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Bug 117712 - Rename 'Install/Reload in Development IDE' menu item
Summary: Rename 'Install/Reload in Development IDE' menu item
Status: NEW
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Product: apisupport
Classification: Unclassified
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Version: 6.x
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: P3 blocker (vote)
Assignee: Martin Kozeny
Keywords: UI
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Reported: 2007-10-03 23:51 UTC by Karthikeyan Rajeswaran
Modified: 2013-02-14 13:17 UTC (History)
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Description Karthikeyan Rajeswaran 2007-10-03 23:51:56 UTC
From :
> Rename the right-click menu item to "Install into this IDE", the target IDE can also
> be used for development so the wording is ambiguous.

I think 'Install into this IDE' is a clearer text for the menu item (than the current text, 'Install/Reload into
Development IDE').

In fact, if possible, it would be nice to do the following:
- if target platform is same as this (current) ide, then display only one menu item 'Install/Reload' (which would be
same as 'Install into this ide').
- if target platform is different from this (current) ide, then display two menu items: 'Install/Reload in this IDE' ,
'Install/Reload into target IDE'.
Comment 1 Jesse Glick 2007-10-04 00:25:36 UTC
Menu item rename is possible. Not sure if it is an improvement. No label changes considered for 6.0, anyway.

It is impossible for the target platform to be the same as the current IDE because they could not be sharing a userdir,
and the module is installed into a userdir.
Comment 2 Karthikeyan Rajeswaran 2007-10-04 00:47:12 UTC
> It is impossible for the target platform to be the same as the current IDE

It is quite likely that i am not understanding the distinction between 'development' and 'target' platforms. When I
install say NB6 and i do not have any other ide/platform installed, i can still develop modules and the target for the
module projects is set to the 'current' ide automatically. I took it to mean that the 'target' platform is same as
'development' platform. But as you have explained, perhaps the distinction is not which nb install is used for running
the module but rather which 'userdir' is used for installing the module. So, it seems that, in the case i have
described, 'development platform' is (installed-ide + user-dir-in-installed-ide's-conf-file) and 'target platform' is

As for the renaming, i did find the menu names confusing; but then i searched for 'install/reload' in javahelp and found
that the help text was very helpful. (Though, I am still leaning toward 'Install into this IDE' being an improvement..).
Hopefully the original submitter of issue 117390 would add comments/preference here. In the absence of any other
feedback, please go ahead and close this as wontfix.
Comment 3 Jesse Glick 2007-10-04 00:51:34 UTC
Right, userdir is more relevant. You can only run one instance of NB in a given userdir at a time (due to an exclusive
lock file), but you could be running multiple instances from the same install dir. (This is why installing NBMs in the
userdir is a bit safer than installing them in the general installation dir - there is no possibility of a race condition.)

I will leave open for the menu item text which could probably stand to be revisited.
Comment 4 Karthikeyan Rajeswaran 2007-10-04 01:07:22 UTC
Thanks for the clarification.

So, the following are the usecases:

1. Target is set to the same instance of NB that is used for the 'development' of the module. In this case,
a. 'Target IDE' refers to running instance started with another testuserdir.
b. 'development IDE' refers to running instance started with its netbeans.conf specified userdir.

2. Target is set to a different instance of NB tha the one that is used for module development. In this case,
a. 'Target IDE' refers to target instance started with a testuserdir.
b. 'development IDE' refers to target instance started with its netbeans.conf specified userdir.

Hopefully, in 2b, a check is made to ensure target instance does not refer to the same userdir used by the development
instance. (If not, should a bug be filed?)

Comment 5 Karthikeyan Rajeswaran 2007-10-04 01:09:40 UTC
Please ignore my previous post; the usecases are wrong. I will repost the entry with corrections.
Comment 6 Jesse Glick 2007-10-04 01:13:55 UTC
No, "development IDE" refers to the IDE installation (binaries) and userdir which you are running to use the editor,
etc. This is always an IDE. The target platform which you are building your module against (may be just the NB Platform,
no IDE bits) plus testuserdir are referred to as "target". When you "Install/Reload in Development IDE" you are building
your module, against whatever target platform, then loading it into the development IDE's user dir and running instance.
This is generally only desirable for the occasional demo where you do not wish to start a target platform at all (e.g.
you do not want >1 copy of NB running due to limited RAM). It is dangerous because if the developed module has some
grave bug which interferes even with opening Tools > Plugin Manager, you may not be able to recover except by killing
the process and manually deleting the module JAR. For normal development purposes you should always reload in the target
platform, hence the warning dialog.
Comment 7 Karthikeyan Rajeswaran 2007-10-04 01:25:41 UTC
thanks again for the clarification.

So, "development IDE" always refers to the (currently running) IDE installation and its current userdir. (Presumably
this is true even if the current instance was started with a '-userdir <mydir>' option).

The target IDE always refers to the target instance (which could be same as the current ide or a different ide/platform
install) with a testuserdir. 

And all of this is meant only for development. For deployment, installing the nbm via the plugin manager, is the only
recommended option.
Comment 8 Jesse Glick 2007-10-04 01:38:36 UTC
Correct on all counts. I know the terminology is a bit confusing but that's what you get when you develop a tool which
can be used to develop itself!
Comment 9 n713z 2007-10-04 17:50:03 UTC
Oops, sorry, late to the table...

Jesse is correct of course, "this IDE" would be just as
ambiguous as it does not distinguish between "this userdir"
or "this platform", the latter of which is the same for
target and development IDEs.  Moving this choice to a
checkbox on a dialog would not be nice.

I still think a rename is in order in the interest of
usability.  There is another usability problem that could
be fixed--sometimes my mouse slips and clicks on I/R into
this instead of target, they're right next to each other.
How about an I-know-what-I'm-doing sub-menu called
"Install/Reload into..." that would open another menu with
"...this IDE's userdir" and "...the platform (affects all users)"?
This would reduce the need for a warning, make it less
likely to do the wrong thing by accident.

As an aside, regarding reloading issues, it seems to me that
reflection could be used to find out if any instances of
classes from a module that is being reloaded are actually
in use.  What I'm thinking is some sort of deep-reload
power-user tool that could be used to swap out any module.
I'm not advocating that it be included in the standard
distribution, but for platform developers it would be a