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Bug 143671 - inconsistent cursor , still exists!!
Summary: inconsistent cursor , still exists!!
Status: NEW
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Component: Window System (show other bugs)
Version: 6.x
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: P4 blocker (vote)
Assignee: issues@platform
Keywords: UI
: 103521 (view as bug list)
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Reported: 2008-08-12 21:30 UTC by kisscat
Modified: 2010-08-11 13:32 UTC (History)
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Description kisscat 2008-08-12 21:30:16 UTC
This is a big big annoying issue since the day I began to use netbeans, and googled the web ,no one can figure out a 
proper solution.
Every Time I expand the tree node in the project window ,I got a busy cursor or we can say it's waiting cursor ,the
hourglass in windows , the stopwatch in linux ,but the problem is , I don't use either hourglass cursor theme nor
stopwatch cursor theme , so the busy cursor is always different with my my cursor , It's really really annoying when
I am using a white cursor ,and saw a black waiting cursor around every time I click the tree node .

The problem may be seen very often if your computer has less MEM ,like 512MB , but if you got 2G or more ,can rarely
happened cause netbeans rarely busy when the MEM is enough.

Please ,please tell me why this happened and how can I disable or get rid of the annoying busy cursor ,since IntelliJ
and Eclipse are all can using user's customized cursor why netbeans can't ? Does netbeans compile this cursor image into
binaries ? why even I delete the system cursor and can still see them ?
Thanks a million.
Comment 1 Peter Pis 2008-08-13 10:36:33 UTC
Reassigning to "core".
Comment 2 Peter Pis 2008-08-13 10:37:10 UTC
Perhaps dup of #103521.
Comment 3 David Simonek 2008-08-13 14:39:18 UTC
reporter, we need more info, as I never saw this error and I'm not able to reproduce neither on Windows nor in Linux

- your OS info
- NetBeans build info (you'll find in menu Help -> About)
- *exact* reproducible steps that leads to an error - OS customizations, anything


Comment 4 kisscat 2008-08-13 20:19:41 UTC
Great ,at least someone saw it. but please keep on reading.

these two pictures may show you  what I mean clearly .

netbeans busy cursor :

my own cursor :

THIS can confirmed on my three different computers , test on windows xp , windows 2003 , ubuntu linux , archlinux .
when in linux , we know that ubuntu's cursor is white ,and when busy ,it appears xorg's black stopwatch cursor which 
is extremely annoying.

HOW to reproduce :

I tested this both on 2GB ram and 512mb ram machines . 
you can see this clearly if you ajust your startup parameters . -J-xms to 32m ,when you launch netbeans ,as soon as 
splash image disappears ,and the IDE window pops up , you click the tree node in the project view . you can see this 
inconsistent cursor .
Actually , if you didn't ever see this before there are some reasons .
1) your mouse pointer is the same as the system cursor ,but unlikely in linux .
2) your netbeans has never been busy ,cause your JVM allocate enough memory.

How is supposed to be normal :
whenever I click the tree node , if it's busy , it should show my own cursor's busy scheme , not the system default 
busy cursor . And this is well perform both on IDEA and Eclipse.


Comment 5 David Simonek 2008-08-15 10:54:53 UTC
OK, I think I understand now.

Explorer is using special "progress cursor" for which we have support in NetBeans class utility.createProgressCursor.
However this cursor is not 'native' and it's not supported by JDK, so NetBeans has to provide own image for this cursor.

Advantage of 'progress cursor' was to indicate to user that something is computing on background, but mouse pointer is
still usable for clicking etc.

I fixed this issue by changing cursor to standard "busy" cursor, as explorer seems to not accepting mouse clicks during
folder expansion, so "busy" cursor is better then "progress" cursor here.

Tip: Best verification can be seen in "Favorites" window, when some big folder is expanded.
Comment 6 kisscat 2008-08-15 11:38:50 UTC
Thanks God , You finally realize what the problem is .

You said "I fixed this issue by changing cursor to standard "busy" cursor"
How can I fix this ? Will this problem be fixed in the coming 6.5 version or next beta ?
If not ,please tell me how can I fix this by myself ,I really don't like to see a different "progress cursor" around
in my explorer when every single click I make.
Thanks a lot ,please tell me how to solve this problem .
Comment 7 kisscat 2008-08-15 11:51:46 UTC
The first image link was unavailable .
I update the link here ,to let others see this clearly,
I believe I am not the only one suffer from this "ugly" cursor.
Comment 8 Lukas Hasik 2008-08-18 15:25:51 UTC
Could you wait till the fix will appear in a daily build of NB 6.5 before you reopen the issue, please?
Then you can verify that it was fixed or reopen. 

thank you
Comment 9 Quality Engineering 2008-08-19 06:01:11 UTC
Integrated into 'main-golden', available in build *200808190201* on
User: Dafe Simonek <>
Log: #143671: Use predefined wait cursor on glass pane instead of our custom progress cursor
Comment 10 kisscat 2008-08-19 08:11:36 UTC
I love netbeans developers ,I love you all !!!!!! 
Comment 11 kisscat 2008-08-22 18:54:00 UTC
<!--Previous submission seems invalid , I don't know whether you saw this ,so here submit again-->

Nightly build *200808190201* solved most of the problem , specifically navigating in the explorer pane ,the inconsistent
"progress cursor" has disappeared, but not completely .

You can still see the inconsistent cursor when you do some other operations ,one of those is the "deleting project" 

The previous fixes were not so thoroughly ,it's not easy to find all of problems at once, as netbeans has a monolithic
bulk of codes , but to make it perfect , keep on the fixing , it's not difficult for you guys.

See the following three screenshots clearly illustrate this problem..  


How to reproduce : 
In order to see this clearly , modify your netbeans startup prameters ,set -J -Xms to a very low size
, say 32m. then open a large project ,delete it as soon as it finishing loading . You will see a different cursor ,if
you're not using a system default cursor.(windows default : hourglasses ,linux default:stop watch).

Comment 12 Lukas Hasik 2008-08-22 19:18:17 UTC
dear kisscat, please read

This issue is really minor and it doesn't stop users from using netbeans IDE. We have definitely more important bugs
than this one. Yes, there exist real P1s that are causing a datalosts or deadlocks.

thank you for report
Comment 13 kisscat 2008-08-22 22:03:30 UTC
Thanks for your reply , lhasik. I don't mean to annoy any of the developers , and I agree that ,this issue does not
stop people from using netbeans , but it does stop people from loving netbeans .
An issue is still an issue ,it needs to be fixed sooner or later, not because it's minor ,and you can just ignore it .
It's minor when it comes to your machine ,that does not mean it's minor to every old machines that severely annoyed by
a different cursor around the screen.
I don't know who fixed the issue last time , I really thank this developer ,I don't think it's so hard and cost you a
lot of energy, you just edit a few source code ,and you can make it perfect ,why leaving it as an issue ?
I don't beg you to do so , I just report the problem , and I wish netbeans could be a best IDE.
Comment 14 kisscat 2008-11-12 04:59:53 UTC
The netbeans so called busy cursor was actually a gif image found in
netbeans6.5\platform9\lib\org-openide-util.jar\openide\util\progress-cursor-win.gif .
This should be deleted by you developers ,netbeans can't just use a static gif image to replace the user's system curosr
, as netbeans 6.5 release is coming soon , I hope I can see the changes and fixes in the release .Thanks!
Comment 15 Lukas Hasik 2008-11-12 09:49:55 UTC
I'm changing the version back to 6.1 as this issue was reported against NB 6.1 (and following releases). However TM=6.5
has no sense anymore
Comment 16 Petr Chytil 2008-11-20 13:35:50 UTC
*** Issue 103521 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 17 kisscat 2008-11-21 10:47:57 UTC
It's glad to receive reply notification from netbeans community . At first I open my email box ,I thought some kind 
developer fix the bug.however, other bug confirmation. 

Ok, I just want to say little more about the NEW release 6.5.

This "minor" bug still exists.I don't want to put another screenshot to prove this,as there is clear enough .

I hope some specialized developer just delete
"netbeans6.5\platform9\lib\org-openide-util.jar\openide\util\progress-cursor-win.gif" from netbeans source, and modify
the code . It's garbage in the source. It's ridiculous to force "progress-cursor-win.gif" to replace user's true cursor.
It's a design flaw.

Of course there're also "progress-cursor-mac.gif" , "progress-cursor-motif.gif". 


Comment 18 Lukas Hasik 2008-11-24 13:00:29 UTC
I'm changing the version back to 6.1 as this issue was reported against NB 6.1 (and following releases).
The version field means "earlier release where the issue is/was presented".
Comment 19 kisscat 2008-11-24 13:58:04 UTC
Thanks for the correction,lhasik .

Netbeans fans would be more appreciated if dsimonek can modify the code again, eradicate the annoying cursor.