Issue 17169 - Add automatic non breaking space before certain punctuation marks (for French)
Summary: Add automatic non breaking space before certain punctuation marks (for French)
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Version: OOo 1.1 RC
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test document to clarify the situation (11.83 KB, application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text)
2007-04-13 13:20 UTC, ggs
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Description 2003-07-21 11:29:28 UTC
It would be great to have automatic unbreakable space before and after double
signs like ';' ':' '?' '!'. There may be others. Or have the possibility to add
them to Autocorrect/Autoformat.
Best - Sophie
Comment 1 2003-07-21 11:31:30 UTC
Added Hervé Tanguy in cc as he is the initial reporter of this issue.
Comment 2 h.ilter 2003-07-21 11:39:24 UTC
Reassigned to BH
Comment 3 2004-01-22 13:54:53 UTC
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Comment 4 2004-12-24 11:06:37 UTC
set keywords, target and reassign issue according to RFE process - Sophie
Comment 5 brunom 2004-12-24 14:34:47 UTC
This little feature can get users save a lot of time.
Seems not difficult to implement
Included in Word for long so perceived as regression when migrating, OOo's 
reputation suffers
Comment 6 lohmaier 2004-12-25 19:14:18 UTC
please note that whether a space before punctuation marks is desired depends on
the typographic conventions of the country/language.
German e.g. doesn't have a space before punctuation marks.
And an unbreakable space after the characters seems contra-productive.

and why should 

bla bla bla bla! bla bla

bla bla bla 
bla! bla bla

instead of

bla bla bla bla! 
bla bla

a duplicate issue cannot be dependent on the original issue.
Comment 7 brunom 2004-12-27 09:56:09 UTC

1/ I have to correct the purpose of this issue : it is 'Add automatic 
unbreakable space BEFORE typo DOUBLE signs (;:!?)'. Unbeakable space is not 
required after.

2/ I understand that it is a french specific typo rule so it seems to be 
difficult to take into account ; therefore Word does it and it saves lots of 
strikes and prevents bad line breaks.

A OOo is ofen presented as much 'language specific' than MSO, one doesn't take 

Comment 8 2006-02-17 15:16:12 UTC
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Comment 9 lohmaier 2006-03-01 00:19:47 UTC
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Comment 10 stefan.baltzer 2006-12-11 11:36:12 UTC
SBA: Adjusted summary for clarity and to ease summary string queries.
Comment 11 stefan.baltzer 2006-12-11 11:38:28 UTC
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Comment 12 milek_pl 2006-12-17 13:19:27 UTC
The easiest and most flexible way to implement this would be to enhance the
AutoCorrect feature a little, i.e., to allow specifying the behavior to delete
the space and, optionally, to insert special codes like hard spaces. Then we
could implement generic rules like " ," -> "[Delete-space],", " !?" ->
"[Delete-space]!?" or, for French " !?" -> "[Hard-space]!?". Probably this
wouldn't need to change the BreakIterator, and only implement two behaviors:
"delete space, if any" and "insert hard space", and two special codes which
could be rendered fancifully on the screen (like <- or _ on the icon). 
Comment 13 kpalagin 2007-02-04 15:40:18 UTC
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Comment 14 brenot 2007-03-03 16:49:46 UTC
Merci de bien vouloir le faire.
Comment 15 h3g3 2007-04-10 13:07:17 UTC
Surely it's because I don't know nothing about it, but I can't figure out why
OOo can't do with double signs what it manages to do with closing double quotes...
Comment 16 antp 2007-04-13 10:24:14 UTC
Indeed, it works fine for " converted to «nbsp or nbsp» so I guess that doing
the same for other punctuation symbols should be possible?
Comment 17 milek_pl 2007-04-13 10:50:39 UTC
not really, the problem is that a normal space is not treated the same as the
punctuation mark by OOo; it is only a separator and it cannot be replaced using
automatic correction

but maybe changing the behavior of OOo in regards to breaking words would allow
to treat " «" as a single token... I'll look at that.
Comment 18 milek_pl 2007-04-13 11:10:01 UTC
By the way, the current release of LanguageTool grammar checker has a rule to
deal with this problem in French, see
Comment 19 ggs 2007-04-13 12:02:51 UTC
> not really the problem is that a normal space is not treated
> the same as the punctuation mark by OOo; it is only a separator
> and it cannot be replaced using automatic correction  
But to implement this feature, there is no need to replace space characters. I 
still don't get the difference you're trying to explain. With quotes, a single 
non-space character " is replaced by either «[nbsp] or [nbsp]». Here, the 
situation is similar: a single non-space character (:;?!) should be replaced 
by [nbsp]: or [nbsp]; or [nbsp]? or [nbsp]!.

(Of course, using non-breaking *thin*spaces would be even better.)

> but maybe changing the behavior of OOo in regards to breaking
> words would allow to treat " «" as a single token... I'll look
> at that. 
Quote handling is already implemented and in my experience it works perfectly.
Comment 20 milek_pl 2007-04-13 12:17:01 UTC
I'm afraid you're wrong :(

See the example:

C'est «vrai» !

It's without hard spaces but with normal spaces. Now, can replace
« with hard space and «, but this will get appended to the existing space. So
there will be a sequence: space, hard space, «. Hardly what you want.
Comment 21 antp 2007-04-13 12:37:45 UTC
I do not get what you mean with that example.
If you type 
c'est "vrai"
it will be displayed as
c'est «[nbsp]vrai[nbsp]» 
by OOo
French & Belgian keyboard layouts do not have « » but only "
Comment 22 milek_pl 2007-04-13 12:52:05 UTC
OK, I'm using a heavily customized keyboard with «», that's why I didn't see that.

Anyway, with ":" or "!" it's much harder. If you add "!" to your autocorrection,
it will be replaced only if it is already after a space, so then you can add
hard space before it. But it will not erase the space that precedes that.


C'est vrai : ...

Will get replaced:

C'est vrai [nbsp]: ...

Is that now clear?
Comment 23 ggs 2007-04-13 13:19:28 UTC
I will attach a test document so that you understand what this is all about. 
There is no space before the "!" That's the problem. Why should I type it 
manually? I'm not doing it for the quotes, so why should I do it for ; : ? !
That doesn't make sense. Especially since it would be wrong, because this 
space must be non-breaking!

(Well, currently I must insert a manual non-breaking space, but that's only a 
workaround until OpenOffice takes care of this issue.)
Comment 24 ggs 2007-04-13 13:20:52 UTC
Created attachment 44407 [details]
test document to clarify the situation
Comment 25 milek_pl 2007-04-13 15:29:23 UTC
I know exactly what this is about, after all I wrote the proper rule for
LanguageTool, and you're welcome to test it.

The problem is that:

(1) autocorrect doesn't work for punctuation marks that are not
preceded by whitespace (tabs and spaces);
(2) autocorrect works for punctuation marks preceded by
whitespace but it can only add another hard space to that whitespace.

We should change the behavior of autocorrect so that it wouldn't start working
only after a word-breaking symbol.

But you can already install LanguageTool for OOo and it will correct all these
cases, however this will not happen automatically.
Comment 26 ggs 2007-04-13 15:51:19 UTC
> (1) autocorrect doesn't work for punctuation marks
> that are not preceded by whitespace (tabs and spaces);

*Wrong*, it *does* work for quotation marks.
example: "Bonjour" -> « Bonjour »
The second quote *is not* preceded by whitespace, yet it's transformed.

I think I've finally understood where the confusion comes from:
What I and probably others want is an implementation similar to the quote 
handling (FOURTH tab of the AutoCorrect dialog) and not one based on "Replace" 
(FIRST tab of AutoCorrect dialog).
It is about custom code to handle this peculiarity in French typography. Just 
like there are custom algorithms to handle quotes in different languages.
AutoCorrect is more than just a simple word replacement table.

Anyway, thanks for your patience and caring about this issue.
Comment 27 milek_pl 2007-04-13 16:00:42 UTC
Gosh, of course by "punctuation marks" I meant "punctuation marks excluding
apostrophes and quotations marks" because they have their own routines in
automatic correction.

Anyway, please test LanguageTool. I implemented this for you :)
Comment 28 ggs 2007-04-13 16:24:02 UTC
I've just tried language tool. It doesn't handle apostrophe's correctly if 
they are replaced by typographical ones. (Something about a missing opening or 
closing quote.)
Since I'm using Antidote for my correction purposes I disabled everything 
except space handling and it's a nice workaround for the time being. Thanks.
Comment 29 h3g3 2007-04-19 16:24:00 UTC
That's what I meant when I talked about the way of handling the closing double
quotes. When OOo replaces " by [nbsp]», it does exactly what we need. It does
even more than what we want it to do, since there is no need to replace the
double punctuation signs, in this case.
I understand that quotation marks have their own routines, but would it be such
a big work load to add the same routines (or nearly so) for double signs?
There is a French proverb that says "Qui peut le plus peut le moins"...
Comment 30 nalimilan 2007-05-04 21:40:42 UTC
ggs wrote:
> There is no space before the "!" That's the problem. Why should I type it 
> manually? I'm not doing it for the quotes, so why should I do it for ; : ? !
> That doesn't make sense. Especially since it would be wrong, because this 
> space must be non-breaking!"
AFAIK, MS Office needs you to type in a white space, and then it replaces it
with a non-break space (I've not been using it for a long time, though). This
may be a not so bad behavior - we can discuss that.

Second point: standard apostrophes (U+0027 APOSTROPHE, ie ' ) can be replaced by
AutoCorrection (fourth tab) with U+2019 RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK, ie ’ -
which "is preferred for apostrophe" (following the Unicode specification). This
replacement function is primarily intended to replace English quotation marks
U+0019 and U+0018 (right and left marks). But it is working perfectly for
apostrophes too, at least in English and French. Note that all apostrophes
should be U+0019 for  typographical reasons: these are smarter. This
AutoCorrection rule should be the default for French too. Maybe for German this
would be an issue, I don't know.

I'm aware this post is partly out of the scope of this bug, but these are
related issues: how to set replacement rules that can be adapted for each
language automatically. We have to keep this in mind when trying to design a new
typo system.

Thanks for working on this *really annoying bug*.
Comment 31 titcouille 2008-05-11 14:35:02 UTC
The punctuation rules in French require a non-breaking space before colon ( : ),
semicolon ( ; ), exclamation ( ! ) and question mark ( ? ). In Microsoft Office,
when the language is set to French, those non-breaking spaces are automatically
inserted, but in OpenOffice that's not the case. You should add an option that
automatically adds non-breaking spaces before those signs, as the user types.
But contrary to what was said in the original post, non-breaking space after the
punctuation sign should not be added.

There's an extension for OpenOffice that offers a temporary solution :
Comment 32 sicart 2008-09-28 14:42:07 UTC
I was surprised, when I tried Open Office, to discover that American quotation
marks are transformed into French quotation marks (unbreakable space included)
but that no unbreakable space is inserted before double/high punctuation.

I was surprised, in part because I have been using Microsoft Word for years and
never had to think about it (and because Open Office presents itself as a
functional alternative to Microsoft Office), and in part because the French
Ministry of Culture recently switched its thousands of computers from Microsoft
Office to Open Office (which seems to be something rather significant, in
regards to Open Office's official recognition as a better alternative to
Microsoft Office).

I know there's a patch that allows for unbreakable spaces to be inserted
automatically, but that works clumsily with texts that mix French and English
(which may seldom be an issue for most American users, but is not an infrequent
one for many a French user).
Comment 33 pomcompot 2009-07-30 16:22:39 UTC
This problem doesn't involve the same development than for quote replacement
because it doesn't involve notion of opening/closing.

One repaired to handle this case, a simple replace rule may be sufficient.

Though, there will still be a problem because this replacement is language
specific and must take into account the paragraph language before triggering.
This point involve hardier development.
Comment 34 rpnpif 2009-07-31 16:12:47 UTC
@pomcompot : See the "French Spacing (espace insécable)" extension, release
1.4.1. Try this extension to see if it answers to your requests.
Comment 35 sicart 2009-08-01 09:16:17 UTC
I tried the patch. It worked. When I tried to disable it to type in English
again, Writer crashed and I lost the (test) document I was working on. So I went
back to MS Word and, this coming academic year again, I'll request from all my
students that they use MS Word (because I don't have time to explain how to do
this and that, with screen captures, in several different word processors).
Comment 36 rpnpif 2009-08-03 10:03:18 UTC
@ sicart : Yes OOo should not crashed when you disable "French Spacing"
extension. But why disabled this? It is not needed. The best method is, first,
to declare the English language paragraph or part in... English by this method:
1. Select your text that is in English language.
2. Select the Format character menu and choose English in the list, or simplest,
choose English clicking on the bottom status bar.
Now the insecable spaces are automatically disabled.
3. Declare a new issue for the bug in this web site.

If your students work only on English texts, create or modify a Standard style
with all text in English. I think that is very simple and it is the base of all
wordprocessing program (MSWord include). See the documentation.

If all users of free software do as you did when a crash occurred, free software
would not exist and OOo would not in that good quality. This soft is free and in
exchange we try to improve it declaring problems and other issues in the right
place. Remember: this program is free and (partially) the fruit of the
cooperation between users.
Comment 37 sicart 2009-08-04 07:05:34 UTC
I must confuse this patch with another, older one, then. The one I tried applied
French spacing to any text, regardless of the language selected.

Alright, I'll give it a go, though it means reinstalling OOo first, so it'll
have to wait a bit: I've just finished translating five children books from
French to English; I still have to translate a couple novellas and several short
stories from English to French before the academic year starts and/or my editors
shoot me.

My students too need to type in both English and French. 

By the way, if this patch can recognize the language being used, like MSWord has
done for years, why is it still just a patch? Why isn't it included in OOo directly?

Oh, and I should have started with: Thank you for your answer. And for the patch
Comment 38 2009-09-06 13:07:20 UTC
I have a working patch of the core. This feature is added as another AutoCorr
option and is working for all the applications (not only Writer). Here is a
description of the patch's implementation:

A non breaking space is added in front of the following characters ';', ':',
'?', '!' in french text only. The characters list and language aren't
configurable, but this option can be (un)checked.

I can start a CWS for it if needed. As the patch is ready, it could be
integrated into 3.2 if somebody would be kind to do the QA
Comment 39 2009-09-07 09:30:50 UTC
Fixed in CWS cbosdo01.
Comment 40 2009-09-07 09:31:55 UTC
Set target
Comment 41 Mathias_Bauer 2009-09-07 13:22:57 UTC
Cedric, thanks a lot for working on this. I've added Stefan and Oliver to the
CC: list as they can help with the integration.
Comment 42 2009-09-07 13:55:22 UTC
mba: thanks. Do you know someone who could do the QA of the CWS? I can set it as
ready for QA, but need some tester.
Comment 43 Mathias_Bauer 2009-09-07 17:10:47 UTC
I hope we can get sba or es sa QA rep here. 
AFAIK es is expected to be back tomorrow, I will find out who can have a look.
Did you commit your fix already? 
Comment 44 2009-09-07 17:17:05 UTC
mba: yes, the fix is already committed to cbosdo01. I have set the CWS Ready For
QA. Should I set es as QA Rep ?
Comment 45 Mathias_Bauer 2009-09-07 17:21:46 UTC
Pleas wait until tomorrow, in the meantime I will have look.
Comment 46 2009-09-08 13:40:26 UTC
mba: any update?
Comment 47 Mathias_Bauer 2009-09-08 14:21:56 UTC
It's currently hard to find someone for QA; es is still on vacation and sba is
already under heavy workload. Your CWS comes in very late, but I will see what
we can do.

First I will prepare a build for our QA.

One question wrt. the implementation: what happens if the user already has
inserted a blank before the ":", will the unbreakable space be inserted anyway?
Did I get that correctly, the autocorrection will insert the unbreakable space
before *and* after the sign? And it removes the blank the user needs to type to
start the autocorrection?
Comment 48 2009-09-08 15:14:17 UTC
mba: I know that it comes quite late... I just had some hope it could be
integrated into 3.2...

wrt the implementation question:
  * the hard space is inserted before the ?!:; characters even if there is
already a normal white space. That may be improved to replace the existing white
space ?
  * no change is done on the white space after the :;?! character: in french
typographic rules, this is a normal space. The hard space is inserted before
only to avoid the punctuation mark to go to the next line.
Comment 49 Mathias_Bauer 2009-09-08 17:30:00 UTC
I don't know if it's necessary to fix the problem with the existing space; it
just came to my mind. At the end, you are French and should know better if that
is annoyance. :-)

I will come back to that when I have done the build and have played with it and
had a first look on the code.

My remark to the blanks after the ":" was caused by the initial description of
the submitter that asked explicitly for spaces before and after.
Comment 50 2009-09-08 17:45:37 UTC
mba: Here is a page describing the use of the hard space in french. This is an
automatic translation from a french wikipedia page:

the original page:

I'll have a look at MSO's behaviour on that topic, but the previous white space
replacement is a pertinent remark.
Comment 51 auberon 2009-09-08 20:35:02 UTC
In Word, the space before the punctuation mark is replaced by a non-breaking
space. I think this is a good behavior.

Please note that there is no non-breaking space between several punctuation mark.

Tu viens[NBS]!?

Not correct:
Tu viens[NBS]![NBS]?

[NBS] = non-breaking space.
Comment 52 jumbo444 2009-09-09 08:04:53 UTC

Many thanks for this CWS. It will be a great improvement for French speaking users.
You may have a look to macros included in the "French spacing" extension
which treats all cases : change soft space before double punctuation, treat
exceptions such as http://, treat correctly succession of double punctuation...
See for
a discussion (in French) about all cases.
Comment 53 Mathias_Bauer 2009-09-09 08:24:29 UTC
I've done a small change in svxaccor.cxx to fix a warning (unused parameter)
Comment 54 2009-09-09 08:34:01 UTC
jumbo444: thanks for those links... I wasn't aware of that forum topic. 

The http:// exceptions are properly handled because the autocorrection is fired
when you type the next word separator (space, paragraph ending...).

I wasn't aware of the multiple punctuation case: this has to be fixed indeed, as
well as the previous non hard whitespaces replacement.
Comment 55 jumbo444 2009-09-09 09:04:01 UTC
Another exception may be when paragraph starts with a double punctuation.
Comment 56 2009-09-09 09:29:28 UTC
mba: I have fixed the exceptions mentioned by the above comments. I'm committing
them to the CWS. I also commented the unused parameter to remove the warning you

jumbo444: yes, I've seen that one, this is implemented in the CWS from now.
Comment 57 stefan.baltzer 2009-09-09 09:59:11 UTC
Reassigned to me.
Comment 58 Oliver Specht 2009-09-09 11:04:31 UTC
I found that in sw/source/ui/utlui/utlui.src there is 
Text [ en-US ] = "Add non break space";
This should read "Add non breaking space";

What about tab stops? 
Text<tab char>: 
Should they be ignored instead of inserting a hard blank additionally?
Comment 59 2009-09-09 17:03:32 UTC
os: WRT the tab behaviour, Word doesn't add the hard space in that case. It may
me nice to stick to that behaviour.
Comment 60 stefan.baltzer 2009-09-11 09:39:30 UTC
I am sorry to spoil the party... :-(
I have to reopen this one.
This is a full-blown feature because it introduces new UI in AutoCorrect Options
(2 check boxes and the respective string) => Change issue type from
"Enhancement" to "Feature".
The description in this issue and in the attached document describes the goal.
That goal (automatically insert a non-breaking space) is acheived in general. 
But the "surrounding behavior" needs further clarification and improvement.
Example: The nonbreaking spaces "pile up" when using Backspace and entering
another line break after the respective mark. 
Therefore I must insist on a specification. 

Comment 61 2009-09-11 10:14:21 UTC
sba: this behaviour has been fixed on 2009-09-09 in the CWS thanks to some
comment from mba and jumbo444.
Comment 62 stefan.baltzer 2009-09-11 11:08:15 UTC
Change target to OOo 3.3 because 3.2 feature deadline is too close.
 - Spec needs being written (I volunteer for QA part in iTeam)
 - Feature needs some optimizations (will be specified in Spec)
 - Autotests need adjustment
 - Online help needs an update, too (therefore put UFI on cc)
Comment 63 stefan.baltzer 2009-09-11 12:31:58 UTC
Note: I propose to activating this by default for French (like the insertion of
nonbreaking spaces for quotations already is).
This would address the fact that only a tiny minority of users know how and dare
to change office default setting, thus would "keep on missing this feature".
Comment 64 nmailhot 2009-09-11 21:43:42 UTC
Note that correct French typography distinguishes between non break space and
narrow non break space.

; ! ? : are supposed to be preceded by a narrow non break space (U202F)

« »  OTOH use the full-width non break space

Ref :  page 149 of
Comment 65 jbf.faure 2009-09-12 18:08:20 UTC
add me to cc.
Comment 66 Mathias_Bauer 2009-09-14 09:52:56 UTC
Just to make it clear (sba's comment could be misunderstood):

The issue and its CWS didn't make it into 3.2 because the autotest broken by it
couldn't be fixed until nomination deadline. 

As we now have more time to integrate the CWS, sba wants to write a spec for
this feature change before he or one of his colleagues will adjust the autotest. 
Comment 67 eric.savary 2009-09-14 15:59:40 UTC
Hi All!

SBA asked me if I would like to take over the QA part (testing) and writing the
specification for this issue.
I agreed not only because I am his Writer co-worker but also because the fact
I'm French might help a bit in term of awareness of the problem and motivation
to solve it correctly ;).

Now we have time to write a correct and detailed spec and really think about
what we want to address and NOT to address.

First, I would not like to *discuss* what we should do and how here.
I'd rather make a first spec draft on the Wiki and let people comment it on or so...

Things I think about when talking about "address or not":
- Differentiate the spaces or not (Thanx nmailhot for your last comment! I
ordered the book! ;) )
- "French". In which country? What are the rules? (I have read that in Quebec it
is recommended NOT to have a space before : ! ?...)
- I don't like the Idea of dropping a "French stuff" in the middle of the
Options which are not really language depended (what if every language adds its
own features there)
- The question of the the automatic << >> which is on an other tabpage...

But as I wrote. It's better not to make this issue bigger then it is with

@cedricbosdo: is that ok for you?
Comment 68 eric.savary 2009-09-14 16:00:26 UTC
CCed: es
Comment 69 2009-09-14 17:40:11 UTC
es: it's good to know that this has fallen into french hands :) Discussing it on
dev@fr is also a good idea.

For the rule about Quebec, this has to be clarified as the reporter on the
equivalent issue here ( is a
french guy working for a Quebec company. We shall make sure that fr_CA users are
taking part of the thread on the list.

We also have to take into account that this feature should also work fine for
Impress / Draw and Calc (may be less important).
Comment 70 eric.savary 2009-09-14 22:38:34 UTC

First spec draft:

Quebec and others: needs to be investigated...

Not only Writer: I agree but we should focus on Writer first.

For further discussions: I'll post a message on these
days. Feel free to do it first if you like :)
Comment 71 2009-11-26 11:11:09 UTC
Implemented according to the specs in cbosdo01
Comment 72 pposc 2009-12-04 17:56:08 UTC

as a french user, I'm glad to see this new feature integrated in OOo :-)
Thanks for your job!

Two questions about the implentation you recently delivered:
- did you re-use the existing extension
( or is it a new
- according to the wiki ("Non Breaking Spaces Before Punctuation In French"), I
understand that the specification is still in discussion. Does that mean that
the implementation you delivered is subject to change?

And a final question: are you confident that we can expect to see this feature
in OOo 3.3 as stated on the page of the Issue?

Comment 73 2010-01-26 16:05:05 UTC
Comment 74 2010-02-09 11:48:32 UTC

> Thanks for your job!

Many thanks :)

> Two questions about the implentation you recently delivered:
> - did you re-use the existing extension
> ( or is it a new
> implementation?

This is a new implementation in the C++ core of OOo

> - according to the wiki ("Non Breaking Spaces Before Punctuation In French"),
> I understand that the specification is still in discussion. Does that mean 
> that the implementation you delivered is subject to change?

The specs have reached a stable state ATM and will certainly not change a lot.
Comment 75 stefan.baltzer 2010-02-15 10:25:02 UTC
Link to specification:
Verified in CWS cbosdo01.
Note: The respective AutoTests got adjusted in the same CWS (issue 108382, issue
107088, issue 108380).
Comment 76 nmailhot 2010-08-10 21:02:12 UTC
It's kind of disappointing that a Finish (!) six-years-old (2000 revised in
2004) page on the then-state of the art in html browsers (ie6 + netscape 4?) has
been used to justify ignoring the very clear typographic rules on narrow no
break space that even references (the same Finish page claims œ is
too “new” and should not be used, when Unicode has long deprecated ISO-8859-15
in software)
Comment 77 eric.savary 2010-08-10 23:46:41 UTC
@nmailhot: I guess you refer to
And the old link

You are right, a little bit outdated... :)

But don't forget the other arguments and especially the fact that not a lot of
fonts have this Unicode area.
A lot of fonts and especially *very common fonts* miss this character.
A small test shows: Arial, Verdana, Adobe Garamond Pro...

A good reason for NOT respecting to the good old French typography rules in a
bright and brilliant software world which is still discovering the multiplicity
of locale usages! ;)

Else: where were you as we made the specification, discussed this on dev@fr,
made the CWS and finalized it? 
As you are French: "la critique est aisée mais l'art est Minotaure"... :)
Think about it...