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Bug 183423

Summary: RFE -- create icon for toolbar -- for debug project -- not just debug main project
Product: debugger Reporter: emiddio <emiddio>
Component: CodeAssignee: Martin Entlicher <mentlicher>
Status: REOPENED ---    
Severity: normal CC: jglick, psomol
Priority: P3 Keywords: UI, USABILITY
Version: 6.x   
Hardware: All   
OS: All   
Issue Type: ENHANCEMENT Exception Reporter:
Attachments: Debug Project icon large
Debug Project icon small

Description emiddio 2010-04-02 20:51:00 UTC
RFE -- create icon for toolbar -- for debug project -- not just debug main project
Comment 1 Ondrej Langr 2010-04-06 13:04:33 UTC
Not recommended.

Right now, we're using the concept of main project. We know that it only works in some situations (read: for some users) and there are problems with it for others.

We should probably either switch the concept of main project to "actual project" or keep it as it is. Introducing a new set of actions (the same applies to debug, run, profile .. and others) would only require the user to think which of the two actions they want to start.
Comment 2 emiddio 2010-04-06 18:33:41 UTC
debug project is avail from the right mouse click from within the project 
now - when not main project --

i simply want a toolbar icon for it ?
Comment 3 Ondrej Langr 2010-04-12 19:22:50 UTC
I see, I may have misinterpreted this. 

Did you mean to have the action and icon available in project toolbar customizer (right click toolbar and click customize)? If so, please re-open this issue - this would make sense as Run project as well as Clean & Build project and other actions without "main" context are there as well. 

I thought you were suggesting to have such icon in the toolbar by default. In that case, I'd be against it as all project actions currently in the toolbar act on main project context.
Comment 4 emiddio 2010-04-12 20:31:39 UTC
yes -- i was referring to the tool bar customizer.
will re-open
Comment 5 Ondrej Langr 2010-04-13 14:26:04 UTC
I see. Currently we're short of graphic designers, but we'll look at it when time allows.
Comment 6 emiddio 2010-04-13 18:54:56 UTC
current "non-main project buid/debug" icons appear to be the "main project ones" with a different background; i am not graphic either -- but should be easy for the right persons to do.
Comment 7 Jesse Glick 2012-03-26 19:13:51 UTC
Do not really understand what this issue means, but needs to reevaluated in light of bug #166780.
Comment 8 emiddio 2012-03-26 19:56:46 UTC
try to clarify;

toolbar icons exist for build project, and build main project;

one can select a project that is not the main project -- and the icon for build project will build that project, not the main project;

build-main project will build the main project even when the main project is not the selected project.

looking for a debug project icon with similar semantics - debug the selected project -even when it is not the main project;

debug main project does currently exist.
Comment 9 Martin Entlicher 2012-03-27 12:27:32 UTC
As long as there are two actions for build and run, I agree that there should be two actions for debug as well.
Though in the light of issue #166780 this might be less important.
Anyway, this is upon HIE decision to determine what actions should be there, to assure consistency and to provide the respective icons.
Comment 10 Jesse Glick 2012-03-27 19:56:32 UTC
(In reply to comment #8)
> toolbar icons exist for build project, and build main project

Rather, *actions* exist for each. Only Build Main Project is in the standard toolbar.
Comment 11 Petr Somol 2012-04-02 09:51:56 UTC
Created attachment 117639 [details]
Debug Project icon large

I have created the missing icon. Please see the attachment. I believe it follows the conventions reasonably well. Compare esp. to Run Main Project, Run Project, Run File, Debug Main Project and Debug File. I am going to attach also the smaller icon version.
Comment 12 Petr Somol 2012-04-02 09:52:31 UTC
Created attachment 117640 [details]
Debug Project icon small
Comment 13 Saltor 2012-06-09 20:11:28 UTC
This problem is mirrored elsewhere. Notably, there is a "Profile Main Project" icon for the toolbar, but no "Profile Project" icon.