Issue 87669 - oowriter formula pdf export turns numbers into Arabic/hindi
Summary: oowriter formula pdf export turns numbers into Arabic/hindi
Status: CLOSED DUPLICATE of issue 107358
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Product: Writer
Classification: Application
Component: save-export (show other issues)
Version: OOo 2.4.0
Hardware: PC (x86_64) Linux, all
: P3 Trivial with 7 votes (vote)
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Assignee: openoffice
QA Contact: issues@sw
Depends on: 86811 107358
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Reported: 2008-03-31 19:06 UTC by psychoi3oy
Modified: 2009-12-10 21:10 UTC (History)
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odt all pdfs were generated from (ignore my silly math homework) (65.58 KB, application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text)
2008-03-31 19:08 UTC, psychoi3oy
no flags Details
first PDF generated, no checkboxes selected in export window (67.50 KB, application/pdf)
2008-03-31 19:08 UTC, psychoi3oy
no flags Details
'PDF/A-1' only checked (100.07 KB, application/pdf)
2008-03-31 19:09 UTC, psychoi3oy
no flags Details
'tagged' only checked (94.30 KB, application/pdf)
2008-03-31 19:09 UTC, psychoi3oy
no flags Details
'tagged' only checked (exported moments after 'Tagged.pdf' but different replacements) (93.95 KB, application/pdf)
2008-03-31 19:10 UTC, psychoi3oy
no flags Details
simple copied/pasted series of numbers in 'formula' object (37.38 KB, application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text)
2008-03-31 20:46 UTC, psychoi3oy
no flags Details
the export, with whole objects converted to Arabic (15.62 KB, application/pdf)
2008-03-31 20:48 UTC, psychoi3oy
no flags Details
odt file (47.97 KB, application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text)
2009-05-11 20:28 UTC, eliadtsai
no flags Details
the PDF file (62.23 KB, application/pdf)
2009-05-11 20:39 UTC, eliadtsai
no flags Details
The PDF I'm getting. Has Strange Characters in the last equation (Mandriva Cooker with OOo 3.1) (50.74 KB, application/pdf)
2009-05-14 13:03 UTC, shlomif
no flags Details

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Description psychoi3oy 2008-03-31 19:07:00 UTC
When exporting an .odt with formula objects, some of the digits in the formulas
get turned into Hebrew(?) characters. It appears to be random what numbers get
replaced and what don't. I've tried several different PDF export options and it
only succeeds in changing the randomness. Changing the base document appears to
change the randomness somewhat. I did have one export that didn't have any
replacements, but reading through it (looking for oddities) I noticed a mistake
and changed the original document. Several dozen attempts since resulted in
varying levels of random replacement of numbers. 

This is the first export I've done in 2.4, and I don't think I ever saw anything
like this in 2.3. 

Attachments forthcoming.
Comment 1 psychoi3oy 2008-03-31 19:08:08 UTC
Created attachment 52411 [details]
odt all pdfs were generated from (ignore my silly math homework)
Comment 2 psychoi3oy 2008-03-31 19:08:43 UTC
Created attachment 52412 [details]
first PDF generated, no checkboxes selected in export window
Comment 3 psychoi3oy 2008-03-31 19:09:31 UTC
Created attachment 52413 [details]
'PDF/A-1' only checked
Comment 4 psychoi3oy 2008-03-31 19:09:53 UTC
Created attachment 52414 [details]
'tagged' only checked
Comment 5 psychoi3oy 2008-03-31 19:10:34 UTC
Created attachment 52415 [details]
'tagged' only checked (exported moments after 'Tagged.pdf' but different replacements)
Comment 6 psychoi3oy 2008-03-31 19:27:23 UTC
I changed the title after a friend confirmed that the numerals are being
replaced with Arabic character equivalents. 
Comment 7 psychoi3oy 2008-03-31 20:46:56 UTC
Created attachment 52417 [details]
simple copied/pasted series of numbers in 'formula' object
Comment 8 psychoi3oy 2008-03-31 20:48:09 UTC
Created attachment 52418 [details]
the export, with whole objects converted to Arabic
Comment 9 psychoi3oy 2008-03-31 21:00:30 UTC
Ok, instead of uploading a bunch more files, I've put all the files on my
webserver, the url is in the URL box above and is :
in case that's not the right place. 
Comment 10 michael.ruess 2008-04-01 09:22:25 UTC
Reassigned to HI.
Comment 11 troodon 2008-04-01 10:23:47 UTC
I know it isn't the same issue, but could this be related to issue 86811?
Comment 12 h.ilter 2008-04-04 11:28:38 UTC
Hi->HDU: Could not reproduce, please have a look.
Comment 13 2008-04-04 13:54:24 UTC
Yes, it most probably has to do something with issue 86811. Why only PDF export seems to be affected in 
this case is an open question though that can be probably answered easily when 86811 is solved.
Comment 14 troodon 2008-04-04 21:48:26 UTC
I think issue 55160 describes the reverse problem (see the end of the description).
Comment 15 kaplanlior 2008-04-14 20:43:56 UTC
kaplan -> psychoi3oy:
I can't reproduce the bug on 2.4.0 from Debian GNU/Linux.

Please contact me privately so we could try and reproduce it.
Comment 16 elmoosecapitan 2008-05-25 07:21:56 UTC
I have the exact same problem: the PDF generator is converting old Arabic
numbers, e.g., 1,2,3, in formula objects into new Arabic numbers, e.g., not 1,
2, 3. I can attach numerous examples, but I am sure that psychoi3oy has enough.

This is also the OO release that comes standard on Ubuntu release 8.04 (hardy).
My question is, is this happening to non hardy users or only to people who are
running x64 hardy?

This has never happened in 2.2 as far as I know.

Comment 17 deligeo 2008-06-21 15:51:29 UTC
I see the same behavior in Gentoo x86_64
Comment 18 psychoi3oy 2008-06-21 16:07:45 UTC
I forgot to check right after upgrading to 2.4.1 but I can confirm now that
2.4.1 is doing the same thing to me. Apparently it wasn't tied to 86811. 
Comment 19 Rainer Bielefeld 2008-06-22 10:09:38 UTC
I checked with "2.4.1  Multilingual version German UI WIN XP:
[680m17(Build9310)]"  and it seems that I can NOT reproduce the reported effect.
Comment 20 psychoi3oy 2008-06-22 11:28:50 UTC
I just removed 2.4.1 and emerged (yes, I'm also on Gentoo 64bit if I didn't
mention that before) openoffice-bin 2.4.0 and did NOT have the same issue. 

I wonder if it's a problem with the compiled versions or even with Gentoo or
something in the 64bit or ????

So, we have confirmed non-problems in 2.3, 2.4.0/linux (binary in Gentoo and
Debian), 2.4.1/win32

We have confirmed problems in 2.4.0/linux source (amd64 gentoo), 2.4.?/linux
Ubuntu (presumably bin but???), 2.4.1/linux source (amd64 gentoo), and amd64(source or -bin?). 

I'll go poke around the Gentoo forums to see if anyone there has the same issue
if it is tied to Gentoo / source only. 
Comment 21 deligeo 2008-06-23 16:11:38 UTC
I am using the source build NOT the binary. (Gentoo x86_64, openoffice2.4.1.?)
And as reported I do have this problem.
In gentoo the associated reported issue is 228407
Have rebuilt and checked in and both have this issue.
Comment 22 hagar_de_lest 2008-09-17 15:47:04 UTC
Can't reproduce your issue with official version (OOo 2.4.1 Sun) under xubuntu

So this is certainly linked to your distribution. Can you install the official
(Sun) version with the tarballs on the OOo website?
Comment 23 sbraitbart 2008-09-26 08:42:17 UTC
I'm having the same problem on opensuse 11 64bit and OpenOffice
exporting the document again and again finally creates a clean document. this
makes productivity fall a notch.    
Comment 24 mediumnet 2008-09-29 01:54:28 UTC
I can confirm this problem for OOO300m7 (Build:9354) (retrieved from
and related packages).

In my case, some formulas have arabic digits while some formulas have european
For subsequent export runs, the "arabicness" of the digits changes. It looks
like the "arabicness" is random or depends on the particular time of the export.

Comment 25 mediumnet 2008-09-29 02:06:16 UTC
A note about my system: It is running OpenSUSE 11.0 and the kernel is like this:

Linux notebook 2.6.26-4GB #4 SMP PREEMPT Thu Jul 24 23:58:11 CEST 2008 i686 i686
i386 GNU/Linux

Judging from the behaviour, I would suspect the following: There is some
cacheing of fonts in a LRU list or maybe in a hashtable. Both the european
digits and the arabic digits are chosen as eligible by some algorithm.The
problem can only show up on systems where fonts are actually installed which
provide arabic digits. The problem happens when the algorithm does a read access
on a font data structure to retrieve the font or the glyph for a particular
digit (or a particular formula), but some caching-subsystem makes the
read-access have side effects, like reordering an LRU list or something. The
next time the read access is done, a different font is returned.
Comment 26 thatchermo 2008-11-03 20:39:50 UTC
*** Issue 87669 has been confirmed by votes. ***
Comment 27 thatchermo 2008-11-04 07:21:17 UTC
I saw this bug immediately using the numbers.odt file posted here and the
version of OpenOffice 2.4 in Ubuntu Hardy. After downloading the .deb files for
OOO300m9 from and installing it, I did not continue to see this
bug. Strange that it affects so many distributions, but seemingly is not
reproducible using Sun's openoffice. My votes confirmed this issue, but that was
before I saw that it didn't seem to be present in Sun's binaries.
Comment 28 dagg1 2009-03-11 19:07:06 UTC
same here at 3.0.1, it starts to really annoy.... gentoo, self compiled
Comment 29 kaplanlior 2009-05-11 18:52:38 UTC
I tested both ODT files uploaded to the bug, and I couldn't reproduce the problem.

I'm working with 3.1 from Debian unstable (ooo310m11).

If needed you're welcome to contact me in private to test more files.
Comment 30 orenbarnea 2009-05-11 20:14:28 UTC
I do not experience this problem with OOo 3.0.1 on Ubuntu 9.04. Tried both .odt
files and the export worked well.
Comment 31 eliadtsai 2009-05-11 20:28:59 UTC
Created attachment 62177 [details]
odt file
Comment 32 eliadtsai 2009-05-11 20:32:44 UTC
im using OO 3.1 OOO310m11 build 9399
my system is  ubuntu 9.04 (recently upgraded from 8.10).

and the numbers.odt file still makes that bug whene trying to export to PDF.
sampleMath.odt works grate.

i have also add two more files one is a ODF file and the other is an exprted PDF. 
the ODF file was edited on ubuntu 8.10 and ubuntu 8.04 but the PDF was exported
on ubuntu 9.04

hope this could help. 
Comment 33 nadavkav 2009-05-11 20:37:16 UTC
i can confirm that the first (sampleMath.odt) attachment is converting hindi
numbers to arabic when exporting to pdf.

while the last attachment (work_2.odt) exports to pdf just fine.

i use Debian unstable 64bit with OOo 310mm9
Comment 34 eliadtsai 2009-05-11 20:39:02 UTC
Created attachment 62178 [details]
the PDF file
Comment 35 orenc 2009-05-11 23:37:28 UTC
can't seem to reproduce this bug (tried both sampleMath.odt and Work 2.odt). I'm
using OpenOffice v3.0.1 on Ubuntu 9.04
Comment 36 shlomif 2009-05-14 13:03:42 UTC
Created attachment 62263 [details]
The PDF I'm getting. Has Strange Characters in the last equation (Mandriva Cooker with OOo 3.1)
Comment 37 shlomif 2009-05-14 13:08:22 UTC
Like I said, in my last attachment, I got strange characters in the PDF in the
last equations. Checked with both kghostview and evince. Otherwise, everything
seemed fine.

Comment 38 openoffice 2009-05-14 13:53:21 UTC
@tl: Do you have a clue what might cause this?
Comment 39 thomas.lange 2009-05-15 07:29:33 UTC
tl->hbrinkm: No. Aside from the issue already mentioned by HDU I have no idea yet.
Comment 40 chemwords 2009-09-24 10:58:39 UTC
I have the same type of problem on Ubuntu 9.04 (64-bit) with the Ubuntu
OpenOffice (3.0.1). Upon PDF export, some numeric characters in Math equations
are replaced, especially in sub and superscripts.

Using a colleague's OpenOffice 3.1.0 on Windows XP, no PDF export problem was
encountered and the math looks normal. For now, I will use this method to
generate PDF, while waiting that hopefully the problem will be solved in Ubuntu
OpenOffice 3.1.1 which appears to be included in the upcoming Ubuntu 9.10.
Comment 41 ubiquitous1980 2009-10-22 14:01:21 UTC
I am 90 percent certain that debian and ubuntu use go-o, the non-official fork.
 For this version, I have had the same bug introduced amongst others.
Comment 42 hagar_de_lest 2009-10-25 18:52:14 UTC
Is it possible to make clear for OOo devs if the problem is with official build
(Sun) or not? If it can't be reproducible in Sun build, then this report is invalid.
Comment 43 kaplanlior 2009-10-27 22:09:26 UTC
I couldn't reproduce the problem with both sampleMath.odt and numbers.odt on 3.1.1 (ooo310m19, build 9420).

I tested using the sun 3.1.1 version on windows XP, and debian's 3.1.1-5
packages (based on go-oo).
Comment 44 eliadtsai 2009-10-27 22:55:15 UTC
i could not reproduce the bug with the SampleMath.odt file  nor with the
numbers.odt file 

but the work 2.odt gives me the same problem as before 

im using OO 3.1.1 
OOO310m19 Build:9420 

under Ubuntu 9.10
Comment 45 chemwords 2009-10-29 14:37:01 UTC
In my case the bug seems specifically related to Ubuntu OpenOffice 3.0.1 on
64-BIT 9.04. I do not experience the problem on Ubuntu OpenOffice 3.0.1 on
32-bit 9.04, nor on official OpenOffice 3.1.x on Windows XP.
Perhaps things will be better on 9.10 (64-bit)... Sorry if this issue is not
intended for the 'official' OpenOffice QA.
Comment 46 sliou1 2009-11-04 17:43:41 UTC
I can confirm the issue (Mandriva 2009.1, OOO 300m15 (Build:9379)). The same
issue exists in Impress. I haven't experienced the issue in Windows builds. 

Also, I have noticed that enclosing the numbers in double quotes seems to
eliminate the problem (e.g., putting "2" in the formula editor instead of 2). I
hope this helps, the issue is very annoying when working with large amounts of math.
Comment 47 pja37 2009-11-15 20:43:47 UTC
I have suffered this problem for a long time, and still have the same issue 
with 3.1.1 under Kubuntu 9.10 64 bit.

A workaround in (K)ubuntu (and other flavours of Linux) is to use the "print to 
file" option in the print menu. The resulting pdf has poorer resolution and 
takes nearly 4 times the space than the highly efficient OO export, but at 
least the fractions and exponents come out correctly.

As a maths teacher producing exam papers this is a major bug for me.
Comment 48 openoffice 2009-12-02 13:15:44 UTC
I saw no Hindi numbers when checking this on CWS vcl108.

*** This issue has been marked as a duplicate of 107358 ***
Comment 49 Mechtilde 2009-12-10 21:10:36 UTC
duplicate -> closed