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Obsolete modules, no more supported/developed modules those are no more parts of the IDE.

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Component Default Assignee
antlr issues@obsolete
ANTLR grammar and tool support
apisupport issues@apisupport
Code involved in pre-4.0 apisupport. Do not use for new bugs!
applet issues@obsolete
Support for development and testing of AWT and Swing applets
archivesupport issues@obsolete
Generic support for maintaining, building and compressing file a
blueprints issues@obsolete
Java EE blueprints integration
classclosure issues@obsolete
Class dependency computing library
collab issues@obsolete
Developer collaboration modules
collabnet issues@obsolete
Former Collabnet issues
corba issues@obsolete
CORBA Support
cpp issues@obsolete
C, C++, and Fortran support
cpplite issues@obsolete
Lightweight C/C++ development support
crosscompile issues@obsolete
Cross compile
debuggertools issues@obsolete
JDK1.1 (*) Debugger Impl. Plug-In
EJB Freeform issues@obsolete
EJB Freeform
Embedded Mozilla Stanislav Aubrecht
Support for Embedded Mozilla
externaleditor issues@obsolete
External editor (XEmacs, VIM, ...) integration
Facelets 1.1.x issues@obsolete
Old support for pre-JSF 2.0 facelets.
form-jndc _ richardbair
experimental JDNC support developed on branch
form-swingx issues@guibuilder
Issues of SwingX support module.
icebrowser issues@obsolete
Integrates the ICE embedded HTML browser into the IDE.
innertesters issues@obsolete
Run simple unit tests using inner classes
jarpackager issues@obsolete
JAR Packager (visual archive creation and maintenance).
jasm issues@obsolete
Java assembler
javaembeddedserver issues@obsolete
Support for Java Embedded Server (JES)
jini issues@obsolete
Jini support
jndi issues@obsolete
Java Naming & Directory Interface support
languages issues@obsolete
Languages infrastructure.
makefile issues@obsolete
Support for make & makefiles
metrics issues@obsolete
Provide code metrics for NetBeans.
netbrowser issues@obsolete
Java-based HTML Renderer
Registration Yulia Novozhilova
rmi issues@obsolete
Remote Method Invocation support
serialversion issues@obsolete
Analyze and correct serial version UIDs for Java classes
sim issues@obsolete
Support Interface Module
treefs Jaroslav Tulach
A module that adds a view filesystem over another filesystem
vcscore issues@obsolete
Contains the APIs and basic implementation for VCS modules.
vcscvs issues@obsolete
CVS Command-Line Client Support
vcsgeneric issues@obsolete
Generic command-line version control
visualweb issues@obsolete
Visual web development
wasp issues@obsolete
WASP Tools from Idoox - web services support
webl issues@obsolete
Web Language support
xtest issues@obsolete