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932 6 0 ui Trivial P3 --- Table border style
956 4 0 code Trivial P3 --- Iterations referring the last result of the same formula cell don't converge
971 4 0 code Trivial P3 --- Save as HTML causes charset problems with Russian
1339 3 0 code Trivial P3 --- Named cells are not color-coded (highlighted) in cell-edit mode
1704 5 0 ui Trivial P4 --- add keyboard shortcuts to add the current date and current hour
1847 3 0 ui Trivial P4 --- Insert rows/columns needs option for number to insert
2081 11 0 code Trivial P3 --- Text Document does not print properly on a 3 x 5 card (problems printing envelope)
2131 11 0 formatting Trivial P3 --- RFE: ability to merge cells already merged
2288 2 0 code Trivial P3 --- Graphics in word doc don't import correctly.
2425 2 0 ui Minor P5 (lowest) --- Tooltips for Status Bar items missing
2499 2 0 ui Trivial P3 --- Navigation does not support bibliography entries.
2548 2 0 code Trivial P3 --- Punctuation marks after frames and fields go to new line.
2593 12 0 code Trivial P3 --- cross-references from Word documents; not possible to refer on paragraph number
2762 2 0 code Trivial P4 --- an OpenOffice file format viewer would be very convenient when viewing OpenOffice documents on other computers without OO
2864 3 0 ui Trivial P3 --- TeX style formula input whould be welcomed
2882 6 0 ui Trivial P3 --- Draw: Insert > Fields needs more options: e.g subject, title, slide name, file name etc.
2997 6 0 ui Trivial P3 --- Allow search and replace of character styles in "Find and Replace"
3310 2 0 spell checking Trivial P3 --- Spell-checker should use the best available language pack
3329 2 0 formatting Trivial P3 --- Should be able to disable page break before endnotes and footnotes
3349 4 0 ui Trivial P3 --- Auto Corrector gets confused about case

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