Issue 56202 - ctrl-` toggles formulae view
Summary: ctrl-` toggles formulae view
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Product: Calc
Classification: Application
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Version: 680m134
Hardware: All All
: P3 Trivial (vote)
Target Milestone: ---
Assignee: oc
QA Contact: issues@sc
: 79975 (view as issue list)
Depends on: 56194
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Reported: 2005-10-18 13:29 UTC by mmeeks
Modified: 2013-08-07 15:14 UTC (History)
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Issue Type: FEATURE
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patch (4.35 KB, patch)
2005-10-18 13:30 UTC, mmeeks
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Updated Patch with "Customize option" (5.25 KB, patch)
2006-10-23 12:58 UTC, muthusuba
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testcasespecification (4.74 KB, text/html)
2007-07-05 11:07 UTC, frank
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Description mmeeks 2005-10-18 13:29:52 UTC
Nice patch from Muthu.
Comment 1 mmeeks 2005-10-18 13:30:28 UTC
Created attachment 30603 [details]
Comment 2 mmeeks 2005-10-18 13:31:01 UTC
requires updated keysym stuff for `
Comment 3 muthusuba 2005-10-18 17:40:14 UTC
Adding myself to CC
Comment 4 frank 2005-10-27 15:12:54 UTC
Hi Niklas,

please have a look at this one and set target according to the needs.

Comment 5 niklas.nebel 2006-04-04 18:20:38 UTC
Default keyboard shortcuts are administered by User Experience, so I'm cc'ing
MMP to allow him to comment.
The new keysym defines are available now (since m152), but this all looks quite
- KEY_QUOTELEFT doesn't work on a German keyboard (probably others, too), so
alternative shortcuts have to be defined for the languages where it isn't available.
- KEY_QUOTELEFT doesn't show up in the configure dialog (which might be
considered correct, if it isn't always available).
- For the configure dialog, the new slot also needs a name.
Comment 6 niklas.nebel 2006-10-18 18:04:57 UTC
As-is, this doesn't work. Is anybody working on it, or should we close the issue?
Comment 7 muthusuba 2006-10-19 05:59:37 UTC
  will work on it. but could you tell me what are the 'requirements' (or
specifically problems?).

What I understand:
1. It needs a new slot in the configure dialog.


Comment 8 niklas.nebel 2006-10-19 09:21:44 UTC
The slot name for the configure dialog is easy to add. It has to go into

But there are problems with using KEY_QUOTELEFT:
- It can't be used with some keyboard layouts, where "`" isn't a key of its own,
but reached via shift and another key.
- It isn't included in the "customize keyboard" dialog, which, as mentioned, may
be considered correct.

For the dialog, something has to be worked out with the framework team.

But it's incredible how much uncoordinated work has already gone into this
(including issue 56194) without first making sure that ctrl-` can even be used
at all.
Comment 9 muthusuba 2006-10-19 09:53:36 UTC
  how is it done in excel (i have just seen the US keyboard, so i don't know)?

So, can i consider it as 
1. 'change the key ` to something else' 
2. 'make it configurable'?

Is just 2. (or 1.) enough or do we need both 1. and 2.

Comment 10 mmeeks 2006-10-19 10:00:23 UTC
> But it's incredible how much uncoordinated work has already gone into
> this (including issue 56194) without first making sure that ctrl-` can
> even be used at all.

But wait - let me test - yes it works perfectly for me - so => it is usable.
i#56194 is confused because it uncovered an underlying screwup in vcl/uno
enumeration mapping (an inconsistent cut/paste code-duplication situation) -
which is indeed incredible ;-) Also, there is certainly no harm in having a more
complete set of key-mappings in VCL regardless of whether they are used in .de

Anyhow - as you say, fixing this hasn't been a priority for any of us - witness
the 6 month response time from fst's comment to yours ;-)

> - KEY_QUOTELEFT doesn't work on a German keyboard (probably others, too),
> so alternative shortcuts have to be defined for the languages where it
> isn't available.

So - this is an English-only keybinding initially - that is, unless you want to
tell us what Germans are familiar with using as a keybinding for this. 'Luckily'
the accelerator configuration is cut/pasted en-masse for each language - so
there is no need to have any German binding at all. Surely you can't block this
based on that ? [ also it would be presumably cheaper for the Help team to
change only 1 set of help ;-]

> - It isn't included in the "customize keyboard" dialog, which, as
> mentioned,  may be considered correct.

That is clearly a bug we should fix, thanks for the pointer there.

> incredible how much uncoordinated work has already gone into this

How do you suggest the work gets 'co-ordinated' ? and who is going to take
responsibility for actually making that happen ? I would love a good answer here.

Of course we are still awaiting a reply from 'MMP' - I'll assign the bug to him
so it's clearer we are waiting on him - 7 months seems a long time for no
comment from User Experience. I also change the milestone back to 2.x - it's no
solution to have patches lingering on outside the tree forever.
Comment 11 niklas.nebel 2006-10-19 10:07:45 UTC
To muthusuba: Excel with a German keyboard uses shift-ctrl-', which one may
still call ctrl-`, but I don't know if they implemented it separately.
Comment 12 Regina Henschel 2006-10-19 11:05:23 UTC
I use German WinXP and German Excel. On my PC-keyboard with Excel97 and on my
notebook with Excel 2002 it is Strg+<Key with has the number sign # and the
apostroph ' on it> (Strg=Ctrl). There is no shift needed.
Comment 13 muthusuba 2006-10-19 11:06:32 UTC
ok, then i will add it as ctrl + ` and then provide an option to change this.

will adding code to
(and related parts) be sufficient?

I would like the option in the 'customize' menu - pointers here will be helpful.
Comment 14 mmeeks 2006-10-19 11:18:20 UTC
regina - cool; thanks - could you try configuring a keybinding in the binding
selector for this key [ for some other random function ;-], quitting and pasting
the change in the user-config XML for that ? on Linux that would be in:


with a line like:
	<accel:item accel:code="KEY_Z" accel:mod1="true" xlink:href=".uno:Undo"/>

On win32 you may need to search for files called 'current.xml' to fetch that.
With that data, we can trivially add the German binding.

Comment 15 Regina Henschel 2006-10-19 12:11:44 UTC
@mmeeks: No I cannot. There is no code for that key in
Does an undocumented code exist?
Comment 16 muthusuba 2006-10-23 12:58:55 UTC
Created attachment 39987 [details]
Updated Patch with "Customize option"
Comment 17 muthusuba 2006-10-23 13:01:39 UTC
We can now configure the key in the customize menu.

  Is this ok now? Please tell me in case you need more changes.
Comment 18 mmeeks 2007-01-24 10:34:21 UTC
Is this going anywhere ? it seems uncontroversial to add a single keybinding for
a single language ? another 3 months passed with no approval / help merging /
Comment 19 carsten.driesner 2007-01-24 10:48:54 UTC
cd->mmeeks: I've just asked UX to think about a fast solution for the patch
(from my point of view to accept the it). I hope that we can end this discussion
Comment 20 matthias.mueller-prove 2007-01-25 10:33:40 UTC
Hi guys,
as far as I understand this issue, it is about
1) introducing a new shortcut: Ctrl+Apostrophe (in fact it is prime symbol and not the apostrophe
Question is whether it is ok to use characters for shortcuts that are only
available in plain version on certain language keyboards.
I would say yes. This is ok.

2) A new command should be introduced to change the formular view.
Can someone please add explain what is ment by this?

Fwd issue to Michael.
Comment 21 mmeeks 2007-01-25 20:11:06 UTC
mmp: thanks :-) wrt. your point 2) the 'new command' is (I think) a pure
implementation detail; so we have all we need I think; thanks for the feedback.
Comment 22 muthusuba 2007-02-24 12:21:36 UTC
  since this is assigned to you, any updates on this? ;)

Comment 23 mmeeks 2007-03-02 12:42:26 UTC
Hi Muthu - it looks like it's all approved: so can you create a CWS and check-it
in ? if not, we should prolly get you CVS access setup ? - following the steps
in the wiki for that would be a good plan I guess.
Comment 24 muthusuba 2007-03-26 17:31:07 UTC
Comment 25 muthusuba 2007-05-21 18:39:46 UTC
committed to CWS msba01
Comment 26 muthusuba 2007-06-25 09:49:00 UTC
deleted msba01 (since it was based on oof680)

will be fixed in msba02 (based on src680 (m212))
Comment 27 ooo 2007-06-29 15:27:37 UTC
Grabbing issue to speed things up (see discussion in and thread) in
order to get this into OOo2.3
Comment 28 muthusuba 2007-06-29 15:31:18 UTC
Thanks a lot, er! 
Comment 29 ooo 2007-06-29 15:37:40 UTC
@Muthu: please write a feature announcement using the EIS tool as described in and mention that
this feature is available only on English keyboard layouts.
Don't forget to set your cws msba02 to deleted.

Merged from branch cws_src680_msba02 into cws dr55:

sc/uiconfig/scalc/accelerator/en-US/default.xml  1.3.714.1

Note that in inc/sc.hrc I changed
because of the // DANGER DIRTY ID for slot +16, probably identical IDs of Sfx
and Calc.

Note also that the accelerator file had to be added to scp2 to be included in
patch sets.
Comment 30 muthusuba 2007-06-29 15:40:55 UTC

We made the 'shortcut' configurable so as to make it work on non-English
keyboard layouts also.

Comment 31 muthusuba 2007-06-29 16:02:32 UTC
  done. please verify:

Comment 32 ooo 2007-06-29 16:40:05 UTC
Hi Muthu,

> We made the 'shortcut' configurable so as to make it work on
> non-English keyboard layouts also.

Sure, it is configurable, but in the default configuration it will not
be available on other keyboards.

> done. please verify:

Should be sufficient and even lists the necessary flags, nice :-)
It's not translation relevant though, no strings added to resources or
menu files.

Comment 33 ooo 2007-06-29 19:49:22 UTC
Reassigning to QA for verification.
Comment 34 frank 2007-07-05 10:43:04 UTC
How to change the key assignment:

Tools-Customize-Category View:
Select .uno:ToogleFormula 
Assign Key combination on the Shortcut Keys section and click on Modify Button.
Comment 35 frank 2007-07-05 11:07:23 UTC
Created attachment 46534 [details]
Comment 36 frank 2007-07-24 14:50:17 UTC
*** Issue 79975 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 37 oc 2007-08-07 14:06:37 UTC
closed because fix available in src680_m225 (OOo 2.3)