Issue 6846 - slow performance of open office for opening any application
Summary: slow performance of open office for opening any application
Status: CLOSED DUPLICATE of issue 7037
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Product: General
Classification: Code
Component: ui (show other issues)
Version: OOo 1.0.1
Hardware: PC Windows 98
: P3 Trivial (vote)
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Assignee: thorsten.martens
QA Contact: issues@framework
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Reported: 2002-08-08 09:37 UTC by Unknown
Modified: 2003-03-11 17:57 UTC (History)
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Description Unknown 2002-08-08 09:37:53 UTC
I am recent user of open office. I am using open office on win 98 
machines.These machine satisfies all basic h/w requirement of open office.I am 
having following issues

1) If quick installer is enable, my machine becomes slow even when all h/w 
requirement for open office are satisfied.
2) If the quick installer is enable , it gives me problem during shutdown as it 
shows soffice not responding when I press ctrl+alt+delete in win 98.
3) Without quick installer , open office takes much longer time to load compare 
to any other office application like microsoft.
4) It takes lot of time to save  files . In case file size is big e.g 400kb , 
it takes more time.
5) It gives illegal operation performed during saving the file
Comment 1 ooomod 2002-08-25 12:56:35 UTC
You're right, OOo takes time to load but remember that:
-Unlike MS Office, OOo is not bundled within the OS core.
-Saving documents under the OOo file format is a different process
than the one of saving *.doc files, because OOo uses a compressed XML
file format, so that's a totally different way of
saving/opening/editing documents.

Besides, I do run a Win98 too but I never experienced your problems
and loss of speed. I think it would be better to reassign your issue
to the installation project, since your real trouble seems to come
from the Quickinstaller.
Comment 2 diane 2002-09-03 22:41:51 UTC
My quick installer locks my machine up often as well.  I too am
running 1.0.1 on Win98.  My installer tends to lock up my system when
I am surfing in Mozilla.  When I do cntl+alt+del, I find the quick
installer is not responding.  Not responding is typically written out
right in the list almost always.  After ending that task, my mozilla
resumes its adventure.  This has happened to me many times, to the
point that I look there first if I have a lock up.
Comment 3 diane 2002-09-07 22:22:18 UTC
I have now seen the "slow down" mentioned in the first message that
indeed seems to be caused by the quick installer.  I can still say
that I am only seeing this while in mozilla, but have spent a pretty
large chunk of time on mozilla over the last day or so.  At one point
yesterday, my connection became extremely slow, but no lock up had
occurred (which is what i usually see).  I finally started checking
things such as my connection speed to verify that I was not somehow
tolerating a slower connection speed than I should.  Then I performed
a cntl+alt+del mostly for kicks at that point, and I found the quick
installer (called soffice in my win98 task box) not responding.  Again
the words "not responding" were spelled out in the task box next to
this task.  As soon as I ended that soffice task (the quick installer,
of OOo v1.0.1), my mozilla resumed the speed I would expect from it. I
am currently running mozilla with build id: 2002053012 (1.0).  I will
likely be upgrading that within the next day or so, and I will report
if I see this issue again with the new version of mozilla. No other
parts of OOo are running when this happens.

I also changed this issue from unconfirmed to new yesterday, and
perhaps it was not my place to do that.  sorry...i am a newbie qa
person, and i haven't quite found my way yet.  I see that that the
status fields adjustment feature has now been disabled, and I am
feeling like maybe i have offended the system. sorry if i did...won't
be changing many fields in the future!

I noticed today, in reviewing all fields after much discussion
yesterday about such, that this issue has a priority of P1, and
perhaps it should not have a priority that high.  The issue dissolves
for me quite well when I end the quick installer task.  And the quick
install resumes itself the next time I go into OOo.  So its fairly
easy to work around.  Perhaps this is a field I should have altered,
but didn't.  And today I am gun shy of any such alterations! so...i
only point it out.

Comment 4 diane 2002-09-08 15:45:16 UTC
I witnessed what seems to be a conflict between Mozilla and the OOo
quick installer once again this morn.  My mozilla was upgraded to
version 1.1 (Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Win98; en-US; rv:1.1)
Gecko/20020826) last nite.  Today's confliction resulted a little
differently:  My mozzilla gave me the illegal operation/shutdown
message, and then shut itself down.  I performed the cntl+alt+del and
found soffice[not responding]in the task box.  No other parts of OOo
were running at the time.

Shailesh, do you run Mozilla too?  Charles, do you run Mozilla?
Comment 5 diane 2002-09-08 15:47:33 UTC
added my addr to the cc list
Comment 6 frank 2002-09-10 12:33:21 UTC
Hi All,

this seems to be an Issue for the framework component. So I set the flags.

Best regards

Comment 7 thorsten.martens 2002-09-20 10:37:18 UTC
We need some more infos about the system (installed ram, free
available ram when starting OO, size of the win swap-file).
Comment 8 diane 2002-09-20 13:48:15 UTC

On my Win98 system, I have 512MB of total RAM.  Before OOo is opened,
I have 154MB of RAM allocated and my swap file is 57,344KB.  Then with
the  quicker installer running, my allocated RAM becomes 199.8MB and
my swap file increases to 64MB.  My machine is set for virtual memory
to be managed by Windows, and I have 1.14GB of free disk space.

Shailesh, I encourage you to add your system parameters too.  Please
be sure to log onto the OOo website and add your comments directly to
the issue.  From what I can see on my system, this is an obscure
problem.  Since my upgrade to Mozilla, I have only seen the quick
installer go into the "not responding" mode a few times, and I have
only seen the slow down that you reported just once.  Your setup looks
like it can provide better data, because you are seeing this in a more
repeatible mode.  

Thorsten, I have my system monitor running, and will watch the
parameters you of which you requested more data, to see where they are
at when/if I do see the quick installer go into the "not responding"
mode.  If I see anything useful, I will add another report to the
issue.  From the way my system has been behaving, it may take a few
days for me to come up with any useful info...things have been running
fairly well on this machine over the last few days.

Comment 9 diane 2002-09-20 15:42:33 UTC soffice quick installer is not responding right now.  I have
kinda pushed my system this morning with what seems to be my regular
chores, in hopes that it would show itself. Right now I am having no
symptoms because of it; I only checked for kicks.

My allocated RAM is 333.2MB and my swap file size is 104MB.  I have
lots open too besides my system monitor:  AutoCad Lt, Mozilla Mail
Inbox, and two Mozilla browsers.  These are things I could likely have
running while doing normal work.  I typically close AutoCad before
doing internet work tho, to save crashes....that work is too important
and time consuming to loose...but today, I pushed it. symptons, Soffice not responding, and I am within my available
RAM.  I still cannot detect a pattern.  I was on the intellicast site
this morn, cuz I have seen that generate other crashes and have
wondered if that is not the culprit.  Yet I still have not been able
to detect a pattern to this either.  Am willing to gather more data if
you wish to specify more.  Will be at my system most of the day, and
will check email likely once per hour or so.
Comment 10 prgmgr 2002-10-27 00:30:19 UTC
Notes from issue 8542:

Also, Simply Accounting v9.0b doesn't always run as it is supposed to 
when soffice component is present.  It will load and ask for the file 
and then password but then dissappear.  Only after I end-task the 
soffice component will Simply load the file and appear on the screen.

Disabling quickstarter does resolve the problem, however, loading the 
open office applications becomes so much slower that I'm reluctant to 
do it on my user's machines.  They are always complaining about speed 
as it is.
Comment 11 prgmgr 2002-10-27 00:31:10 UTC
*** Issue 8542 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 12 prgmgr 2002-10-27 14:24:34 UTC
*** Issue 8438 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 13 prgmgr 2002-11-16 21:55:30 UTC
Developers working on it in 7037.

*** This issue has been marked as a duplicate of 7037 ***
Comment 14 michael.bemmer 2003-03-11 17:29:33 UTC
As mentioned on the qa dev list on March 5th I will close all resolved duplicate
issues. Please see this posting for details. First step in IssueZilla is
unfortunately to set them to verified.
Comment 15 michael.bemmer 2003-03-11 17:57:39 UTC
As mentioned on the qa dev list on March 5th I will close all resolved duplicate
issues. Please see this posting for details.