Issue 68600 - Support QuickLook (No preview thumbnail in files saved on MacOSX)
Summary: Support QuickLook (No preview thumbnail in files saved on MacOSX)
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Product: porting
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Component: MacOSX (show other issues)
Version: OOo 2.0.3
Hardware: Mac Mac OS X, all
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Target Milestone: 3.4.1
Assignee: florian
QA Contact: issues@porting
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: 82260 (view as issue list)
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Reported: 2006-08-14 12:54 UTC by nicosch
Modified: 2017-05-20 09:13 UTC (History)
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Description nicosch 2006-08-14 12:54:50 UTC
Document preview thumbnail missing in files saved on MacOS X (with native version). 
Noticed using Writer, to be checked in other components.
Comment 1 michael.ruess 2006-08-14 13:46:20 UTC
Reassigned to Porting component.
Comment 2 moxfox 2006-08-15 08:47:50 UTC
Hmm, it seems to me that Mac OS X does not encourage the use of thumbnail
-previews in document icons *). For example, the Apple's iWork -suite apps
(Pages, Keynote) save their document files using their standard document icons.
I.e. "Pages document icon" for .pages -files and "Keynote document icon" for
.key -files.

So unless there is evidence to the contrary, I think the current way of things
is actually consistent with Mac OS X way of doing things.

*) The exception to the rule seems to be image and movie files, which do contain
thumbnails of the image.
Comment 3 nicosch 2006-08-15 12:37:08 UTC
My way of thinking is: the content of the file should depend from the specified
format, independently from the way other Mac software works.
Of course the preview thumbnail is no mandatory element in ODF spec. But it
would be nice to have one, particulary in cross platform environments.
Comment 4 moxfox 2006-08-16 17:32:13 UTC
Well, I think Mac users in general are very interested in Mac-like applications
rather than cross-platform ones.

Thus, I'd see this as a low priority task for the mac porting project. But if
someone is enthusiastic and knows how to code this, then...
Comment 5 moxfox 2007-05-24 20:10:21 UTC
Comment 6 moxfox 2007-05-24 20:17:51 UTC
Comment 7 moxfox 2007-06-12 07:40:17 UTC
So the Mac OS X Leopard 10.5 changed how Mac OS X filesystem (Finder) is used.

We need to support QuickLook:
Comment 8 moxfox 2007-06-12 07:42:49 UTC
Comment 9 eric.bachard 2007-06-24 10:25:49 UTC
Of course we need to support Quick Look / I'll add QuickLook support in the todo list
Comment 10 shaunmcdonald131 2007-06-24 10:35:44 UTC
Looking at the presentation and information about Quick Look, it appears to be more advanced than a 
simple thumbnail of the first page. It appears that you can view the whole document from within the 
Finder, Spotlight, Time machine, or any other application that supports Quick Look.
Comment 11 sparcdr 2007-08-01 15:48:04 UTC
No, the reporter is right.  Look at the URL with the bug.  This port won't even
be usable until Leopard is out, so building in a common feature is ideal. 
Projected features should be adapted to now.
Comment 12 eric.bachard 2007-10-04 14:41:11 UTC
*** Issue 82260 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 13 eric.bachard 2007-10-04 14:42:40 UTC
@Florian: same comment as the one I did in issue #i82260#
Comment 14 florian 2007-10-15 20:04:50 UTC
Taking over this issue. cws quicklookplugin01 is created for it.
Comment 15 florian 2007-10-15 20:44:49 UTC
Comment 16 mkosnik 2007-10-20 05:37:37 UTC
This looks especially weird because 10.5 ships with quick look support for
*.odt, but not any of the other file types.  So I can preview my writer files,
but not my Calc or Impress files.
Comment 17 mkosnik 2007-10-20 05:58:09 UTC
As suggested by one of the posts Quick look is pervasive in 10.5.  It not only
enables custom icons based on file content, but it also allows one to view the
entire file - page by page without opening it.  It also allows one to share
files in iChat theater, etc.  This would be really nice to have for impress
files, so that one has video presentations set (your slide appears as does your
talking head).
Comment 18 eric.bachard 2007-10-20 07:45:22 UTC

I fixed two Leopard build issues, but I'm unsure for the last one.

Could you have a look ( both in file_ooo.scp )  ?

The log of the breakage was :

Making: ../
/usr/bin/perl /Users/ericb/Desktop/SRC680_m233/solenv/bin/ -i 
@@/var/folders/yl/ylmXEnS9HW8k0KJoIndUcU+++TI/-Tmp-//mktQpXcy -o 

par2script -i ../,/Users/ericb/Desktop/SRC680_m233/solver/680/ 
@@/var/folders/yl/ylmXEnS9HW8k0KJoIndUcU+++TI/-Tmp-//mktQpXcy -o 
Reading par files
Collecting items
ERROR: multiple definition of gids:
dmake:  Error code 255, while making '../'
---* *---

The change I did :

@@ -3352,7 +3352,7 @@

 #if defined(MACOSX) && (BUILD_OS_MINOR >= 5)
-File gid_File_Spotlight_Bundle
+File gid_File_QuickLook_Bundle
     Dir = gid_Dir_Bundle_Contents_Library_QuickLook_Bundle_Contents;
     Name = "";

Thanks :-)

Comment 19 eric.bachard 2007-10-20 07:46:23 UTC
FYI: the build is not completed, and I'll confirm everything is ok asap

Comment 20 eric.bachard 2007-10-20 08:02:54 UTC

Build completed :-)

At the end, in the Bundle, I got:


Is it correct ?

(if needed, I can upload the .dmg somewhere ;-)  ) 
Comment 21 eric.bachard 2007-10-20 08:05:58 UTC
ericb-> mkosnik 

When I select a .sxi ( or whatever for Impress) on the desktop, and hitting Space , I got a QuickLook 
effect, but not a preview.

Can you please tell me what could be the shortcut to be used for what you want to see ?

Comment 22 florian 2007-10-20 09:53:47 UTC
Your change in scp2 is OK. I also detected it but forgot to commit it. More instructions later (need some 
more time to work things out...)
Comment 23 shaunmcdonald131 2007-10-20 11:24:16 UTC
ericb: .sxi is the old ooo 1 presentation file format. Try one of the newer opendocument presentations to 
see if you get the same result. It could be that the plugin doesn't support the older ooo 1 file formats. Do 
we want to support these too?
Comment 24 mkosnik 2007-10-23 06:30:00 UTC
Perhaps the easiest way is to use the coverflow finder view - it should render
the document contents rather than a generic icon, or from the contextual menu
you can select Quick Look - and you should be able to go through each page of
the document.
Comment 25 mkosnik 2007-10-23 07:33:37 UTC
The 10.5 Finder short cut is "Apple key" + "Y" .

This should cause a semi-transparent window to appear which previews the
document.  There is  a scroll bar on the right side to scroll through the
various document pages.

The correct behaviour is seen for any *.odt file (I suspect because apple
supports this file format in Text Edit).

The current behaviour for the other openoffice files is for an the icon to
appear along with the file name, file type, size, and date modified. 
Comment 26 florian 2007-11-16 21:49:22 UTC
Current functionality:
- for all thumbnails the included png thumbnail is given to QuickLook
- odt files: previewing is delegated to Apple's Text.qlgenerator since it supports odt out-of-the-box.
- for all other files the thumbnail is also used for previews which gives them a rather bad quality right 
now, but it's better than nothing.
However, since some fork of us generates also a thumbnail.pdf into the document package, when this pdf 
is present it is used for the preview instead of the png issue.

However I am planning on a better preview support in a future version of the plugin. But this will take 
some more work.
Comment 27 florian 2008-03-04 22:59:01 UTC
Fixed in cws quicklookplugin01, if I haven't mentioned it before.
Comment 28 eric.bachard 2008-03-05 17:20:44 UTC
Set correct target 
Comment 29 dyrcona 2008-04-19 22:10:24 UTC
Add me to Cc:.
Comment 30 kai.sommerfeld 2010-10-29 22:24:25 UTC
Adjusted target.