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Sat Jun 15 2024 12:09:52 UTC
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19 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
130124 webservi Manager petertliu NEW --- Partner's web services can not be added to a Visual Web Page 2008-04-14
132950 webservi Manager ayubskhan NEW --- Need to support latest YouTube API 2008-07-17
147504 webservi Manager ayubskhan NEW --- [saas] add support for multi-part requests 2009-04-03
141285 webservi Manager petertliu NEW --- Preregistered web services cannot be deleted 2008-07-23
135856 webservi Manager issues NEW --- remove obsolete/duplicated package 2008-05-27
174815 webservi Manager mkuchtiak NEW --- PHP SOAP code is slightly wrong 2013-07-24
236151 webservi Manager mkuchtiak NEW --- Possibility to move Web Services 2013-09-23
251856 webservi Manager mkuchtiak NEW --- Allow to change the size of a collection/array passed to a tested web service 2015-04-15
256469 webservi Manager mkuchtiak NEW --- IllegalArgumentException: Could not get javaMethod for operation org.netbeans.modules.websvc.saas.model.WsdlSaasMethod@33eb3c2 2015-11-09
267914 webservi Manager mkuchtiak NEW --- org.netbeans.modules.deadlock.detector.Detector$DeadlockDetectedException: Default RequestProcessor 2018-04-20
270383 webservi Manager mkuchtiak NEW --- NullPointerException at javax.xml.bind.ContextFinder.find 2017-04-12
271535 webservi Manager mkuchtiak NEW --- NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.websvc.saas.model.WadlSaas.getResources 2017-12-14
135504 webservi Manager petertliu NEW --- Problem with moving Web Services between groups 2008-08-27
145725 webservi Manager petertliu NEW --- [saas][twitter][delicious] implement header signing 2008-08-31
145730 webservi Manager petertliu NEW --- [saas] newly added saas service module should become visible w/o need for restart 2008-08-31
146449 webservi Manager petertliu NEW --- [saas][zillow] GetUpdatedPropertyDetails method is missing in the IDE 2008-09-07
146457 webservi Manager petertliu NEW --- [saas] visually distinguish deprecated/beta operations in manager 2008-09-08
136529 webservi Manager issues NEW --- By adding a not WSDL local file would be displayed some error message 2008-06-05
94253 webservi Manager petertliu NEW --- RFE: for non-primitive parameters on Properties of WS 2008-04-14
19 bugs found.