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Bug 55639

Summary: Error Stripe API Review
Product: editor Reporter: Jan Lahoda <jlahoda>
Component: -- Other --Assignee: Miloslav Metelka <mmetelka>
Severity: blocker CC: anebuzelsky, apireviews, jpokorsky, jrojcek, mentlicher, mfukala, mkleint, pkuzel, ppisl
Priority: P2 Keywords: API_REVIEW
Version: 4.x   
Hardware: All   
OS: All   
Issue Type: TASK Exception Reporter:
Bug Depends on: 58728, 59721, 59727    
Bug Blocks: 54150    
Attachments: Patch for nbbuild.
Error Stripe Architecture Description.
Error Stripe - Annotations Architecture Description.
Error Stripe's javadoc.
Generated architecture description for editor/errorstripe.
Generated architecture description for editor/errorstripe/annotations.
Arch document for the errorstripe/api module.
Javadoc for errorstripe/api.

Description Jan Lahoda 2005-02-28 20:20:28 UTC
I would like to ask for the API Review for the
Error Stripe module. Actually, there are five modules:
editor/errorstripe - the SPI definition and Error
Stripe component implementation
editor/errorstripe/annotations - a provider for
Error Stripe that shows selected annotations in
the Error Stripe
java/errorstripe - Error Stripe - Java bridge.
tasklist/errorstripe - Error Stripe - Tasklist bridge.
latex/errorstripe - Error Stripe - LaTeX bridge

The only two modules that provide the API/SPI are
editor/errorstripe and editor/errorstripe/annotations.

The editor/errorstripe/annotations provides only a
tiny SPI through layers.

As the arch documents and javadocs will probably
change through the process, I will be attaching
the up-to-date documentation here:

A patch in nbbuild is required to build the
modules. I am attaching the diff to this issue.
Comment 1 Jan Lahoda 2005-02-28 22:11:42 UTC
I forgot to mention from where you can get the code: the branch name
is "errorstripe_spi_2005" (without the quotes). I only branched the
following directories:
not whole modules. It can be checked out like this:
cvs -d checkout -r
errorstripe_spi_2005 -f editor java

I mentioned the latex/errorstripe only to be complete, I do not think
it should be part of the review.
Comment 2 Jan Lahoda 2005-03-01 06:55:33 UTC
Directory tasklist/errorstripe has been also branched.
Comment 3 Jan Lahoda 2005-03-01 13:27:17 UTC
Created attachment 20583 [details]
Patch for nbbuild.
Comment 5 Jan Lahoda 2005-03-01 13:36:53 UTC
Created attachment 20585 [details]
Error Stripe Architecture Description.
Comment 6 Jan Lahoda 2005-03-01 13:37:26 UTC
Created attachment 20586 [details]
Error Stripe - Annotations Architecture Description.
Comment 7 Jaroslav Tulach 2005-04-15 13:21:17 UTC
Please held the initial review on Apr 27, 2005. The review leader will be Mila 
and other voting reviewers Martin, Petr and Jano.  
I hope you succeed - the success,  
usefulness, usability, maintainability of error stripe lays in your hands! 
Comment 8 Jan Lahoda 2005-04-18 15:29:04 UTC
The errorstripe_spi_2005 branch was merged into the trunk and some more
improvements has been done. Currently, the errorstripe modules can be checked
out using:
cvs checkout -P editor/errorstripe java/errorstripe tasklist/errorstripe

I am attaching JavaDoc for the Error Stripe and architecture descriptions for
editor/errorstripe and editor/errorstripe/annotations.

Please let me know if something is missing.
Comment 9 Jan Lahoda 2005-04-18 15:29:44 UTC
Created attachment 21705 [details]
Error Stripe's javadoc.
Comment 10 Jan Lahoda 2005-04-18 15:30:21 UTC
Created attachment 21706 [details]
Generated architecture description for editor/errorstripe.
Comment 11 Jan Lahoda 2005-04-18 15:30:46 UTC
Created attachment 21707 [details]
Generated architecture description for editor/errorstripe/annotations.
Comment 12 Miloslav Metelka 2005-05-10 11:18:58 UTC
Opinion document was created and it's available at
Comment 13 Jan Lahoda 2005-05-12 09:28:29 UTC
During implementation of the issue #58728, the following problem occurred:
I would like to merge the java/errorstripe module into the java (Java Source
Files) module. But, the java module should not depend on the errorstripe
(because errorstripe depends on the editor, so the java module would in turn
depend on the editor). So, I propose to create a new API module for errorstripe,
that would contain only the SPI for up-to-date checks. The proposed location of
this module is editor/errorstripe/api. All API documentation would be moved into
this module.

Are there any objections?
Comment 14 _ pkuzel 2005-06-01 10:40:18 UTC
From opinions document:
> Therefore the error stripe should not display anything that does not have a 
> corresponding annotation in the editor.


I have two use cases where I need to show erros stripe mark only without
corresponding annotation in the editor:

  - CVS diff marks
    marks places in source that are changed since last update

  - CVS annotation marks
    marks all places in annotated (result of special action) source that
    were introduced by the same commit
Comment 15 _ pkuzel 2005-06-08 09:45:07 UTC
FYI current ES annotation implementaion does not scale (issue #59721). I hope
it's pure implementation limit unrelated to Annotations API.
Comment 16 Jesse Glick 2005-06-16 18:15:02 UTC
*** Issue 21227 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 17 Jan Lahoda 2005-06-20 16:58:40 UTC
The requested changes are done on the errorstripe_55639 branch. Branched is:
-whole editor module
-java/src and java/nbproject

-only two modules will remain: editor/errorstripe/api and editor/errorstripe.
Other modules (editor/errorstripe/annotations, editor/errorstripe/feature,
java/errorstripe and tasklist/errorstripe) will be removed (java/errorstripe and
tasklist/errorstripe are not branched and will be removed during merge).
-the annotation XML description was enhanced by a few attributes, see
for details
-Mark interface removed from the SPI (moved into a non-public package), only
UpToDateStatusProvider remains
-java/errorstripe's functionality has been merged into java source files module.
-editor/errorstripe/annotations' functionality merged into editor/errorstripe.

I will attach arch document and javadoc for the errorstripe/api module.
Comment 18 Jan Lahoda 2005-06-20 18:59:07 UTC
Created attachment 22809 [details]
Arch document for the errorstripe/api module.
Comment 19 Jan Lahoda 2005-06-20 18:59:49 UTC
Created attachment 22810 [details]
Javadoc for errorstripe/api.
Comment 20 Jan Lahoda 2005-08-31 12:49:08 UTC
The Error Stripe's API review is done.