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JMeter (bug list)
1 33305 Visual diff and merge functionality for JMeter scripts (Show Votes)
1 51128 Feature request: JMeter lacks general pre-processor for POST-data (Show Votes)
1 51822 Selecting a node triggers too many gui (JMeterGUIComponent) updates / configuration (Show Votes)
1 62787 New XPath2 Assertion supporting XPath2 with better performances than XPath Assertion (Show Votes)
1 62963 Provide an official JMeter container image in Docker Hub (Show Votes)
1 62970 HTML report to become very accessible and usable to many Jmeter users (Show Votes)
6 votes used out of 60 allowed.

Tomcat Connectors (bug list)
1 47714 Response mixed between users (Show Votes)
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