Bug 52891 - 2.2 doesn't perform as well as 1.3
Summary: 2.2 doesn't perform as well as 1.3
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Product: Apache httpd-2
Classification: Unclassified
Component: mpm_prefork (show other bugs)
Version: 2.2.22
Hardware: All Linux
: P2 normal (vote)
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Assignee: Apache HTTPD Bugs Mailing List
Keywords: MassUpdate
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Reported: 2012-03-12 20:11 UTC by William Taylor
Modified: 2018-11-07 21:08 UTC (History)
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Description William Taylor 2012-03-12 20:11:55 UTC
We have written a modules for apache that for certain reasons requires
one hit per child.
On apache 1.3 this worked fine with a minor tweak to
setting it to 10000 from 1000000.

Note that this behavior can be tested without our module by setting
"MaxRequestsPerChild 1"

We have been running apache 1.3.41 with:
MinSpareServers 500
MaxSpareServers 600
StartServers 550

Using JMeter to send some requests if we request a single page using 3
threads, apache has no problem keeping up and
doesn't dip below 485 idle servers. With debug logging on you see it
jumping from spawning 8 to 16 to 32 children. We didn't
need to increase the MAX_SPAWN_RATE from the default of 32 for apache to
keep up just fine.

Output from apachectl status
   197 requests/sec - 28.6 kB/second - 148 B/request
   5 requests currently being processed, 492 idle servers

Recently we decided we should update our module for apache 2.2 . However
we found the performance of apache 2.2 was falling short
compared to apache 1.3.

Running apache 2.2.22 with the same number of servers falls down pretty
quickly with the same load from JMeter.
Within a few seconds it drops down to 0 idle connections. In the
error_log you see apache constantly saying it's spawning
32 children but the number of children are really low.  Example log
entry "spawning 32 children, there are 2 idle, and 9 total children"
Occasionally it will start catching up but quickly drop back down.
Example log entry "spawning 32 children, there are 169 idle, and 180
total child"

apachectl status:
   27.8 requests/sec - 7.0 kB/second - 256 B/request
   13 requests currently being processed, 0 idle workers

apachectl status when it starts catching back up:
  161 requests/sec - 11.4 kB/second - 72 B/request
   4 requests currently being processed, 477 idle workers

I have tried upping the MAX_SPAWN_RATE to 512 and starting off the
idle_spawn_rate at 128 and never letting
it fall below that. It seemed like things got marginally better but not
by much. I realize most people would think
we are crazy for running one hit per child but it's just something we
need to do. This has all been tested on the
same hardware also. I tried stracing and running gprof but nothing
seemed obvious. My best guess at this point
is apache is taking to long to close connections or there is some other
sleeps or something that I'm not seeing.

Any thoughts on what could be the issue would be most appreciated.
Comment 1 William A. Rowe Jr. 2018-11-07 21:08:56 UTC
Please help us to refine our list of open and current defects; this is a mass update of old and inactive Bugzilla reports which reflect user error, already resolved defects, and still-existing defects in httpd.

As repeatedly announced, the Apache HTTP Server Project has discontinued all development and patch review of the 2.2.x series of releases. The final release 2.2.34 was published in July 2017, and no further evaluation of bug reports or security risks will be considered or published for 2.2.x releases. All reports older than 2.4.x have been updated to status RESOLVED/LATER; no further action is expected unless the report still applies to a current version of httpd.

If your report represented a question or confusion about how to use an httpd feature, an unexpected server behavior, problems building or installing httpd, or working with an external component (a third party module, browser etc.) we ask you to start by bringing your question to the User Support and Discussion mailing list, see [https://httpd.apache.org/lists.html#http-users] for details. Include a link to this Bugzilla report for completeness with your question.

If your report was clearly a defect in httpd or a feature request, we ask that you retest using a modern httpd release (2.4.33 or later) released in the past year. If it can be reproduced, please reopen this bug and change the Version field above to the httpd version you have reconfirmed with.

Your help in identifying defects or enhancements still applicable to the current httpd server software release is greatly appreciated.