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46 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
56885 POI XWPF dev NEW --- To change text in a XWPFSDTContent object 2018-11-09
51643 POI XWPF dev NEW --- XWPFTable.createRow() uses first row as a template 2011-08-10
51948 POI XWPF dev NEW --- Data written to parts not readable 2011-10-04
55390 POI XWPF dev NEW --- Incorrect insertion of newline between runs in textbox 2016-11-25
56987 POI XWPF dev NEW --- Custom properties in docx header aren't updated in 3.11 2016-04-05
57727 POI XWPF dev NEW --- XWPFParagraph.searchText may return invalid result when searched string is in more runs 2018-05-28
57899 POI XWPF dev NEW --- Refactor XWPFRun and XWPFParagraph so the PPr/RPr logic can be shared with the default styles code 2016-03-13
57903 POI XWPF dev NEW --- Add method to remove pictures in XWPFDocument 2016-03-13
58552 POI XWPF dev NEW --- NPE at XWPFStyles.getUsedStyleList() 2016-03-16
60277 POI XWPF dev NEW --- getHyperlinks() method doesn't work for some kind of Hyperlink 2017-11-11
60316 POI XWPF dev NEW --- Handle Glossary in XWPFDocument 2018-11-23
60406 POI XWPF dev NEW --- Image extensions getting altered. 2016-11-25
60470 POI XWPF dev NEW --- Not extracting comments anchored in runs in XWPF 2016-12-28
60471 POI XWPF dev NEW --- Not loading AlternateContent in XWPF 2016-12-28
60734 POI XWPF dev NEW --- FootEndnote numbering should be dynamic, not necessarily equal to the id 2017-02-18
62138 POI XWPF dev NEW --- Undefined results for insertNewRun() method when XWPFParagraph contains SDT runs 2018-03-17
62402 POI XWPF dev NEW --- XWPFWordExtractor : Incorrect order of text extracted in document(with floating tables) 2018-05-23
62412 POI XWPF dev NEW --- XWPFParagraph.searchText returns null although the paragraph contains the searched value 2018-05-27
62505 POI XWPF dev NEW --- Add support handling of merged cells for Word documents 2018-06-28
63611 POI XWPF dev NEW --- Add/Remove Macros to/from XWPFDocument 2019-07-25
63618 POI XWPF dev NEW --- Support changing MailMerge ConnectString 2019-07-29
63741 POI XWPF dev NEW --- Support bidi flag (bi-directional text) in XWPFParagraph 2019-11-17
64418 POI XWPF dev NEW --- Finding text in textfields is very slow 2020-06-03
65797 POI XWPF dev NEW --- XWPF Helpers for creating Styles in a new file 2022-01-10
65965 POI XWPF dev NEW --- setParagraph and setTable don't properly set XML references 2022-03-23
65969 POI XWPF dev NEW --- support bookmarks in XWPFParagraph 2022-04-28
66263 POI XWPF dev NEW --- Add support for SDT row in tables 2022-12-26
66363 POI XWPF dev NEW --- XWPFDocument.insertTable doesn't work at all 2022-11-28
66519 POI XWPF dev NEW --- Read pagination and conversion issues 2023-03-11
68358 POI XWPF dev NEW --- XWPFTable.addRow places copy of XWPFTableRow CTRow in XWPFTable CTTbl 2024-02-25
68483 POI XWPF dev NEW --- Exception when Sign office with private key in HSM - Private Exponent value is sensitive. 2024-01-15
68490 POI XWPF dev NEW --- in class XWPFDocument, there is no possiblity to add new XWPFSDT to the IBodyElement list 2024-02-25
69042 POI XWPF dev NEW --- Calling `insertNewParagraph` pointing to object in header leads to `ClassCastException` Thu 15:31
60102 POI XWPF dev REOP --- Improve error message when writing a document that has been closed 2020-10-29
66260 POI XWPF dev REOP --- XWPF should have a getNumberOfTextRuns() method 2022-12-26
54823 POI XWPF dev NEED --- Wrong type on Total Time field in org.openxmlformats.schemas.officeDocument.x2006.extendedProperties.CTProperties 2015-03-22
57356 POI XWPF dev NEED --- XWPFDocument does not deal with name space xmlns:wx="" 2014-12-17
61467 POI XWPF dev NEED --- Created word file using apache poi api is corrupted after adding the image to word doc. 2018-03-22
62779 POI XWPF dev NEED --- Paragraph text search results start with an error marker. 2018-12-22
64038 POI XWPF dev NEED --- createHyperlinkRun: duplicate generated rId 2020-01-20
64348 POI XWPF dev NEED --- createWaterMark IndexOutOfBoundException 2020-09-27
64801 POI XWPF dev NEED --- How to set headers in landscape using java apache poi 2020-10-27
65099 POI XWPF dev NEED --- NPE in XWPFStyle.getUsedStyleList(XWPFStyle style, List<XWPFStyle> usedStyleList) 2021-01-30
65640 POI XWPF dev NEED --- org.apache.poi.ooxml.POIXMLException on parsing docx file 2021-10-21
66192 POI XWPF dev NEED --- issue creating/updating docx file 2022-08-01
68236 POI XWPF dev NEED --- searchText(String,PositionInParagraph)@XWPFParagraph can wrongly reset BeginCharPos 2023-11-27
46 bugs found.


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