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19 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
120625 App Dev api issues UNCO --- [UNO API]can't get the text of "TextField PageNumber" by XTextDocument.getText() 2013-02-24
120692 App Dev api issues CONF --- [UNO API]Author field created by UNO API is lost after save to MS doc format, 2013-02-24
120748 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- paragraph tabstops character change to default when save to doc. 2012-08-29
120753 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- paragraph outline level and numbering style change when save to doc. 2012-08-30
120796 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- header/footer's margins are all set to 0 when export to DOC format 2012-09-03
120798 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- header/footer's spacing is increased when export to DOC file 2012-09-03
120826 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- "A,B,C..." numbering bullet will change to "A,AA,AAA..." when save to doc. 2012-09-06
120833 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- graphic bullet will change to character bullet when save to doc. 2012-09-06
120949 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- header/footer's background lost when export to doc format 2012-09-13
120964 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- page layout "only left" and "only right" all changed to default value "right and left" after export to doc format in AOO 2012-09-14
120982 Impress open-imp issues CONF --- graphic border missing after open .ppt file in Aoo 2012-09-21
121235 Writer formatti issues CONF --- writer's page numbering type changed after export to doc format 2012-10-19
121200 performa code issues REOP --- [Regression][Automation][Performance]Severe downgrade to save xls sample files. 2014-02-27
121256 Impress save-exp awf.aoo CLOS FIXE Crash when saving ppt 2017-05-20
121199 Writer open-imp issues CLOS DUPL [Automation][Regression]Crashed when loading 2 docx files. 2012-11-01
120752 Impress open-imp issues CLOS FIXE Aoo crash when open the odp file which contains bullet of Circle Number 2012-11-28
121417 Writer open-imp issues CLOS IRRE [Automation][Regression]Page number can not be updated correctly until you moved the document. linux32 only. 2017-05-20
127579 App Dev vba issues CLOS IRRE PrintOrientation on star basic macro does not work 2017-12-08
127726 App Dev scriptin issues CLOS NOT_ MailMerge - "Failed to savetemporary file" exception 2018-03-09
19 issues found.