works as you stated....
> so in Calc in Cell A1  I enter test<space> and it turns to Test  I 
> hit undo.. it removes the space, I hit undo and it removes Test
> sorry I didn't do my full homework on this

Ah, it's a Calc thing then. 
I suppose then we can all point and laugh at Niklas... :-)

[changed component + summary; strangely, I can't change the
subcomponent... ]
Comment 7 niklas.nebel 2002-12-16 17:31:28 UTC
The current handling of cell input is:
When Enter is pressed (or the cursor moved to a different cell), all
of the editing within the cell, with the individual undo actions for
typing, deleting, formatting, and AutoCorrect, is discarded, and the
whole of the new cell content is used to replace the old content,
resulting in one single undo action for the cell (and one
recalculation, and one recorded change if change tracking is active).
Usually this is the desired behavior, and I'm not sure if it should be
changed. Maybe Falko has an idea.
Comment 8 falko.tesch 2003-10-01 15:06:05 UTC
I don't think that we cxan compare Writer and Calc here but:
I still think we should rework the AutoCorrct mechanismn in Calc.

Title changed:
Re-work the AutoCompletion logic in Calc.
It must be possible to type in "Test" as well as "test" in two cells
without having the AutoCompletion to be turned of.
Comment 9 falko.tesch 2003-10-01 15:06:35 UTC
Comment 10 erwin.tenhumberg 2004-10-01 14:53:47 UTC
enhanced summary, set keywords and reassigned issue according to RFE process
Comment 11 Andrea Pescetti 2005-12-18 18:32:17 UTC
This ancient issue has a greater importance today, since now Autocorrect is
turned on by default in Calc. This actually hindered our ability to test the
case-sensitive sort in Calc during the Italian QA tests on OOo 2.0.1-RC4.

It is incorrect to say that OOo and MS Excel behave the same way today. MS Excel
users will just type the second "test", see it change automatically to "Test",
and undo the case change with CTRL-Z.

Pressing CTRL-Z in Calc after typing a single word in a cell (quite common)
results in all the typing (not just Autocorrect) undone, see comments in issue
23612 about this.

[Reported by Alessandro during Italian QA tests]