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apisupport: Development-time support for the NetBeans APIs, project types for NetBeans module, suite, library wrapper and NetBeans Platform Application.
cnd: C/C++, Fortran and Assembler native development.
connecteddeveloper: Colaboration support for the NetBeans IDE. Issuetracking,Hudson support and Kenai integration...
contrib: Temporary home for newly contributed code.
db: Database support
debugger: Basic infrastructure for the debugger, including most of its UI, and the ability to delegate to a specific debugger implementation at the user's request.
docker: Basic Docker container integration
editor: The IDE's text editor.
groovy: Groovy and Grails support
guibuilder: Lets developers visually create forms with AWT, Swing, and JavaBeans support.
ide: If you don't know where, please report issue here.
installer: NetBeans installer
java: Basic support for development using Java language
javacard: The support for JavaCard in the NetBeans IDE.
javaee: Java EE support
javafx: JavaFX support
javame: Java ME development - Mobility Pack and Mobility Pack for CDC. Mobility Pack covers CLDC/MIDP and Mobility Pack for CDC targets CDC/PBP/PP/AGUI.
javascript: JavaScript support
nblocalization: Translation of NetBeans resources into other languages.
obsolete: Obsolete modules, no more supported/developed modules those are no more parts of the IDE.
php: PHP development support for NetBeans
platform: The NetBeans Platform (RCP) and its APIs.
prod-test-proj1: Project used internally
profiler: NetBeans Profiler
projects: Project support infrastructure for the IDE. Ant, Maven ....
python: Python development support
qa: NetBeans Quality Assurance.
ruby: Support for the Ruby language and associated frameworks in NetBeans
serverplugins: Plugins for J2EE servers
soa: Enterprise SOA Modules
third-party: Third-party plug-in modules not developed or maintained on Use this category if you need to file a bug on about an off-site or commercial module and do not want to file the bug directly with the vendor (e.g. OpenVMS distribution, ...)
uml: Unified Modeling Language support
updatecenters: Content available on NetBeans Auto Update Center.
usersguide: Help and Online documentation for the IDE.
utilities: Small pieces of functionality: open file, URL (bookmark) support, groups of objects, find in files.
versioncontrol: Support for Version Control Systems. CVS, Subversion, Mercurial, ClearCase, ...
web: Support for writing HTML and CSS.
webservices: Web services support.
www: site
xml: Generic XML support and infrastructure