Issue 3765 - Cannot write "April" in cell (auto changes to lower case)
Summary: Cannot write "April" in cell (auto changes to lower case)
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Product: Calc
Classification: Application
Component: ui (show other issues)
Version: 641
Hardware: PC Linux, all
: P2 Trivial (vote)
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Assignee: falko.tesch
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Reported: 2002-04-01 08:28 UTC by Unknown
Modified: 2003-09-08 16:55 UTC (History)
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Description Unknown 2002-04-01 08:28:54 UTC
I was trying to make a table with the current month name as caption. However,
when I write "April" in a cell and press enter, the cell content is
automatically changed to "april". The same goes for "APRIL". Seems the program
thinks this word has to be low case for some reason. With a bit of experimenting
I find that this does not happen with "June" nor "Apetite". So far I have only
found "april" to have this behavior. This behavior does not occur in a table in
a text document (in case this has anything to do with anything).
Comment 1 peter.junge 2002-04-03 16:13:30 UTC
does this issue only happen on April 1st or is it reproducible on any
other day ;-)
Best regards, Peter
BTW: I guess we need to submit another one against IsueZilla itself
because we have no flag for  this case. ;-))
Comment 2 Unknown 2002-04-03 19:21:42 UTC
Actually, this was not a joke, and the problem is still reproducible
in my machine. This is the 641 version shipped with mandrake 8.2. Some
extra information about what changes and not:

April changes
Aapril remains
ApriL changes
April_ remains
April- remains
(April) remains
"April" remains

Still, although annoying, I guess it's a minor issue.  
Comment 3 Unknown 2002-04-03 19:46:18 UTC
...And since I am a seriously neurotic person without a life, I just
couldn't let this rest. I've installed 641d on my WinXP machine to see
if the same thing happens there. It did, so here is another set of tests:

January - keeps case
February - keeps case
Mars - changes to lower case
April - changes to lower case
May - keeps case
June - keeps case
July - keeps case
August - keeps case
September - changes to lower case
October - keeps case
November - changes to lower case
December - changes to lower case

Is this a valid cause to reopen the issue?
Comment 4 ooo 2002-04-03 20:19:58 UTC
er->joepal: Do you happen to already have the lower case strings as
data somewhere in the same column above where you enter the new value,
and does the behavior (changing new input to lower case) stop if you
deselect menu /Tools/CellContents/AutoInput?
Comment 5 Unknown 2002-04-03 21:57:57 UTC
No, in the WinXP case I installed the app solely for testing this, and
it had not been installed on that machine previously. The first thing
I did was to write April (uppercase A). 

Deselecting /Tools/CellContents/AutoInput do stop the behavior. So I
write Mars in cell a1 and it keeps case. Then I re-enable AutoInput,
and write an M in cell a2. The system responds (correctly) with
proposing Mars (upper M), but when I press enter, the actual cell
contents are changed to mars (lower m). 

Now, some speculation: Fact A is that both machines I have tested on
run with swedish as default language. Fact B is that only month names
that are the same in swedish and english (mars, april, september,
november and december) are changed to lower-case. So could it be a
locale-related problem? 

Setting "Tools/options/language settings/language/Locale setting" to
English (USA) does not change the phenomenon however. Nor does
unchecking ".../language settings/writing aids/check capitalization". 
Comment 6 peter.junge 2002-04-04 12:10:38 UTC
I'll have a look at it.
Sorry for my previous comment but it really sounds like an april prank
when submitted that day ;-)
Comment 7 Unknown 2002-04-04 13:51:23 UTC
No problem. :-)

More test info: When entering only single words, it seems I am allowed
to capitalize all swedish words *except* month names and weekday
names. I had expected that numbers (Ett, Två, Tre -- One, Two, Three)
would change case too, but they do not. 

However, when including the word in a sentence, the case is kept. As
an example, it is allowed to write "April inleds med..." (April is
started with...).

Further, looking at "tools/options/spreadsheet/sort lists" I find all
the words I am not allowed to capitalize. After having changed all
weekday names to initial upper case there, I am indeed allowed to
write "MÃ¥ndag" (Monday). However, having done that I am no longer
allowed to write "måndag" (lower m) as it changes to "Måndag". :-)

(And no, having the words with both cases there did not work, as the
system then forced initial upper case)

Why the list sort order should decide whether I'm allowed to
capitalize certain words is beyond me, but obviously there is some
Comment 8 peter.junge 2002-04-08 17:49:31 UTC
reproducible when installed with swedish locales. Sort lists
(tools->options->spreadsheet->sort lists) in swedish are defined with
lower case entries. I guess AutoCorrect uses these lists to overrule
the original input. I'm not sure if this behaviour is wanted and/or
correct so I'm passing this one to Eike.
Best regards, Peter
BTW: Please do not file these kind of bugs on april 1st again ;-))
Comment 9 ooo 2002-05-06 10:41:10 UTC
Correct. The sort lists entries are evaluated for the AutoInput (I
think this was decided because sort list entries are assumed to be
correct, but no one thought of the trouble you had). This seems to be
a rather obscure feature not being clear to the user, it's not even
mentioned in the online help, though defined range names and so on
are. To suppress AutoInput evaluation (without deactivating AutoInput
completely) precede the input with a leading single quote: 'April.

er->ft: Please decide if we should keep the feature of matching
against sort list entries. If we keep it, we should document it.
Comment 10 ingenstans 2002-07-20 15:47:54 UTC
The trick with Tools -> cell contents -> AutoInput really should be documented. People 
without the knowledge and patience to look in Issuezilla will be completely 
exasperated by it. 

I have just been caught trying to enter a set of mixed-case 
"Aa, aa, AA, aA" etc and it was quite frustrating enough to send me back to 
Comment 11 falko.tesch 2003-01-13 16:05:28 UTC
Frankly: I did not check if this is documented or not but if not we
should do so.
Comment 12 frank.thomas.peters 2003-01-28 10:42:09 UTC
It is documented:

"AutoInput is case-sensitive. If, for example, you have written
"Total" in a cell, you cannot enter "total" in the another cell of
that same column without first deactivating AutoInput."
Comment 13 falko.tesch 2003-02-03 17:18:47 UTC
Wonderful, so I close this one.
Comment 14 frank 2003-08-07 15:39:59 UTC
set to verified
Comment 15 frank 2003-08-07 15:41:47 UTC
closed verified