Name Description Open Issues Total Issues
accessibility This keyword is used for accessibility issues that can be fixed in Apache OpenOffice itself. See the the accessibility-external keyword for other accessibility issues. Search 478
accessibility-external This keyword is used for accessibility issues that have to be fixed outside of the Apache OpenOffice code base (eg. Assistive Technology) Search 21
aqua This (now obsolete) keyword was used to better identify issues for the native version (without X11) of OpenOffice running on OSX. Search 508
Arabic Referring to the Arabic version. Search 28
automation_bug Bugs found by automated testing Search 19
BIDI For issues related to bi-directional text which is used in e.g. Arabic or Hebrew scripts. Search 24
CJK If issues are related to Chinese, Japanese and Korean, you can mark it as cjk. Search 137
crash Issues with crashes or freeze get this keyword. Search 920
data_loss Use this keyword for issues that lead to a loss of data (this includes the entire document, the content within a document or loss of configuration settings) Search 51
Hebrew Referring to the Hebrew version. Search 30
interop_OOXML Keyword denoting interoperability with MSO 2007/2010 file formats based on XML Search 24
merge_pending Obsolete keyword that was used to request merging of a patch into the tree. The keyword was supposed to be removed by the community member who did the merge. Search 52
ms_interoperability This keyword should be used to identify issues regarding the interoperability with Microsoft Office applications. Search 885
needhelp This keyword signals somebody seeking assistance. For example, this may be a developer who wants to delegate (parts of) a task, an QA engineer in need for expertise to reproduce a bug, or somebody who wants to verify a patch before integrating it, and needs access to e.g. an exotic Linux distro. Search 824
needmoreinfo This keyword should be used to mark issues where a QA volunteer or a developer asked the submitter to give more information to an issue. The advantage is that you can query for that keyword and easily figure out where you asked for more information. Search 6243
new_implementation This keyword is used if a new implementation of a component is prepared and helps identifying that this issue refers to new code not yet contained in the installation set. Search 519
numbering This keyword is used to track issues for outline, numbering and bullet list formatting within the module word processor. Search 115
odf_validation This keyword is used for issues about ODF documents, written by OpenOffice, which do not validate against the latest ODF schema. Search 17
oooqa This keyword should be used to make clear that an OOo QA volunteer has applied a change to an issue, be it an additional description, a priority change or anything else. Search 22968
performance denotes issues which describe the insufficient performance of a specific task in OpenOffice Search 161
regression This keyword can be set if functionality definately worked in an older version, but doesn't in a newer version. It is very helpful to give detailed information from which version to which version the functionality broke. If this issue is considered a blocker for the next release, the OpenOffice team will indicate this by setting the "release_blocker" keyword. Search 2315
release_blocker This keyword is obsoleted by the release-blocker flag. It denoted issues which were considered blockers for the next release. Search 88
rfe_eval_ok status field for feature request evaluation Search 573
security Issues referring to security incl. digital signatures, encryption, etc. should have this keyword. Search 28
third_party_support Issues referring to third party support including groupware and collaboration integration requirement should have this keyword. Search 21
TSK-DEF Obsolete keyword that stood for "Task defined". Search 77
usability Issues referring to usability and ease of learning should have this keyword. Search 675
usagetracking Obsolete keyword that marked issues related to Usagetracking for the User Interface Renaissance Project. Search 21
vetoed Marks issues that currently have a veto on them, meaning that a project Committer has objected to the proposed fix. Further discussion should be promoted to the mailing list. Search 1