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The NetBeans Platform (RCP) and its APIs.

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Component Default Assignee
-- Other -- Antonin Nebuzelsky
openide.util core.kit queries openide.compat openide.util.enumerations core.ide defaults settings
Action Items Jan Peska
Action Items window (previously Tasks window), including TODOs, compiler warnings and errors.
Actions Jan Peska
Autoupdate Libor Fischmeistr
Implements the IDE's connection to the Update Center, permitting it to receive versioned module updates over the web and automatically install them.
Data Systems Jaroslav Havlin
Dialogs&Wizards Stanislav Aubrecht
core/dialogs openide/dialogs openide/wizards
Directory Chooser Ondrej Vrabec
Documentation Geertjan Wielenga
Embedded Browser Stanislav Aubrecht
Embedded Browser integration in the IDE
Execution Petr Hejl
openide.execution core.execution
Explorer Jan Peska
Favorites Ondrej Vrabec
Filesystems Jaroslav Havlin
openide.filesystems masterfs
Graph issues@platform
Graph library
Help System Jaroslav Havlin
Html4j Jaroslav Tulach
Generic HTML/Java rendering infrastructure and NetBeans integration.
JDK Problems Antonin Nebuzelsky
known problems with JDK that needs a workaround or should be reported to JDK team Our awt/swing problems should be reported directly to guilty subcomponent. More general issues to Window System
Keyring Libor Fischmeistr
Keyring API and implementations.
Launchers&CLI Libor Fischmeistr
Lookup Jaroslav Havlin
lookups in IDE
Module System Tomas Hurka
openide.modules o.n.bootstrap core.startup o.n.core
NB JUnit Theofanis Oikonomou
NetBeans extension to JUnit - this extenstion introduces additional features to junit, like assert on files, logging, etc., which help to use junit for functional tests. This extension is used by XTest when running tests.
Netigso Tomas Hurka
NetBeans Platform integration with OSGi runtime.
Nodes Jan Peska
Notifications Jan Peska
NotificationDisplayer (openide.awt), Notifications top component (notifications)
Options&Settings Theofanis Oikonomou
options.api openide.options
Outline&TreeTable Martin Entlicher
Output Window Jaroslav Havlin
Palette Stanislav Aubrecht
Plugin Importer Libor Fischmeistr
Plugin Importer
Plugin Manager Libor Fischmeistr
Tools|Plugins ... install/uninstall/enable/disable NetBeans plugins
Progress Jan Peska
api.progress progress.ui
Property Editors Stanislav Aubrecht
Property Sheet Stanislav Aubrecht
property sheet UI component
Proxy Libor Fischmeistr
Templates Martin Entlicher
Text Miloslav Metelka
Window System Stanislav Aubrecht core.ui core.nativeaccess libs.jna applemenu o.n.swing.plaf o.n.swing.tabcontrol openide.awt core.multiview