Issue 87624 - Aqua text rendering slow - 3.0.0_080314 PPC
Summary: Aqua text rendering slow - 3.0.0_080314 PPC
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Product: Writer
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Version: OOo 3.0.1
Hardware: Mac Mac OS X, all
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Reported: 2008-03-30 21:24 UTC by typonaut
Modified: 2013-02-02 02:56 UTC (History)
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Description typonaut 2008-03-30 21:24:20 UTC
The text rendering when using 3.0.0_080314 Aqua build for MacOS X is very slow, to the point of it being 
unusable (ie you can type quite slowly but still be a long way ahead of the screen rendering). Build as 
above running on a 12" PowerBook G4 867MHz, 10.4.11.
Comment 1 eric.bachard 2008-03-31 06:27:23 UTC
Did you test with official build ?  Means the one suggested ?

Comment 2 michael.ruess 2008-03-31 09:40:44 UTC
MRU->SBA: could you please investigate this?
Comment 3 typonaut 2008-03-31 10:32:21 UTC
Yes, that's with the official build that's available for download now "3.0.0_080314". I downloaded the disk 
image and installed from that, I didn't compile my own. BTW, I forgot to say that this is with Writer, I 
haven't tried the other applications in the suite.
Comment 4 dridgway 2009-01-06 04:52:09 UTC
On the released 3.0.0 (OOO300m9 Aqua), it doesn't seem too bad. Typonaut, could
you check if the performance is adequate in the latest release?
Comment 5 typonaut 2009-03-05 15:59:00 UTC
Sorry for the delay in looking at this again - I’ve tried v3.0.1 rc2 (300m15 build: 9379) and it seems to 
have the same problem, essentially unusable for text entry because the rendering of the text lags so far 
behind keyboard entry.

A peculiarity of this is that pasted text seems to render immediately, but keyed text is very slow - not sure 
if this will help track it down. All tests on 867MHz G4 PPC PowerBook, I'm assuming that this is a 
supported configuration, haven't tried other machines.

For the moment still using the X11 version (2.3.0) for MacOS because it is a lot faster than the Aqua 
Comment 6 typonaut 2009-03-05 16:11:00 UTC
Just to illustrate, tried 300m9 on an Intel MacBook Pro and it has no problems at all in this area - text 
entry is quick as it should be. So, problem definitely related to PPC implementation.
Comment 7 stefan.baltzer 2009-03-05 16:51:24 UTC
 - Do you have this in a newly created Writer document? 
 - What happens when you change the font in use?
 - Does AutoSpellCheck on/off make a difference?
 - What happens if you change the view to "Web layout"?
 - Please type similar things in Calc and Impress and tell your findings.

Please comment here, thank you.
Put PL and HDU on c/c.

Comment 8 typonaut 2009-03-14 21:32:00 UTC
- Do you have this in a newly created Writer document?

Yes, or a previously created document, doesn't appear to make any difference.

- What happens when you change the font in use?

No difference, tried it with PostScript, OpenType and TrueType fonts, no discernable difference.

- Does AutoSpellCheck on/off make a difference?

No difference.

- What happens if you change the view to "Web layout"?

No difference.

- Please type similar things in Calc and Impress and tell your findings.

If anything Calc and Impress are worse in this regard.

The only thing I can add to this is that this appears not to be a pure rendering issues, because if I paste 
a lengthy text in, it just renders as I would expect (quickly). Therefore it seems to be slowness related 
to keying and then rendering the text (if that helps at all).
Comment 9 Raphael Bircher 2009-06-21 01:01:29 UTC
You realy run OOo 3.x on a so old Computer? Well, how many memory you have on
your PowerBook. I am one of the Mac Specialists here in the project. I have a
PPC G5 1.6 GHz IMac. I can't confirm, that OOo has realy a performance issue on
Mac OS X. The 3.x Versions use mor Memory as the 2.x Baseline. If you have not
enough Memory, the computer use the Hard Disk as Memory. The Hard Disk is much
slower as the RAM (Memory) This can slow down the speed extremly.

And for all
The PowerBook from Typonaut is a realy old NoteBook, with less then one GHz
Comment 10 typonaut 2009-06-21 01:31:25 UTC
Er, yes, I really do *try* to run OO3 on this computer, otherwise I wouldn't post the problem. If the 
issue is that OO3 cannot run on a G4 processor, in a usable form, then that's fine - it should just be in 
the system requirements. In this case I'm not really convinced that processor speed is an issue - as far 
as can remember the fastest G4s were around 1.4GHz. Even if this was four times as fast at rendering 
as my lowly 867MHz it would still be unusable.

I'm also pretty sure RAM isn't an issue, this machine has 1.12GB. Rebooting the machine with OO3 
being the only app running makes no difference to the speed.

Right now I'm just trying to help you identify problems with this application suite that effect the PPC 
builds, to get a larger MacOS userbase. As it stands I think anyone trying to run this on a G4 will just 
discard it on the first attempt.

Overall I can't see any real reason why this should be a problem - because I'm using many other 
applications on this machine that have no problem whatsoever with text input/rendering: ie 
QuarkXPress, InDesign, etc - other than there is a specific set of routines that are not "optimised" for 
Comment 11 Rob Weir 2013-02-02 02:56:08 UTC
This Issue requires more information ('needmoreinfo'), but has not been updated
within the last year. Please provide feedback as requested and re-test with the the latest version of OpenOffice - the problem(s) may already be addressed. 

You can download Apache OpenOffice 3.4.1 from

Please report back the outcome of your testing, so this Issue may be closed or
progressed as necessary - otherwise the issue may be Resolved as Invalid in the