Issue 81946 - Writer crashes when scrolling through document containing many large images
Summary: Writer crashes when scrolling through document containing many large images
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Product: Draw
Classification: Application
Component: code (show other issues)
Version: OOo 2.3
Hardware: PC (x86_64) Windows XP
: P2 Trivial (vote)
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Assignee: AOO issues mailing list
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Keywords: needmoreinfo
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Reported: 2007-09-25 19:33 UTC by pothagorus1
Modified: 2017-05-20 10:47 UTC (History)
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Issue Type: DEFECT
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one page of the file which crashes Writer (1.16 MB, text/plain)
2007-10-01 02:03 UTC, pothagorus1
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Description pothagorus1 2007-09-25 19:33:49 UTC
Creating a document with multiple large format images per page.  Each page is
landscaped and contains two 5.5" x 8.5" images, side by side. Some images have a
third, smaller image superimposed on one of the larger images.  What I am doing
is taking scanned images of book pages and assembling them in Writer for the
purpose of printing/desktop publishing.  I experienced crashes with Writer after
the first few pages, but I simply had to save the document within every 10
minutes to keep working.  The file became so huge it would take 10 min or more
just to save it.  If I didn't have my swap file located on a separate physical
drive, I could do nothing else while the document got saved. I tried adjusting
the amount of memory available for graphics and increased to the time for
graphics to be dumped from memory from 10 min to 2 hours.  I disabled auto-save,
but nothing helped. The document eventually grew to a point where I could no
longer do much of anything in it without it crashing Writer. This happened when
I hit 140 pages and 150mb for the file size.  I have been able to recover some
of the data from the file without it crashing, but I have to save every few
minutes or it crashes.
Comment 1 eric.savary 2007-09-26 14:53:54 UTC
Can you upload this document somewhere?
Of course, with 140mb size, the performance may be a little big slugish while
Comment 2 pothagorus1 2007-09-27 00:06:15 UTC
I can do nothing at the moment.  The file has already been modified and purged.
However, I can recreate it easily enough.  The problem started happening far
sooner than 140mb. This weekend I will try to come up with a minimum size which
crashes Writer, and if it is small enough, I may be able to include it as an
attachment to this issue. Otherwise I will look for some place to upload it and
I will post the URL.
Comment 3 pothagorus1 2007-09-29 23:11:16 UTC
I have not had a chance to work on the file yet, but I remembered something I
forgot to mention in my first post.  I am using the "crop" feature extensively
when resizing and arranging the graphic files.  Performance is sluggish after
only the first few pages.  I noticed Writer makes almost exclusive use of the
system's page file. I have 3gb of RAM.  I don't know if this is an issue with
Writer or with WinXP.
Comment 4 pothagorus1 2007-10-01 01:54:15 UTC
Here is a copy of the error message Writer generates.  I have submitted this
several times through the notification interface which pops up, but I am also
posting it here.  Look through it.  I am not a programmer, so I don't know what
I am looking for.  

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE errormail:errormail PUBLIC "-// ErrorMail 1.0//EN"
<errormail:errormail xmlns:errormail=""
<reportmail:mail xmlns:reportmail=""
version="1.1" feedback="true" email="">
<reportmail:attachment name="description.txt"
media-type="text/plain;charset=UTF-8" class="UserComment"/>
<reportmail:attachment name="user.dmp" media-type="application/octet-stream"
<officeinfo:officeinfo xmlns:officeinfo=""
build="680m5(Build:9221)" platform="" language=""
procpath="C:\Program Files\ 2.3\program\"
exceptiontype="0xE06D7363" product=" 2.3"/>
<systeminfo:systeminfo xmlns:systeminfo="">
<systeminfo:System name="Windows NT" version="5.1" build="2600"
<systeminfo:CPU type="x86"/>
<errormail:Stack type="Win32">
<errormail:StackInfo pos="0" ip="0x7C812A5B" rel="0x00012A5B"
ordinal="RaiseException+0x00000052" name="kernel32.dll"
<errormail:StackInfo pos="1" ip="0x7C359AED" rel="0x00019AED"
ordinal="CxxThrowException+0x00000034" name="MSVCR71.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="2" ip="0x6049D45B" rel="0x0001D45B"
ordinal="Ordinal571+0x000001DA" name="utl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="3" ip="0x6049DA95" rel="0x0001DA95"
ordinal="Ordinal578+0x00000077" name="utl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="4" ip="0x6094513F" rel="0x0003513F"
ordinal="Ordinal1712+0x00000028" name="tl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="5" ip="0x60945E21" rel="0x00035E21"
ordinal="Ordinal1755+0x00000122" name="tl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="6" ip="0x5A142BE7" rel="0x00082BE7"
ordinal="Ordinal2306+0x00000190" name="vcl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="7" ip="0x5A142EE4" rel="0x00082EE4"
ordinal="Ordinal2308+0x0000003D" name="vcl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="8" ip="0x5A13940D" rel="0x0007940D"
ordinal="Ordinal7632+0x000007FD" name="vcl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="9" ip="0x5A145C3D" rel="0x00085C3D"
ordinal="Ordinal2408+0x00000016" name="vcl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="10" ip="0x5E58178B" rel="0x0004178B"
ordinal="Ordinal9773+0x0000106B" name="svt680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="11" ip="0x5E58071A" rel="0x0004071A"
ordinal="Ordinal5808+0x0000002A" name="svt680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="12" ip="0x5E5847B4" rel="0x000447B4"
ordinal="Ordinal5821+0x000001A4" name="svt680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="13" ip="0x5E5845FF" rel="0x000445FF"
ordinal="Ordinal5820+0x0000000F" name="svt680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="14" ip="0x60915647" rel="0x00005647"
ordinal="Ordinal163+0x00000011" name="tl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="15" ip="0x0040230D" rel="0x0000230D"
name="soffice.BIN" path="C:\Program Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="16" ip="0x00404093" rel="0x00004093"
name="soffice.BIN" path="C:\Program Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="17" ip="0x60915647" rel="0x00005647"
ordinal="Ordinal163+0x00000011" name="tl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="18" ip="0x5A1D4D4B" rel="0x00114D4B"
ordinal="Ordinal2163+0x0000003F" name="vcl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="19" ip="0x5E611DAA" rel="0x000D1DAA"
ordinal="Ordinal2360+0x000000BD" name="svt680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="20" ip="0x5E6135A2" rel="0x000D35A2"
ordinal="Ordinal2361+0x000000E9" name="svt680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="21" ip="0x5E61434E" rel="0x000D434E"
ordinal="Ordinal2377+0x0000003F" name="svt680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="22" ip="0x57CAF150" rel="0x0036F150"
ordinal="Ordinal2851+0x00008590" name="sw680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="23" ip="0x57CB24E2" rel="0x003724E2"
ordinal="Ordinal2851+0x0000B922" name="sw680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="24" ip="0x57CB285E" rel="0x0037285E"
ordinal="Ordinal2851+0x0000BC9E" name="sw680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="25" ip="0x57CD31B1" rel="0x003931B1"
ordinal="Ordinal4290+0x00002B33" name="sw680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="26" ip="0x57CD415B" rel="0x0039415B"
ordinal="Ordinal4290+0x00003ADD" name="sw680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="27" ip="0x049290BD" rel="0x000490BD"
ordinal="Ordinal2120+0x000003C8" name="sfx680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="28" ip="0x0492A843" rel="0x0004A843"
ordinal="Ordinal2139+0x000001A5" name="sfx680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="29" ip="0x04920B47" rel="0x00040B47"
ordinal="Ordinal2360+0x00000419" name="sfx680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="30" ip="0x049C3CF4" rel="0x000E3CF4"
ordinal="Ordinal3250+0x00003CA5" name="sfx680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="31" ip="0x049C1ED2" rel="0x000E1ED2"
ordinal="Ordinal3250+0x00001E83" name="sfx680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="32" ip="0x5E553AFD" rel="0x00013AFD"
ordinal="Ordinal10095+0x00000056" name="svt680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="33" ip="0x5E553CF7" rel="0x00013CF7"
ordinal="Ordinal2077+0x0000007D" name="svt680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="34" ip="0x60915647" rel="0x00005647"
ordinal="Ordinal163+0x00000011" name="tl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="35" ip="0x5A21FEC4" rel="0x0015FEC4"
ordinal="Ordinal6982+0x00000012" name="vcl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="36" ip="0x5A21FED8" rel="0x0015FED8"
ordinal="Ordinal6983+0x0000000E" name="vcl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="37" ip="0x60915647" rel="0x00005647"
ordinal="Ordinal163+0x00000011" name="tl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="38" ip="0x5A1863EE" rel="0x000C63EE"
ordinal="Ordinal5581+0x0000039E" name="vcl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="39" ip="0x5A0C2469" rel="0x00002469"
ordinal="Ordinal851+0x00000016" name="vcl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="40" ip="0x5A1F442E" rel="0x0013442E"
ordinal="Ordinal3189+0x000120E5" name="vcl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="41" ip="0x5A1F4691" rel="0x00134691"
ordinal="Ordinal3189+0x00012348" name="vcl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="42" ip="0x7E418734" rel="0x00008734"
ordinal="GetDC+0x0000006D" name="USER32.dll" path="C:\WINDOWS\system32\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="43" ip="0x7E418816" rel="0x00008816"
ordinal="GetDC+0x0000014F" name="USER32.dll" path="C:\WINDOWS\system32\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="44" ip="0x7E4189CD" rel="0x000089CD"
ordinal="GetWindowLongW+0x00000127" name="USER32.dll" path="C:\WINDOWS\system32\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="45" ip="0x7E418A10" rel="0x00008A10"
ordinal="DispatchMessageW+0x0000000F" name="USER32.dll"
<errormail:StackInfo pos="46" ip="0x5A1E3CCE" rel="0x00123CCE"
ordinal="Ordinal3189+0x00001985" name="vcl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="47" ip="0x5A17F9C7" rel="0x000BF9C7"
ordinal="Ordinal4404+0x00000510" name="vcl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="48" ip="0x5A17FA21" rel="0x000BFA21"
ordinal="Ordinal4404+0x0000056A" name="vcl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="49" ip="0x5A17FB0A" rel="0x000BFB0A"
ordinal="Ordinal4404+0x00000653" name="vcl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="50" ip="0x5A0F442D" rel="0x0003442D"
ordinal="Ordinal7468+0x0000003A" name="vcl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="51" ip="0x5A0F5795" rel="0x00035795"
ordinal="Ordinal1201+0x0000001E" name="vcl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="52" ip="0x5A236E55" rel="0x00176E55"
ordinal="Ordinal1332+0x000002EB" name="vcl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="53" ip="0x5A236F05" rel="0x00176F05"
ordinal="Ordinal1333+0x0000001C" name="vcl680mi.dll" path="C:\Program
Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="54" ip="0x00401131" rel="0x00001131"
name="soffice.BIN" path="C:\Program Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="55" ip="0x00401178" rel="0x00001178"
name="soffice.BIN" path="C:\Program Files\ 2.3\program\"/>
<errormail:StackInfo pos="56" ip="0x7C816FD7" rel="0x00016FD7"
ordinal="RegisterWaitForInputIdle+0x00000049" name="kernel32.dll"
<errormail:Checksums type="MD5">
<errormail:Checksum sum="0x86F1895AE8C5E8B17D99ECE768A70732" bytes="348160"
<errormail:Checksum sum="0xF3AC1D7FEA80AD272D1D10CDEF2521CD" bytes="2510848"
<errormail:Checksum sum="0x043E94CCBADBB65865BDE0514AA064DD" bytes="2166784"
<errormail:Checksum sum="0xA01F9CA902A88F7CED06884174D6419D" bytes="984576"
<errormail:Checksum sum="0x0894BA3C847CCBAF63C0086E46DCB49A" bytes="1974272"
<errormail:Checksum sum="0x508D7DE63DE0BB949AF0290843034663" bytes="2363392"
<errormail:Checksum sum="0xF55432BD85DBDFEE915874E92BB6846C" bytes="6119424"
<errormail:Checksum sum="0xB409909F6E2E8A7067076ED748ABF1E7" bytes="577536"
<errormail:Checksum sum="0x9A77D86BB5F8E59E6DD96B4F2EE34534" bytes="397312"
<errormail:Checksum sum="0x30F6CE7412F933EDE5A87ADA98DFC073" bytes="290816"
Comment 5 pothagorus1 2007-10-01 02:03:59 UTC
Created attachment 48618 [details]
one page of the file which crashes Writer
Comment 6 pothagorus1 2007-10-01 02:19:10 UTC
I am working on a place to post a larger file.  Meanwhile, this file best
represents what I am doing.  In order to duplicate the file which I created,
simply create new pages and copy/paste the two graphics you find onto the new
pages.  Frequently saving the file prevents crashing until the file reaches
about 150mb.  Then Writer crashes simply from scrolling with the wheel on my
mouse or by using the "page up/down" keys.  It even crashed seconds after
loading for no apparent reason.  Both files are resized from within Writer, and
one file has been "cropped" using the crop feature, but the all of the original
data for the file is still present, just not displayed.  Simply copy the file
into any other application to see the original, or you can restore it from
within Writer.  This bit of info was probably not necessary, since I am dealing
with people who know much more about this software than I do.  Let me know if I
still need to post a larger file.  I have one that is a little under 12mb.
Comment 7 pothagorus1 2007-10-04 03:28:09 UTC
I have uploaded the file in question at a size (12mb) where I first encountered
a crash. I am sure I would have had one sooner, but I saved the file several
times while compiling it.  

Here is the link:

There is only one file there: HymnsDocument.odt

Hope this helps.
Comment 8 michael.ruess 2007-10-11 16:07:11 UTC
MRU->OD: could you please have  a look? The crash happens somewhere when
scrolling through the document which can be downloaded from the mentioned URL.
'I have sent a crash report, but I did not get the ID until now.
Comment 9 Oliver-Rainer Wittmann 2007-11-07 11:12:18 UTC
I've opened the text document from the given URL under Solaris and Windows and
could not reproduce the crash. Can you please contact me for further infos, Thx.
Comment 10 michael.ruess 2007-11-12 15:11:54 UTC
The document contains quite large graphics. The crash seems to occur due to a
memory shortage. The document consumes up to 1 GB - nevertheless OOo should not
crash at all.
OD, could you please have a look, where the crash happens? Thanks! The report ID
is rmxvmn.
Comment 11 Oliver-Rainer Wittmann 2008-01-11 14:00:58 UTC
retarget to OOo 3.0 due to limited resources
Comment 12 Oliver-Rainer Wittmann 2008-04-28 09:58:59 UTC
Please take over.
The defect is caused by the fact that no more memory can be allocated.
Comment 13 Mathias_Bauer 2008-04-28 10:32:31 UTC
Kai, this is obviously a problem of the image cache.
Comment 14 ooo 2008-06-06 14:07:34 UTC
retargeting to 3.x
Comment 15 Marcus 2017-05-20 10:47:30 UTC
Reset assigne to the default "".