Issue 32981 - "Load URL" box on toolbar is missing
Summary: "Load URL" box on toolbar is missing
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Version: 680m49
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Assignee: bettina.haberer
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Reported: 2004-08-13 16:34 UTC by ed2
Modified: 2008-05-17 23:51 UTC (History)
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Description ed2 2004-08-13 16:34:41 UTC
In previous versions of OOo, there has been a combo box on the top toolbar, 
into which the URL of an OOo file can be typed in order to load that file, or a 
previously opened file can be chosen from a drop down list.

I can't see any sign of this feature in the latest developer builds, so I 
request that it should be re-itroduced before the final release of OOo2, at 
least as an option.
Comment 1 lohmaier 2004-08-15 22:39:07 UTC
confirming. I want this back as well... (you may vote for this issue)
Comment 2 lohmaier 2004-08-16 18:12:09 UTC
regression-keyword & defect because feature was present in OOo1.x
Comment 3 jack.warchold 2004-08-19 13:13:38 UTC
this feature will be reimplemented in one of the next builds. it is 
just set to hidden by default. 
i will close this issue as invalid. feel free to reopen it if this is not 
reimplemented in a OOo build in mid september.
Comment 4 ansorg 2004-08-19 14:03:34 UTC
why is this needed?

take a URL to a OO doc,
choose "File open ..."
paste the URL into the "File name" box
and there is the OO file opened from the url.

why a special URL box?
Comment 5 ed2 2004-08-19 17:16:58 UTC
How about because it's easier to use a simple box on the toolbar, users will be 
used to using it, etc...

Going down that route, why have toolbars at all when everything that you can do 
using the toolbars can also be done using the menu/dialog structure? In fact, 
why use a computer at all? After all, it is possible to write a letter with a 
pen and paper.

Anyway, this issue appears to be resolved, so I don't see nay need to discuss 
it any further.
Comment 6 stefan.baltzer 2004-09-06 13:30:02 UTC
SBA: Closed.
Comment 7 lohmaier 2004-09-08 18:33:08 UTC
*** Issue 33978 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 8 ed2 2004-10-03 17:10:46 UTC
Sorry to nag, but it's past mid September now, and I still can't find this
feature in OOo 1.9.54. Can anyone give me any idea when it will be done?

PS -  why was this closed as "invalid"? It seems to me to be a perfectly valid
Comment 9 stefan.baltzer 2004-10-04 17:10:52 UTC
SBA: I am please to see that people follow "their" issues and reopen them "in
time" :-)
SBA->TM: Component changed to "framework". Please take over.
Even when it is "only" a flag that's hiding the URL box by default (in build
680m55 too...), it can only change "issue-driven". So this is the issue to get
this done unless "somewhere" there is another one that we missed.
Comment 10 thorsten.martens 2004-10-06 11:56:13 UTC
Change in design ! The standardbar doesn´t have an URL field anymore. So OOo
works as designed. This is not a defect !
Comment 11 bigserpent 2004-10-10 09:08:04 UTC
This IS a defect because this decreases the functionality of the previous
versions - it is a regression. The url is very convinient not only for selection
of a file to open but to see which file is opened in this window (the title can
differ from the file name and path). 
Comment 12 Frank Schönheit 2004-10-11 09:08:57 UTC
putting my votes on this, for whatever it's good for :)

Two reasons why I love this control in the toolbox:
- it's the easiest way to see which document you have opened (if the path is
short enough)
- it's the easies way (by far) to get the *complete* path to the file. For
instance, I sometimes want to copy the file I just edited to somewhere else
(exchanging it with somebody), or things like this. Copying the control-content
to the clipboard, and pasting it to a console's copy command, is the fastest way
by far ...

Hmm. Both sounds very specific, but anyway, I loved this box :). Also, both
sound as if they would normally belong to a File|Properties box ...

Is there a reason in why the design does not allow this box to be available, but
hidden by default? And no, please don't say "MS does not have it" ...
Comment 13 e.matthis 2004-10-11 11:48:02 UTC
(I just voted for this issue and hope the fact that this feature is not in the
present OO.o 2.0 build was actually a misunderstanding.) 

Please enable the functionality of the old "Load URL" box in OO.o 2.0. I need it
to see where I am saving the document (ie the local file system path,not just
http and www, etc). I always copy and paste file paths from and to that box as
part of my daily work routine. In OO.o 2.0 pre alpha, I can show the "Internet
URLs" box by choosing it under View - Toolbars - Hyperlink Bar, but it doesn't
show the document path.
Comment 14 ed2 2004-10-12 17:16:39 UTC
Pleased to see someone else reopened this issue, so it doesn't look like I'm 
single-handedly pushing it.

The whole principal of rejecting an enhancment request because "it's not in the 
design" seems rather flawed to me. After all, it it WAS currently in the 
design, it wouldn't have needed to be requested in the first place! This 
approach definitely defeats the object of providing a medium for making 
enhancement requests.

Also, I don't know who wrote these designs in the first place, but I don't 
understand how anyone can think that they are so infalible that they HAVE to be 
adhered to by the letter, against the will of the community, when OOo is 
supposed to be an open source project. I'm even more doubtful about these 
designs given that they appear to have one main aim of removing useful features 
for no apparent reason.

Anyway I'm pleased I am not the only one to be interested in this issue.
Comment 15 thorsten.martens 2004-10-22 13:12:19 UTC
TM->BH: Please have a look and discuss with CJ. This behaviour was implemented
with our new docking and toolbar implementation and works as specified and
designed. So this is (according our guidelines) definitly NOT a defect but might
be a wish for an enhancement.
Comment 16 bettina.haberer 2004-10-22 14:25:05 UTC
The Load-URL listbox will be available again in OO.o 2.0/SO8, when the CWS
Toolbar03 is integrated. 
Comment 17 bettina.haberer 2004-10-22 14:28:52 UTC
Hello ed2, please check it in CWS Toolbar03 and close this issue then.
Comment 18 ed2 2004-11-05 20:55:47 UTC
I've looked at for CWS Toolbar03, and can't seem to find it anywhere. Are you
refering to CWS toolbars3? In this case, I can't find any reference to
reintroduction of the Load URL box in any of the tasks in this CWS. Please clarify.
Comment 19 stx123 2004-11-09 11:11:48 UTC
Hi, could someone give us a bit more info about the issue.
Carsten,  could you confirm that work on this issue is ongoing in CWS toolbars3?
Comment 20 carsten.driesner 2004-11-09 11:28:18 UTC
CD: The Open URL button is available, but NOT visible by default. You can make
it visible using the configure button at the end of the standard bar. This is
how works according to the specification from the user experience team: 

See specification here:
Comment 21 stx123 2004-11-09 11:40:52 UTC
Thanks for the pointer. I use a German m60 and can't find the entry to make the
URL control visible. The list of "Visible Buttons" starts with "Neues Dokument"
(visible), then "Neues Dokument aus Vorlage" (invisible).
But where is the URL entry? Any idea?
Comment 22 carsten.driesner 2004-11-09 12:06:24 UTC
CD: This is fixed on CWS toolbars3, which is NOT integrated yet. So you cannot
see on a master version.
Comment 23 ace_dent 2008-05-17 21:47:41 UTC
The Issue you raised has been marked as 'Resolved' and not updated within the
last 1 year+. I am therefore setting this issue to 'Verified' as the first step
towards Closing it. If you feel this is incorrect, please re-open the issue and
add any comments.

Many thanks,
Cleaning-up and Closing old Issues
~ The Grand Bug Squash, pre v3 ~
Comment 24 ace_dent 2008-05-17 23:51:49 UTC
As per previous posting: Verified -> Closed.
A Closed Issue is a Happy Issue (TM).