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38 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
125613 Impress ui issues CLOS FIXE Insert Picture from file do not work 2018-01-23
126447 Writer code issues CLOS FIXE When using LanguageTools, toggling the checkbox "check grammar" in the spell checker removes content 2019-04-27
117989 General scriptin ab CLOS FIXE Basic functions Day(), Hour(), Minute(), and Second() return wrong results for dates <1900-1-1 2015-10-18
125326 Draw code Armin.Le.Grand CLOS FIXE [SVG] Missing type attribute of style element does not get default value 2022-10-28
125897 General ui engstromea CLOS FIXE Color palette has 'Blue 1' as the same color as 'Sky Blue 1' 2016-08-30
63015 gsl code hdu CLOS FIXE PDF-Export and Type1-Fonts: Error exporting umlaut 2020-07-05
105098 General ui hdu CLOS FIXE [Mac] inserting files (e. g. images) into a document by drag & drop isn't possible 2016-08-30
107619 Calc editing issues CLOS FIXE Bug in Find & replace with regular expression 2016-08-31
121492 Base code issues CLOS FIXE Base can not filter by dates 2016-08-30
122712 General ui issues CLOS FIXE PDF Export dialog too tall for some monitor screens 2016-08-30
123901 Calc programm issues CLOS FIXE formula DGET() gives #VALUE! error when fetching calculation resulting in string 2015-10-18
124158 Calc code issues CLOS FIXE Update CoinMP 2019-10-12
124712 General code issues CLOS FIXE Build broken on Linux Ubuntu 14.04 (undefined reference to __cxa_atexit) 2015-10-18
125194 General code issues CLOS FIXE Cannot work with shared documents on Sharepoint webdav 2016-08-30
125519 Draw ui issues CLOS FIXE CRASH when step through document from page to page 2016-08-30
125776 General code issues CLOS FIXE Support Xcode 6 and API changes in 10.9 platform SDK 2015-10-17
125815 General code issues CLOS FIXE support build with OSX 10.10 SDK 2015-10-17
125991 Writer code issues CLOS FIXE Fatal Error "index out of bounds" on Gtk 2016-08-30
126495 General spell ch issues CLOS FIXE Update English dictionary to version 2015.09.01 2015-10-07
126573 General spell ch issues CLOS FIXE Update English dictionary to version 2015.10.01 2015-10-18
126281 Writer open-imp pescetti CLOS FIXE Remove HWP (Hangul Word Processor) filter 2016-08-30
126454 General spell ch pescetti CLOS FIXE Update English dictionary to version 2015.08.01 2017-12-03
126480 General code pescetti CLOS FIXE Update meta data for OpenOffice 4.1.2 2015-11-06
118923 General code ydario CLOS FIXE Build of OS/2 tree 2018-07-12
125501 General spell ch ydario CLOS FIXE Spellcheck does not work, category B modules are missing (OS/2) 2016-12-31
125592 General code ydario CLOS FIXE 4.1.1 RC3 (os/2) can't open encrypted file, NSS modules are missing 2016-01-03
126258 General code issues CLOS FIXE javadoc fails to build 2015-09-27
126305 General code issues CLOS FIXE WebDAV lock on 4.1.1 does not work 2016-08-30
126541 Build To external issues CLOS FIXE Remove dependency on Google Code for 4.1.2 builds 2015-09-27
126582 General code issues CLOS FIXE When trying to access a read/only share on Sharepoint an error is shown 2016-08-30
126586 General code issues CLOS FIXE automation deadlock: osl_closeSocket() doesn't wake up thread stuck in accept() 2016-08-30
126588 Native-L pt issues CLOS FIXE Update Portuguese dictionary to version 2015-10-23
126120 Native-L it pescetti CLOS FIXE [IT] Wrong translation for "Record changes" (record di dati) 2016-08-30
126567 General legal pescetti CLOS FIXE Update copyright year 2015-10-23
126572 Build To external pescetti CLOS FIXE Update OpenSSL to 0.9.8zg 2016-08-30
126578 Build To configur pescetti CLOS FIXE Update configure.in from trunk's configure.ac 2015-10-17
126579 Build To solenv pescetti CLOS FIXE Update set_soenv.in from trunk 2015-10-17
126553 Build To code pfg CLOS FIXE Port FreeBSD build enhancements 2015-09-26
38 issues found.