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Bug 63953 - [65cat] Show TODO statements at error stripe
Summary: [65cat] Show TODO statements at error stripe
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Classification: Unclassified
Component: Action Items (show other bugs)
Version: 5.x
Hardware: All All
: P3 blocker with 30 votes (vote)
Assignee: tasklist-issues@contrib
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Reported: 2005-09-09 07:29 UTC by Michel Graciano
Modified: 2013-02-27 08:11 UTC (History)
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Initial patch (23.31 KB, patch)
2009-04-29 01:34 UTC, Michel Graciano
Details | Diff
Improved patch, now with Line.Part support and more (24.70 KB, patch)
2009-04-29 02:52 UTC, Michel Graciano
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Description Michel Graciano 2005-09-09 07:29:46 UTC
When is added the TODO statement at editor code, the Error Stripe don't show
that, as before, with blue signal.

Comment 1 Jan Lahoda 2005-09-12 16:44:51 UTC
I am sorry, but this is currently acrroding the UI Spec:

Moreover, the error stripe is able to show only annotations, and the tasklist
module currently does not mark TODOs with annotations.

Reassigning to the tasklist module: if the TODOs were marked with annotations,
we could make them visible in the Error Stripe.
Comment 2 jxt 2005-10-21 22:08:50 UTC
I, for one, think that TODOs should show in the error stripe, whatever it 
takes. I use that feature a lot in the old error stripe module add-on in NB 

The NB5 documentation at actually says 
that TODOs show in the error stripe. As does the IDE help system. At the very 
least, remove it from the documentation and help.

But please get TODOs back into the error stripe somehow.
Comment 3 kovica 2005-10-24 12:04:45 UTC
I'm missing this too :(
Comment 4 Tim Lebedkov 2005-11-13 17:15:06 UTC
it's docscan
Comment 5 _ pkuzel 2005-11-30 15:41:48 UTC
Hmm, There is To Do window for the same purpose. Well it takes little bit more
space, on the other hand it features keyboard navigation (F12) and more.
Comment 6 ranbato 2005-12-02 20:26:29 UTC
I understand the reasoning for the above, but I used to have it on the stripe 
and I WANT IT BACK! :)
Comment 7 Michel Graciano 2005-12-06 21:07:56 UTC
I used this a lot in 4.1 and in 5;0 I missing this feature a lot.

Comment 8 suryad 2006-01-24 17:09:09 UTC
Despite the window, the error stripe is of the most convenience. I would like 
it back as well. Also it would be great and I am not sure if this can be done 
if the @FIXME tag was also considered...different symbol in the error stripe. 
Much appreciated Netbeans team!
Comment 9 pepeio 2006-01-27 07:26:05 UTC
I miss it a lot too.
Comment 10 samuele 2006-04-12 11:24:17 UTC
There is a small util taht implements this feature at
Comment 11 mclaassen 2006-11-27 14:03:27 UTC
The window at the bottom is helpful when looking for all the todos in a
directory, but the glyph in the Error Stripe is extremely helpful when looking
at a single file.  I actually find these far more helpful than the glyphs
indicating an error.  The compiler will tell me if I miss an error.  However, if
while I am refactoring, I miss a todo that I made, I just have to wait for the
bug to show up or remember to scan all my files for a todo.

Having to keep a todo window open all the time just to see if there are any
todos is a waste of good screen space.
Comment 12 mclaassen 2006-11-27 14:12:36 UTC
The extension at no longer exists.  It looks like
it has moved to  However, besides adding a
toolbar item, it does not seem to do much in 5.5
Comment 13 kovica 2006-11-27 15:07:21 UTC
Yes, the module that supports TODOs is at, but I
don't have much time to make it work under 5.5. I promise I will do it in next
couple of weeks and I'll post to nbusers.
Comment 14 mclaassen 2007-02-02 17:15:42 UTC
Is there any chance that with all the great new features in the 6.0 editor, this
can be included?  

It looks like the error strip specification has expanded significantly to
include all sorts of great new features.  It would seem that NB 6 would be a
great time to add this functionality.

Going by the votes, it seems like there is some general interest in this.

Comment 15 gregkotsaftis 2007-02-03 09:34:32 UTC
This is a MUST! Me and my developer's team are really missing this one...:(
Comment 16 Michel Graciano 2009-04-29 01:34:11 UTC
Created attachment 81142 [details]
Initial patch
Comment 17 Michel Graciano 2009-04-29 01:40:00 UTC
The proposed patch now add TODOs on error stripe. This is just the initial version where I wish to make available soon:
1. Remove manual highlight support and make annotation take care about it, but I need to submit another patch to update
TODO annotation to editor hints module (where the annotation I used is defined).
2. Make it usable for 6.5 too.
3. Respect property 'Show ToDos from comments only' from Option > Miscellaneous > Tasks

Your comments are welcome and I wish to integrate it at main/contrib asap.
Comment 18 Michel Graciano 2009-04-29 01:43:14 UTC
I'd like to NetFIX [1] this issue. Is it possible? If you agree, the issue component should be changed to contrib. :-D

Comment 19 Michel Graciano 2009-04-29 02:52:44 UTC
Created attachment 81146 [details]
Improved patch, now with Line.Part support and more
Comment 20 Michel Graciano 2009-04-29 02:54:55 UTC
The second patch supports Line.Part where just the text after ToDos tokens are highlighted and now it respects 'Show
ToDos from comments only' from Option > Miscellaneous > Tasks option. Comments are welcome.

Comment 21 Vitezslav Stejskal 2009-04-29 16:33:25 UTC
hmichel, your patches are probably ok, but in my opinion they miss the whole point of this issue? AFAIK
contrib/showtodos is an experimental module that is not part of the standard Netbeans distribution. There is the
tasklist module in Netbeans distro that recognizes TODO strings and several other patterns too. This issue (if I
understand it correctly) is about extending tasklist module to highlight TODO strings and show them in the error stripe.

IMO, this should be added to tasklist module and implemented as ParserResultTask associated with
Scheduler.EDITOR_SENSITIVE_TASK_SCHEDULER scheduler. Also you may need to have a look at how indexing is done in
tasklist, because it IMO scans files on disk rather then Documents for files that are opened in the editor. I'm CCing
Standa to give further advice/guidance if needed.
Comment 22 Michel Graciano 2009-04-29 23:45:45 UTC
For now, I hope the plugin should work. I really wish to work on make it available for nb distro asap, but if we have an
plugin that do the work, I hope it will help until the final work is done. :-D
If you agree, I can integrate the code at main/contrib where I have push permission.

Comment 23 Stanislav Aubrecht 2009-04-30 09:21:05 UTC
i agree with vstejskal - it'd be better to integrate error stripe support to tasklist module
Comment 24 Michel Graciano 2009-04-30 13:41:26 UTC
I agree with you, but in mean time, why not have one alternative until it is done to ide default distro? And, since we
are in feature freeze will not be possible to integrate it for 6.7, and this plugin should solve this lack even for 6.X.
I really wish to do this for task list as soon as I have time to take a look at it, but I really wish have this
available asap in my development environment.

Comment 25 Vitezslav Stejskal 2009-05-05 16:19:08 UTC
Well, since we are talking about an experimental module I think you are free to do whatever you want. IMO you are not
even obliged to follow 6.7 release rules for changes in this module.
Comment 26 Michel Graciano 2009-05-05 19:17:30 UTC
@jlahoda: Could you update error stripe spec [1] with how TODOs should be shown at error stripe or tell who may do it?
As well, the color for TODO marks and icon too, if possible. :-D
I updated the plugin to highlight TODOs using green color (#65B56B).

Comment 27 Michel Graciano 2009-05-06 18:39:53 UTC
The plugin is already available for 'Latest Development Build' update center. I will use this to inspire things like
colors and icons to implement the default implementation for the NetBeans release. Comments are really welcome.
The plugin should work for nb 6.5.1 and 6.7.

Comment 28 Jan Lahoda 2009-05-11 15:40:26 UTC
Thanks, seems to work fine, except some small glitches (#164870). I do not think it is necessary to change the spec
(yet) - the module is not part of a standard distro, and the spec is most likely obsolete anyway.
Comment 29 Michel Graciano 2009-05-11 22:38:26 UTC
Thanks for reply. About spec, I will need it to implement it for next nb release. Probably I will make plugin reflect
every behaviour from next release, just to have the same feature without an backport and it will be a way to make the
idea tested. :-D
BTW #164870 is already fixed.

Comment 30 ranbato 2009-05-11 23:52:37 UTC
As a side note, the current Editor TODO Highighting plugin is nice.  Maybe they should be integrated.
Version: Source: Latest Development Build  
Plugin Description
This module highlights tasklist's TODO items in edited files. The highlighting color can be customized in Tools-Options
-> Fonts & Colors -> Syntax -> All Languages -> TODO and the words that are recognized as TODO items in Tools-Options ->
Miscellaneous -> Tasks.
Comment 31 mclaassen 2009-11-17 14:40:38 UTC
This just doesn't seem that hard.  I think I saw an experimental module that would do this at one point.  It used to be a blue stripe back in the old days.  Now there is a module that can be installed that can highlight the todos in the editor.  That's nice, but please just put the blue line back in the error stripe.
Comment 32 lathspell 2010-01-07 11:11:09 UTC
/me too!

I'd like to have the blue marker and syntax highlighting (maybe black on yellow ground) for FIXME and TODO inside comments.

Btw, where can I get the "Editor TODO Highighting plugin" that was mentioned in the last post? I cannot find it neither in Options->Plugins nor on -> Plugins.