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Fri Dec 3 2021 15:30:33 UTC
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57 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
268752 cnd Navigati alexvsimon NEW --- provide "Include overloaded methods" in Find Usages 2016-10-31
256373 cnd Navigati ilia NEW --- Macro view should support search 2017-06-30
115758 cnd Navigati issues NEW --- *Fortran* go to declaration support 2011-03-11
123944 cnd Navigati vv159170 NEW --- It is difficult to find specialized template methods 2010-11-16
115845 cnd Navigati alexvsimon NEW --- Provide "View/Inspect type hierarchy" in popup menu of class in Class View 2013-05-17
139079 cnd Navigati alexvsimon NEW --- Hyperlink for operators 2014-04-01
200011 cnd Navigati alexvsimon NEW --- Macro Expansion View blinks 2016-10-31
242772 cnd Navigati alexvsimon NEW --- when file belongs to several projects, it's not possible to choose Find Usages scope 2016-10-31
243103 cnd Navigati alexvsimon NEW --- Allow hyper-link on operators 2014-04-24
247583 cnd Navigati alexvsimon NEW --- "Overrides and is overridden" annotations do not explain error 2015-10-28
249191 cnd Navigati alexvsimon NEW --- Code navigator doesn't group functions accordingly if the selected file is a cpp file 2016-10-31
258593 cnd Navigati alexvsimon NEW --- Navigation "Go to Declaration/Definition" is not working while the text search box is focused 2016-07-08
270876 cnd Navigati alexvsimon NEW --- List corresponding throw and catch locations etc. 2017-06-14
115757 cnd Navigati ilia NEW --- *Fortran* code folding support 2016-02-12
267686 cnd Navigati ilia NEW --- "Show Method Parameters" action doesn't show anything when inside a string 2016-09-01
125556 cnd Navigati issues NEW --- Definitions View (VS name) or Declaration View (NB name) 2013-05-21
136363 cnd Navigati issues NEW --- Editor navigation functions 2010-04-25
136985 cnd Navigati issues NEW --- Go to Function or Variable cannot find class members? 2008-06-11
139787 cnd Navigati issues NEW --- Autogeneration of common C++ code blocks 2013-05-17
140711 cnd Navigati issues NEW --- CallGraph graph view don't remove changes 2013-05-19
151963 cnd Navigati issues NEW --- Sort "GoTo File" according to "Exclude from Code Assistance" 2014-04-14
160918 cnd Navigati issues NEW --- [67cat] Navigate->View Macro Expansion is absent in global menubar 2013-05-19
162205 cnd Navigati issues NEW --- [call graph] Lacks support for template instantiation (parameter dependent) 2013-05-07
183076 cnd Navigati issues NEW --- new icon in *Fortran* Navigator for subroutines 2013-05-07
185606 cnd Navigati issues NEW --- Enhancement: Find context menu item for single files 2010-05-06
190008 cnd Navigati issues NEW --- Jump to beginning/end of a routine or structure or macro 2010-08-31
193647 cnd Navigati issues NEW --- Find usage does not wotk for type synonims 2010-12-20
199247 cnd Navigati issues NEW --- 'Next Error' should highlight compiler error & update status bar 2011-06-08
220976 cnd Navigati issues NEW --- Return Values in Window Navigator and Classes 2012-11-13
232529 cnd Navigati issues NEW --- Can't navigate to externed variable declaration 2013-07-12
237678 cnd Navigati issues NEW --- useless binary files in Go To File dialog 2016-03-04
241617 cnd Navigati issues NEW --- C++ source/header focus in different tab group issue 2016-02-02
253231 cnd Navigati issues NEW --- put "Action Items" icon in side-bar of "Output" view 2015-06-29
256276 cnd Navigati issues NEW --- Show failed includes in navigator differently 2015-10-30
257058 cnd Navigati issues NEW --- support partially qualified names in GoTo ... 2015-12-08
258360 cnd Navigati issues NEW --- "Expand All" in navigator should not disallow manual collapsing 2016-03-16
271572 cnd Navigati issues NEW --- "find usages" is confused by a split window 2017-10-02
228146 cnd Navigati petrk NEW --- Navigating to function with the same name as class jumps to the class constructor 2016-10-31
269761 cnd Navigati petrk NEW --- "Find usages" working incorrectly with an overloaded operator (C++) 2017-04-05
77373 cnd Navigati vkvashin NEW --- *Class View* should display function parameters' declaration as they appear in text 2013-05-17
250876 cnd Navigati vkvashin NEW --- Should not be called in UI thread 2016-10-31
271079 cnd Navigati vkvashin NEW --- Macro view should show content from #included file 2017-07-12
121401 cnd Navigati vv159170 NEW --- "Go to Declaration/Difinition" in editor context menu should go to the function name, not to the string begin 2013-05-21
126256 cnd Navigati vv159170 NEW --- Hyperlinking should work inside comments, too 2010-09-08
216765 cnd Navigati vv159170 NEW --- Want to tell "Find Usages" to show declarations and definitions as well 2012-08-13
222971 cnd Navigati vv159170 NEW --- Add support for Changing constructor parameters 2012-11-30
228941 cnd Navigati vv159170 NEW --- Inplace class rename does not rename constructor 2013-08-02
268701 cnd Navigati vv159170 NEW --- NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.cnd.refactoring.ui.WhereUsedPanel.getScopeProject 2017-03-30
229004 cnd Navigati ilia NEW --- Navigator may loose focus 2014-09-08
155699 cnd Navigati issues NEW --- Go to declaration: place the cursor on the key term 2008-12-18
219947 cnd Navigati issues NEW --- Navigation between documents 2012-10-24
225848 cnd Navigati issues NEW --- Possible use of StringEscapeUtils 2013-02-07
180456 cnd Navigati vkvashin NEW --- remove using of deprecated class in OverrideAnnotationAction 2010-04-26
76199 cnd Navigati vv159170 NEW --- code folding should not create fold for outmost guard #ifndef/#define/#endif 2010-04-25
191582 cnd Navigati vv159170 NEW --- "Go To Implementation" should be the first entry of "Navigate" in context menu of editor 2014-05-20
118384 cnd Navigati alexvsimon STAR --- Enable filtering, sorting, more collapsing in Navigator 2010-05-21
115849 cnd Navigati alexvsimon REOP --- Provide lightweight reference for the parent in class view 2013-05-17
57 bugs found.