Issue 81606 - Crash while attempting to watch a variable in OO Basic
Summary: Crash while attempting to watch a variable in OO Basic
Alias: None
Product: App Dev
Classification: Unclassified
Component: scripting (show other issues)
Version: 3.3.0 or older (OOo)
Hardware: All All
: P3 Trivial
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Assignee: AOO issues mailing list
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Reported: 2007-09-15 17:19 UTC by janssege
Modified: 2013-07-30 02:39 UTC (History)
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Issue Type: DEFECT
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Description janssege 2007-09-15 17:19:03 UTC

I have been trying to setup a macro to change the size of an Image Control on an
ooBasic form.

This is the macro:
Sub RecordNavChanged ( Event as Object )
  EntryForm   = Event.Source
  ImgField    = EntryForm.getByName("FImage")
  ImgURIField = EntryForm.getByName("ImgURI")
  ImgField.ImageURL =
ConvertToURL("/home/aragorn/vialila/Pictures/Juwelen/(2005-11) Soulmade/" &
  docCtrl = thisComponent.getCurrentController()
  ImgFieldCtrl= docCtrl.getControl(ImgField) 
' Xray ImgFieldCtrl
end sub

Without setting a breakpoint the macro seems to run, although it doesn't have
the intended effect of changing the size of the control.

I have set a breakpoint on the last line of the macro:

When the breakpoint is reached the next time the macro is called, I try to add
ImgFieldCtrl to the watch expressions. Clicking on the + sign in front of this
watch expression (to open the details) causes OpenOffice to crash with this
(I) loaded video driver of...
(II) Loading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers//
(III)  Desktop is: not GNOME
(IV)   libgcj version is: libgcj-4.1.2-12-i386
(V)    kernel is: Linux #1 SMP Tue Aug 21 22:36:56 EDT 2007 i686
i686 i386
(VI) core rpm version is:
(VII)    depth of root window:    24 planes
(VIII) accessibility is: false
(VIV)  fedora release is: Fedora release 7 (Moonshine)
...start free space details ...
Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
                      46310344  32299656  11625380  74% /home
/dev/sda3             10157368   5841740   3791340  61% /
...end free space details ...
...start sestatus details ...
SELinux status:                 disabled
...end sestatus details ...
...start stackreport details ...
0x0589d6df: 0x001b6374: /usr/lib/ + 0x206df
0x0589dfea: 0x001b6374: /usr/lib/ + 0x20fea
0x00110420: 0x00000000:  + 0x420 (__kernel_sigreturn + 0x0)
0x054d3631: 0x00022600: /usr/lib/ +
0x3631 (typelib_typedescriptionreference_acquire + 0x1d)
0x0564fb38: 0x00050a54:
/usr/lib/ + 0x1db38
0x0564fe00: 0x00050a54:
/usr/lib/ + 0x1de00
(cppu::WeakAggComponentImplHelper_getTypes(cppu::class_data*) + 0x3c)
0x05bd4ccb: 0x000deb2c: /usr/lib/ +
com::sun::star::accessibility::XAccessibleEventBroadcaster>::getTypes() + 0x21)
0x05bd3f93: 0x000deb2c: /usr/lib/ +
0x6df93 (comphelper::OAccessibleExtendedComponentHelper::getTypes() + 0x35)
0x06a32925: 0x0020cda8: /usr/lib/ + 0xbc925
(VCLXAccessibleComponent::getTypes() + 0x49)
0x0370f4b9: 0x00018a48: /usr/lib/ +
0x03712881: 0x00018a48: /usr/lib/ +
0x06c55379: 0x00146260: /usr/lib/ + 0x9a379
(SbUnoObject::doIntrospection() + 0x187)
0x06c554c0: 0x00146260: /usr/lib/ + 0x9a4c0
(SbUnoObject::getUnoAny() + 0x3c)
0x06c5bdaa: 0x00146260: /usr/lib/ + 0xa0daa
(unoToSbxValue(SbxVariable*, com::sun::star::uno::Any const&) + 0x5e6)
0x06c5e3cc: 0x00146260: /usr/lib/ + 0xa33cc
(SbUnoObject::Notify(SfxBroadcaster&, SfxHint const&) + 0x2aa)
0x05728910: 0x000d3c8c: /usr/lib/ + 0xa1910
(SfxBroadcaster::Broadcast(SfxHint const&) + 0x34)
0x06cbdd35: 0x00146260: /usr/lib/ + 0x102d35
(SbxVariable::Broadcast(unsigned long) + 0xbd)
0x06cbb59c: 0x00146260: /usr/lib/ + 0x10059c
(SbxValue::Get(SbxValues&) const + 0x6e)
0x03b90a8c: 0x000c48b0: /usr/lib/ + 0x4ba8c
0x03b94272: 0x000c48b0: /usr/lib/ + 0x4f272
0x03b94e6e: 0x000c48b0: /usr/lib/ + 0x4fe6e
0x06fdf080: 0x0038cb50: /usr/lib/ +
0x2d4080 (SvTreeListBox::Expand(SvLBoxEntry*) + 0x32)
0x06fbf0cb: 0x0038cb50: /usr/lib/ + 0x2b40cb
0x06fbf3aa: 0x0038cb50: /usr/lib/ + 0x2b43aa
0x06fdd6e1: 0x0038cb50: /usr/lib/ +
0x2d26e1 (SvTreeListBox::MouseButtonDown(MouseEvent const&) + 0x23)
0x05fa12d8: 0x002f60dc: /usr/lib/ + 0x2202d8
0x05fa292f: 0x002f60dc: /usr/lib/ + 0x22192f
0x05fa17f7: 0x002f60dc: /usr/lib/ + 0x2207f7
0x00e38d61: 0x00041090: /usr/lib/ +
0x0523e500: 0x0039a86c: /usr/lib/ + 0x133500
0x04f20da2: 0x0003e544: /lib/ + 0x8da2 (g_closure_invoke + 0x122)
0x04f314d3: 0x0003e544: /lib/ + 0x194d3
0x04f327bf: 0x0003e544: /lib/ + 0x1a7bf (g_signal_emit_valist
+ 0x68f)
0x04f32bb9: 0x0003e544: /lib/ + 0x1abb9 (g_signal_emit + 0x29)
0x05353298: 0x0039a86c: /usr/lib/ + 0x248298
0x052378c3: 0x0039a86c: /usr/lib/ + 0x12c8c3
(gtk_propagate_event + 0x183)
0x05238ac7: 0x0039a86c: /usr/lib/ + 0x12dac7
(gtk_main_do_event + 0x317)
0x0503d41a: 0x0008b978: /usr/lib/ + 0x4141a
0x04d5c7f2: 0x0009d29c: /lib/ + 0x2b7f2 (g_main_context_dispatch
+ 0x182)
0x04d5f7cf: 0x0009d29c: /lib/ + 0x2e7cf
0x04d5fd35: 0x0009d29c: /lib/ + 0x2ed35
(g_main_context_iteration + 0x65)
0x00e17879: 0x00041090: /usr/lib/ +
0x00ea6d15: 0x000697d0: /usr/lib/ +
0x4bd15 (X11SalInstance::Yield(bool, bool) + 0x2f)
0x05e225b9: 0x002f60dc: /usr/lib/ + 0xa15b9
(Application::Yield(bool) + 0x57)
0x03b8ad62: 0x000c48b0: /usr/lib/ + 0x45d62
0x03b84330: 0x000c48b0: /usr/lib/ + 0x3f330
0x03baa039: 0x000c48b0: /usr/lib/ + 0x65039
0x03baa067: 0x000c48b0: /usr/lib/ + 0x65067
0x06c43b4a: 0x00146260: /usr/lib/ + 0x88b4a
(StarBASIC::BreakPoint(unsigned short, unsigned short, unsigned short) + 0x54)
0x06c9e4ee: 0x00146260: /usr/lib/ + 0xe34ee
(SbiRuntime::StepSTMNT(unsigned long, unsigned long) + 0x214)
0x06c96baf: 0x00146260: /usr/lib/ + 0xdbbaf
(SbiRuntime::Step() + 0x281)
0x06c4e572: 0x00146260: /usr/lib/ + 0x93572
(SbModule::Run(SbMethod*) + 0x1da)
0x06c4e89c: 0x00146260: /usr/lib/ + 0x9389c
(SbModule::Notify(SfxBroadcaster&, SfxHint const&) + 0x11a)
0x05728910: 0x000d3c8c: /usr/lib/ + 0xa1910
(SfxBroadcaster::Broadcast(SfxHint const&) + 0x34)
0x06c4e242: 0x00146260: /usr/lib/ + 0x93242
(SbMethod::Broadcast(unsigned long) + 0x12c)
0x06cbb59c: 0x00146260: /usr/lib/ + 0x10059c
(SbxValue::Get(SbxValues&) const + 0x6e)
0x06c4dc47: 0x00146260: /usr/lib/ + 0x92c47
(SbMethod::Call(SbxValue*) + 0x9d)
0x03a7e801: 0x0001276c: /usr/lib/ + 0x9801
0x064b6c2b: 0x002fe478: /usr/lib/ +
0x145c2b (SfxObjectShell::CallXScript(String const&,
com::sun::star::uno::Sequence<com::sun::star::uno::Any> const&,
com::sun::star::uno::Any&, com::sun::star::uno::Sequence<short>&,
com::sun::star::uno::Sequence<com::sun::star::uno::Any>&, bool) + 0x263)
0xacbf2de2: 0x00a47150: /usr/lib/ + 0x75fde2
0xacbf398f: 0x00a47150: /usr/lib/ + 0x76098f
0xacbf3d00: 0x00a47150: /usr/lib/ + 0x760d00
0xacbf3f3e: 0x00a47150: /usr/lib/ + 0x760f3e
0xacbf3fad: 0x00a47150: /usr/lib/ + 0x760fad
0x05fa2380: 0x002f60dc: /usr/lib/ + 0x221380
0x00ea15ad: 0x000697d0: /usr/lib/ +
0x465ad (SalDisplay::DispatchInternalEvent() + 0x83)
0x00e17a73: 0x00041090: /usr/lib/ +
0x00e17aa2: 0x00041090: /usr/lib/ +
0x04d5aa91: 0x0009d29c: /lib/ + 0x29a91
0x04d5c7f2: 0x0009d29c: /lib/ + 0x2b7f2 (g_main_context_dispatch
+ 0x182)
0x04d5f7cf: 0x0009d29c: /lib/ + 0x2e7cf
0x04d5fd35: 0x0009d29c: /lib/ + 0x2ed35
(g_main_context_iteration + 0x65)
0x00e1785f: 0x00041090: /usr/lib/ +
0x00ea6d15: 0x000697d0: /usr/lib/ +
0x4bd15 (X11SalInstance::Yield(bool, bool) + 0x2f)
0x05e225b9: 0x002f60dc: /usr/lib/ + 0xa15b9
(Application::Yield(bool) + 0x57)
0x05e22677: 0x002f60dc: /usr/lib/ + 0xa1677
(Application::Execute() + 0x2b)
0x071eb42d: 0x00047a0c: /usr/lib/ + 0x2542d
(desktop::Desktop::Main() + 0x1ae1)
0x05e26cb9: 0x002f60dc: /usr/lib/ + 0xa5cb9
0x05e26e05: 0x002f60dc: /usr/lib/ + 0xa5e05
(SVMain() + 0x2d)
0x071dfbea: 0x00047a0c: /usr/lib/ + 0x19bea
(main + 0x7e)
0x00bfbf70: 0x0014fd7c: /lib/ + 0x15f70 (__libc_start_main + 0xe0)
0x080484a1: 0x000006b8: /usr/lib/ + 0x4a1
(main + 0x5d)
...end stackreport details ...
...start sample ldd details ... =>  (0x00110000) => /usr/lib/ (0x0012e000) =>
/usr/lib/ (0x002e9000) => /usr/lib/ (0x002ee000) => /lib/ (0x00304000) => /lib/ (0x00309000) => /usr/lib/ (0x00321000) => /usr/lib/ (0x003e2000) => /lib/ (0x004cd000) => /lib/ (0x004f6000) => /lib/ (0x00502000) => /lib/ (0x00656000)
	/lib/ (0x80000000)
...end sample ldd details ...
Comment 1 Mathias_Bauer 2007-09-25 20:07:00 UTC
reassigned to abr
Comment 2 ab 2008-04-09 10:05:20 UTC
ab->janssege: Obviously this issue has been assigned to abr by acci-
dent, although it should have been assigned to me, ab. I only found 
it by chance, sorry for the delay. In any case, it's no patch as it 
only describes a problem and does not contain any code to fix it. 
Also I doubt that it only occurs on Linux.

It's hardly possible for me to reproduce the problem with only this
code fragment. I don't even know if you mean a dialog or controls 
placed on a document. So could you please attach a complete sample
as document or extension. If you use a newer version of OpenOffice.
org please also check if the problem still occurs at all. Thanks.

Comment 3 janssege 2008-07-30 12:20:22 UTC
As it has been a while, I "worked around" the crash by implementing the desired
behavior differently. I didn't keep a copy of the orginal file causing the
crash. (It was a form created in ooBasic).

I have tried to reproduce this issue myself using to code from the original bug
report, but with OOo version 2.3 (my current installation), I can't. It doesn't
crash anymore.

So as far as I am concerned, this is no longer an issue and the bug can be closed.
Comment 4 Rob Weir 2013-07-30 02:39:54 UTC
Reset assignee on issues not touched by assignee in more than 1000 days.