Issue 31330 - user jacqueline does not receive list mail
Summary: user jacqueline does not receive list mail
Status: CLOSED DUPLICATE of issue 26049
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Reported: 2004-07-10 02:42 UTC by lsuarezpotts
Modified: 2008-05-17 23:24 UTC (History)
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Description lsuarezpotts 2004-07-10 02:42:58 UTC
Jacqueline is moderator for and member of, as well many other lists.  
She has been dropped. I added her back to dev@marketing. 

Being dropped from key lists (usually active ones) has happened to me, too.  

Jacqueline: give me a list of the ones to which you were formerly subscribed...

Comment 1 lsuarezpotts 2004-07-10 03:06:29 UTC
closing as invalid.
issue is probably on user's side.
Comment 2 jacqueline.mcnally 2004-07-13 02:38:20 UTC
I would like to reopen this issue. Since Friday 9 July, I have not received
email from the 60+ OOo lists to which I am subscribed and or moderate.

The email addresses that I use for the lists are:
jacqueline AT decisions-and-designs DOT com DOT au
openoffice DOT org AT decisions-and-designs DOT com DOT au

It appears to be only a problem with OOo lists.

I am able to receive mail from addresses and send mail
using my own address.

Also, I am receiving mail from callforpapers AT openoffice DOT org which I
understand is not a regular OOo list.

I have since subscribed my address to a few lists so
that I can get back on deck to be able to correspond with other OOo members. 

For the last two days I have corresponded with the tech support of our domain.

I am happy to send through this information to and fro, so you can see what has
been considered at our end. I hesitated to include it here, as the messages
include the full headers.

I have requested Louis to unsubscribe me from most of the lists as I didn't want
to think that the email may be banked up or bouncing somewhere. I am still
subscribed to dev@marketing.oo.o as openoffice DOT org AT decisions-and-designs
DOT com DOT au and moderator of dev@marketing.oo.o as jacqueline AT
decisions-and-designs DOT com DOT au for testing purposes. I still have not
received any mail from these lists on these addresses.

Please let me know what information that you require so that you may investigate
and hopefully resolve this issue.

Comment 3 lsuarezpotts 2004-07-13 04:16:37 UTC
Comment 4 lsuarezpotts 2004-07-13 04:17:07 UTC
support, could you look into this? I couldn't see anything amiss.
Comment 5 lsuarezpotts 2004-07-13 04:17:42 UTC
changing summary.
Comment 6 jacqueline.mcnally 2004-07-13 06:07:26 UTC
The technical support people that have been checking our end said in their
recent response to me:

"As mentioned, it seems that the message never made it as far as
reaching our mail server.  If the problem is not occurring in
transit, perhaps it is the case that one of's IP
addresses has been firewalled by our server.  If you could
ask the administrator for the IP addresses used by
their mail server, we can check whether this is the case."
Comment 7 diane 2004-07-13 13:51:11 UTC
You might suspect spam filters. Especially if this is used as a flag: Bayesian
spam probability is 99 to 100%. My service provider upgraded to a filter system
(a version of spamassasin) that used this as a flag. The upgrade changed my
default settings on their system too. Until I discovered it, I lost lots of
emails. When I did figure it out, I set the filters up to mark the spam, but
send it to me too, and I monitored all its judgments for a few weeks. It was so
inaccurate that I disabled their filters altogether. I have seen that Bayesian
spam probability is 99 to 100% label on plain text letters from friends, and all
sorts of places that make no sense. 

My main customer sent an email po to a vendor and they never got it. The vendor
said they were losing emails often too. We have gotten so we use return receipts
for important stuff now, because losses have burned us. Many folks seem unaware
of or too trusting in spam filters. My belief is that the latest spam filters
have a major flaw, but no one is willing to dig into it or even admit it.

Sometimes judgement is made simply on who the service provider is too. My main
customer uses comcast, biggest provider in US, and comcast is blacklisted. Go

If OOo end works out to show no issues, suspect spam filters, no matter what
your provider says. Mine was telling me I was way off-base the whole time, along
with very logical reasoning, and lots of finger pointing in other directions. My
experiments proved otherwise, once I started figuring things out. Their filters
cannot be trusted. I'm not loosing messages anymore, since disabling their
filters 100%.

I'm now using mozilla junk feature to filter spam. It's trainable and seems
accurate. I still monitor its judgements, but so far it's better than what my
service provider uses.
Comment 8 Unknown 2004-07-13 17:41:00 UTC
Please provide examples of messages that have not arrived to the user.  

Also, please advise what lists the user has been unsubscribed to beyond the 
dev@marketing.  Unfortunately the system does not track un/subscription activity 
for us to check if it was done manually.  

Seems very difficult to believe the system unsubscribed the user given we have 
so many mailing lists with so many users subscribed to them that if there was a 
bug causing users to be spontaneously unsubscribed, it would be a very prominent 
Comment 9 jacqueline.mcnally 2004-07-15 06:02:38 UTC
Thank you for your input Diane.

Our domain host has requested the IP address of the OOo mail server so perhaps
they suspect SPAM and anti-virus filters. They have already said they are not
seeing the mail so perhaps blocks are in place upstream from our mailboxes.

I will include the link to this issue so the technical support at our end can
read what is happening at the OOo end.
Comment 10 jacqueline.mcnally 2004-07-15 06:28:17 UTC
The issue is that I am subscribed to OOo lists and not receiving mail from the

I have requested that Louis unsubscribe me from all the lists as I feared that
1000s of messages may be banking up. Being the moderator for some of the lists,
I can receive several thousand a day for moderation that are often viruses or
spam. Louis can confirm that I was subscribed and he has unsubscribed me from
these lists as requested.

I have remained subscribed to dev@marketing as AT
decisions-and-designs DOT com DOT au

Also, I have remained the moderator of dev@mareketing as jacqueline AT
decisions-and-designs DOT com DOT au

Neither of these addresses are receiving mail.

I have been able to check that I really am subscribed to dev@marketing and a
moderator of dev@marketing as I am a Marketing Project owner.

I have subscribed an alternate address that is currently successfully receiving
mail as both a moderator and subscriber of dev@marketing. This is only to be
considered temporary, as it is not as tolerant as our real domain at handling
some of the corrupt headers common with a lot of spam. I will attach these
sample mails:

example1.txt: received for moderation on alternate address, but not on
jacqueline AT decisions-and-designs DOT com DOT au address

example2.txt: received for moderation on alternative address, but not on
jacqueline AT decisions-and-designs DOT com DOT au address

example3.txt: received as subscriber on alternate address, but not on AT decisions-and-designs DOT com DOT au address

Apologies for the delay in following up this issue. I wanted to be able to
provide examples that were not spam or viruses.

Comment 11 jacqueline.mcnally 2004-07-15 06:30:01 UTC
Created attachment 16471
Comment 12 jacqueline.mcnally 2004-07-15 06:30:30 UTC
Created attachment 16472
Comment 13 jacqueline.mcnally 2004-07-15 06:31:07 UTC
Created attachment 16473
Comment 14 stx123 2004-07-15 18:27:11 UTC
Hi Jacqueline,
you'll find the IP address of the mail server in the headers you
Received: from ( [])
Please hand the to your support folks.
Greetings, Stefan
Comment 15 jacqueline.mcnally 2004-07-16 08:10:17 UTC
Thanks Stefan. I knew where to find the IP address, but I don't know what I dont
know :) So I forwarded the request for the address in case there was a bit more
to it.
Comment 16 jacqueline.mcnally 2004-07-16 08:15:16 UTC
Just an update from me.

Today (Fri 16 July), about 1000 my time (we are UTC +08h00) the email appeared
to become unclogged. That is, I began to receive email from lists
to jacqueline AT decisions-and-designs DOT com DOT au and AT
decisions-and-designs DOT com DOT au.

The earliest messages were of Friday last week (9 July), which is when I noticed
that mail was not delivered. I am still subscribed with an alternate email
address to some lists, and the difference between the unclogged mail messages
and the messages that I am receiving on my alternative address is that I did not
receive messages that included viruses or virus remnants. For which I am
thankful. Essentially, real messages, messages for moderation, and of course
spam - came through on the @decisions-and-designs DOT com DOT au addresses.

Unfortunately, it has clogged again. I am no longer receiving mail to the
@decisions-and-designs DOT com DOT au addresses. 

A test message to be held for moderation came through on my alternate email
address, but not on jacqueline AT decisions-and-designs DOT com DOT au
Comment 17 jacqueline.mcnally 2004-07-16 08:25:07 UTC
Created attachment 16500
Comment 18 jacqueline.mcnally 2004-07-16 11:35:13 UTC
I have heard from the support people at our end.

They firewalled the OOo IP address "due to a large number of SPAM and virus
infected emails being received from that address."

They unblocked it, which is why I saw a spurt, and then blocked it again.

"Unfortunately given the high volume of mail that was being received,
it has been necessary for us to block such mail from the server, in
order to be fair to other clients on the server. We would be very
hesitant to remove the block unless the level of mail being sent to
our servers from the mailing list was
significantly reduced. We would also require detailed information on
what has been done to reduce the volume of mail before we would
consider removing the block."

This is only for dev@marketing. How do other moderators get on? Also, wouldn't
it be better for not to redistribute the spam and viruses?

We are currently asking why we were not notified, how we are exceeding our
monthly traffic allowance (we are on their largest hosting plan), and why the
anti-virus was not implemented.
Comment 19 jacqueline.mcnally 2004-07-18 03:36:55 UTC
The IP blocks are still in place on my account. I am using an alternative
address for the moderated mail. Yesterday when I was monitoring the incoming
mail, it was about 1 message every couple of seconds - 99.9999% of which were
viruses or virus remnants

Also, one of the moderated messages to dev@marketing contained:


If you did not send the email, then someone is using your account or has a
virus/worm that is using your email address, and I suggest you sort it out. "

I will contact the sender, and see if they have any further information. While
we do get a steady stream of viruses and spam, a spike has definitely occurred
this last week.
Comment 20 Unknown 2004-07-19 15:56:14 UTC
If this issue is regarding virus and spam checking, should it be closed as a 
dupe of issue 26049?
Comment 21 lsuarezpotts 2004-07-27 06:07:02 UTC
hm. why was this reassigned to me?

Jacqueline: do you want to close this? I think that it ultimately is not in CN's bailiwick.
Comment 22 jacqueline.mcnally 2004-07-27 06:34:37 UTC
The OOo email list server IP address has been unblocked, but this was after a
weekend of processing virus laden mail at approx 1/second. Fortunately, our host
kindly conducted additional processing so that I did not receive the viruses or
minimal remnants.

Yes, please close it as a duplicate of issue 26049 as suggested by bnoble.

Also, thanks to all for assisting me to investigate the issue.

*** This issue has been marked as a duplicate of 26049 ***
Comment 23 ace_dent 2008-05-17 21:21:51 UTC
The Issue you raised has been marked as 'Resolved' and not updated within the
last 1 year+. I am therefore setting this issue to 'Verified' as the first step
towards Closing it. If you feel this is incorrect, please re-open the issue and
add any comments.

Many thanks,
Cleaning-up and Closing old Issues
~ The Grand Bug Squash, pre v3 ~
Comment 24 ace_dent 2008-05-17 23:24:58 UTC
As per previous posting: Verified -> Closed.
A Closed Issue is a Happy Issue (TM).